rachel menzel

If you shout FIYEROOOOOO as long and loud as you can, you’ll get the full effect. The movement isn’t perfect yet, but I’m very happy with this first draft!


“You’re never gonna bring me down! Ahhh!” ♦ compilation of 14 Elphabas doing the final riff of Defying Gravity (click on the images to find out the names) 

An awkward Encounter / Shelby and Rachel

Shelby couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. She had no idea Rachel was in NY, let alone that she would receive a message from her daughter. Shelby didn’t think she would ever hear from Rachel again, not after leaving again. She imagined her chance and opportunities were over already, but gladly that didn’t happen.

Since Rachel was coming around lunch time, she wanted to cook something nice for them to have. Shelby put Beth on her stroller and went to the store close to her house. She got all she needed to make a nice quiche with leek. When she got back home it was about 10, Beth’s nap time which would be perfect. She’d be able to prepare the food while the baby was sleeping. Shelby knew she needed to not get anxious and just try to act as normal as possible.