It has been an extraordinarily eventful week for our president and commander-in-chief Donald Trump.

First he perfectly trolled poor Rachel Maddow…

Then he narrowly avoided an assassination attempt by rapper Snoop Dogg!

When it turned out to be nothing more than a prank…

and a publicity stunt to sell Snoop’s crappy SNOOP LOOPS cereal…


  Why do you think Republicans want to cut education funding? Why do you think a majority of Republicans (according to a recent poll) think colleges are “bad” for the US? They know keeping the masses ignorant makes them easier to control! We certainly wouldn’t want educated people thinking for themselves!

You look into Trump’s eyes and you see the fear and confusion of a man who has just been told he’s got stage-four cervical cancer. He is a super-villain in a world without heroes, a man so obnoxious and unhappy that karma may see him reincarnated as himself. You kind of wish he’d get therapy, but at this stage it’s like hiring a window cleaner for a burning building. It’s still difficult to classify him exactly: he’s not a classic Nazi, but would burn books if his supporters knew how to read.
—  Frankie Boyle

When she goes down the rabbit hole, she highlights so many crazy things. Worth watching 5x over.