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I also can’t find an image set for this, but I cannot express enough how sublime a moment the Santa Ana Wind turning into a reprise of “You Stupid Bitch” was. They took a device that felt slightly outside of the confines of the show, pushed it into what almost felt like another genre, with its own rules, its own brand of magical realism–and then quickly and quietly pulled back the background to reveal we’d never left at all. This was always Rebecca’s head, and Rebecca’s head is still very much a hurting, tangled mess. 

Great reversal, great mirroring of Rebecca’s own mindset. A+, show.

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Creators On That Big Cliffhanger & 'Period Sex'
Uproxx TV critic Alan Sepinwall interviews Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna about season 2 of the CW's 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.'

McKenna: So this is a different mode. The first season mode was, “Oh, you’re at Starbucks, I’m at Starbucks!” And the second season was, “We’ve slept together and you have to say that you love me.” Now we’re moving more towards what you think of when you think of the title, which is, “How do I get this person off of me?”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: If You’re Rooting for Josh or Greg, You’re Doing It Wrong
Series co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna dives into the CW’s breakout freshman show.
By Joanna Robinson

Series co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna dives into the CW’s breakout freshman show. BY JOANNA ROBINSON

This article contains discussion of the Season 1 finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Proceed with caution!

Last fall, the CW took a chance on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend—a dark musical satire centering on the titularly crazy Rebecca Bunch (played by series writer and co-creator Rachel Bloom) and her desperate attempts to reconnect with her old boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez). Unless audiences recognized Bloom from her viral videos about the likes of Ray Bradbury or Rebecca’s other suitor, Greg (Santino Fontana), from being the voice of the evil prince in Frozen, the cast was largely filled by talented unknowns. But 18 episodes, 49 original songs, and one Golden Globe win later and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has built itself a passionate fan base.

The Season 1 finale sees Rebecca explode her burgeoning relationship with Greg in order to dive back into the fairy-tale romance she associates with Josh. The series cast—including Rebecca’s growing West Covina family of friends and co-workers—gather as Josh Chan’s sister gets married and a real-life Disney princess—Broadway legend and Aladdin star Lea Salonga—takes the stage. Series co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna—who made her directorial debut with this week’s finale—weighs in on her favorite Season 1 song, what to expect from Season 2, and why you shouldn’t be rooting for Greg or Josh. You should be rooting for Rebecca, instead.

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“The French Cat” by Rachel McKenna

This is probably one of my favourite books. I bought it today and it is just so beautiful. She has a short introduction at the start, stating her ambitions for the book, how she moved to France and a bit about her family.

The scenery is perfect and really showcases the beauty of France. She is an amazingly gifted photographer. Also, on some of the pictures, is a brief summary on the cat and what it was like to photograph them.

Really, one of the best books I have purchased in quite a while. I encourage all cat lovers to purchase it.