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It is so disappointing to see Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow tonight blaming Bernie Sanders’ supporters for being aggressive online. I’m so tired of the Bernie Bro myth and the assumption that Bernie supporters are uniquely abusive and that Bernie is personally responsible for Twitter trolls. It’s pathetic.

I’ve gotten plenty of nasty comments and messages today from Warren supporters, but I don’t take it personally and I don’t think it at all reflects on Warren’s policy ideas, nor do I in any way think that Elizabeth Warren owes me any apology or explanation for those comments. They have nothing to do with her. It’s just some people expressing their anger. I don’t engage because those are not openings to constructive conversations. They just are what they are. I’m not mad about it or offended. People are going to say what they say for their own reasons.

I don’t see why, in a campaign all about plans and ideas, we have to come back to this tired talking point. It’s disappointing.


I watch the news a lot because my brain likes information given live, and you’d think it would be a useless background track. Surely the Iowa caucus and the overall history of how political parties behave would be useless. But honestly? The fact that this is in the background tells me a lot. Acts of bigotry and exclusion all use the same tool set. In 2002, 4 people were convinced for phone-jamming during the election.

Reporter: So you were trying to create chaos and keep democrats from getting out their vote

Convicted Asshat: That’s right. We are trying to create chaos and prevent the Democratic Party from operating efficiently.

Now I’m not saying Trump supporters did shit in 2020, this isn’t even about the DNC to be honest. The point is that tactic is a signal distrubton and can be wildly effective. In the 2002 case the RNC spent $3 million to defend it. Just next time someone is trying to retail what you are doing. I want you to stop, and take a moment to see if calling that shit out is is an effective use of your time. If you believe it is, by all means. But if you are sitting there thinking this is a waste of my attention, my happiness, my ability to get other stuff I care about. Disengage, don’t allow them to bring that chaos into your life.


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A Hierarchy of Queers

*Those identifying as female*

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Queen: Ellen DeGeneres


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Princess: Kate McKinnon


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Dykechess: Lily Tomlin


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Prime Minister: Jane Lynch


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Ambassador: Laverne Cox


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Chancellor: Jodi Foster


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Home Secretary: Rachel Maddow


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Foreign Secretary: Kristen Stewart


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Minister of State: Ellen Page


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  Why do you think Republicans want to cut education funding? Why do you think a majority of Republicans (according to a recent poll) think colleges are “bad” for the US? They know keeping the masses ignorant makes them easier to control! We certainly wouldn’t want educated people thinking for themselves!