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I've seen a number of people asking lately what were Rachel's clothes on the day of the massacre. I think I got the answer! Here's a quote from the book Rachel's Tears ;) "I could still
see in my mind’s eye Rachel smiling, standing in my bathroom as she
had just hours before, wearing a black tank top with a long-sleeved plaid
shirt over it. Her pants were dark with a white stripe going down the
side. Her hair was short with a red tint.

Haha thank you but I already talked about this in this post. That statement contradicts what Rachel looks like in the helicopter footage. Her mother says she was wearing dark pants, but clearly they were light blue jeans. I think she got confused with the outfit she was wearing for her play:


But that’s just it, isn’t it? The build-up. He’s waited for this for years. He watched her have her first crush in elementary school (and, no surprise, it was not on him.) He watched her flirting with boys at middle school dances. He watched her making out with Jackson in the hallways in high school. He watched her grow up, grow into herself, grow through all the pain of being alive. And all that time, all he had wanted was exactly what he has now. And he feels frozen. He feels stuck in his own incompetence. 

Based on Be My Last by @rongasm.

  • Percy: i've killed almost every monster in Greek mythology. Even some gods, giants, and Titans. How hard could a baby sister be?
  • Percy, up at 3am: at least monsters had the decency to lET ME SLEEP
Vincent and Rachel

Yana made several posts about the characters’ ages on twitter today, but to me the most interesting information was this one about Vincent and Rachel:


“Because his wife was young, *papa [*Vincent] would make himself look younger.”

The keyword here is 若作り (”wakazukuri”), I’ll just quote the definition from the dictionary:

“the act of attempting to make oneself appear younger than one is by wearing youthful clothing and makeup“.

So apparently, Vincent was (much) older than Rachel that he felt the need to make himself look younger to keep up with his young wife (appearance-wise) xD