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Happy Mother’s Day! 

on the topic of dan and phil moving

can we get a ditl in ikea?? please??? i want to see phil making silly little puns using the swedish furniture names and dan looking done at the camera yet cracking up seconds later ? i want to see dan and phil arguing about what carpet to put in the lounge that will match the floor..,, i want to be grossed out by the domesticness yet still loving every seconds of it??? pls ????

bahoreal ha risposto al tuo post : okay but Fantine’s new dress is a beauty, as is…

What does fantines new dress look like? I havent seen les mis since 2015 ��

I don’t think the new brochures are out yet but look at the pretty pattern!

it’s teeny tiny roses look at them!!

My heart is set upon a lusty pin 
I pray to Venus of good continuance,
For I rejoice the case that I am in,
Deliver’d from sorrow, annex’d to pleasance,
Of all comfort having abundance 
This joy and I, I trust, shall never twin
My heart is set upon a lusty pin.

I pray to Venus of good continuance
Since she hath set me in the way of ease 
My hearty service with my attendance
So to continue it ever I may please 
Thus voiding from all pensful disease,
Now stand I whole far from all grievance
I pray to Venus of good continuance.