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i died about five times writing this suffocating from fluff you’re welcome my dudes

The normal good morning greeting one might give to their lover after waking up next to them probably isn’t, “You didn’t go for a run?”

And yet, there you were—saddled with your usual morning lethargy—asking that exact question to Ushijima, who lay beside you. What wasn’t normal is that the sun was already up and he was still in bed. At least he was awake, but still, this was a rare occurrence at best. He was a man of routine. Even on the mornings of nasty weather or unbearable climates, he was up to jog. You seldom woke up with him beside you, finding him either in the kitchen preparing breakfast or anywhere else in the house by the time you rose.

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Is somebody have the time/energy/will could you hit me up with a few headcanons for Rachel/Calypso? Thanks, I love this blog!

oh finally i have needed to do headcanons for these two for lik e fo r e v er

  • they’re totally thrown together because 1. not half-bloods 2. don’t have cabins 3. always at camp but aren’t campers 4. everyone feels a bit Strange around them, as nice as they are and as much as they try to hide it
  • rachel will come into the big house running late for a meeting with her arms full of “save the whales” rally posters and calypso is like !!!!!! yes! save the whales!
  • they do a lot of environmental activism together
  • somebody making a joke like “rachel, you can’t convert her into a tree-hugging vegan hippie feminist, she’s been away from society too long she doesn’t know any better this isn’t fair”
  • and calypso tapping them on the shoulder like “eXCUSE ME if rachel is a ‘tree-hugging vegan hippie feminist’ then i think that’s a good thing to be as well”
  • rachel is such a sucker for watching calypso garden
  • and calypso is totally a sucker for watching rachel paint
  • rachel drawing secret designs all over calypso that nobody else gets to see
  • rachel designs them matching tats
  • calypso refilling rachel’s coffee without rachel even noticing because she’s so absorbed with her artwork
  • like do yourself a favor and picture calypso’s face when rachel plays strange modern music for her….. rachel thinks it’s about the cutest thing in the entire world
  • one time rachel accidentally doodles all over one of calypso’s shirts because she thought it was hers, and she apologizes profusely but calypso shushes her and puts it on and wears it all the time after that
  • calypso leaving rachel the prettiest and brightest new flowers from her garden
  • they have some kind of message system worked out by flower type and color honestly like they’re just Too Much agh
  • calypso drawing constellations between rachel’s freckles….. oh my god…. oh my god… u kiddin me
  • calypso insisting on meeting rachel’s parents and they go out to dinner and rachel’s parents are, unsurprisingly, awful, and rachel keeps sliding her foot up calypso’s thigh under the table and smirking at her as punishment
  • they don’t see rachel’s parents very much after that
  • cooking new recipes together like “see! feed this to the next person who tells us that vegans eat grass”
  • and then eating it and looking at each other like “……this tastes like grass”
  • rachel should really leave the cooking up to calypso and they both know it
  • they keep such strange hours, neither of them have real jobs so they can do stuff like that
  • traveling all over the world but like not in any sort of systematic way, like a “let’s pack a backpack and just go” kind of way
  • calypso labels rachel’s mugs like “paint water” and “coffee” (rachel mixes them up anyway because she’s a Mess like that)
  • my polyamorous pansexual babes hooking up with their girlfriend reyna

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do you know any lesbian movies?

i know some.. not that enough but some, my favorites are:

  1. saving face (2004) - besides the lesbian a-plot it also focuses on social conventions (not only in regard of homosexuality) as well!, written, directed, starring chinese/chinese americans. english and mandarin and english subtitles. this movie, just, i love it so much and im incredibly sad it’s not more popular tbh. it’s cute, goes a bit deeper than ‘only’ the lesbian plot, it’s interesting, too. god i love
  2. Gia (1998) - about the model gia who is considered the first top model! also she was one of the first talked-about women who died of HIV. TW for drug use and nudity, mostly. also low-key emotional child abuse. beautiful but depressingly sad movies/biography. angelina jolie plays gia and elizabeth mitchell plays her girlfriend,,,, they kiss a lot… up to this date both actress still answer questions like “who was your best on screen kiss?” with each another.)
  3. imagine me& you (2005) - what a classic. this trashy rom com that fulfills so many trashy rom com cliches but with lesbians gives me so much life. so does 2005′s fashion. set in england and piper (plays rachel)’s british accent is literally the cutest thing. also lena headey. has no cultural meta or references, it’s just a very very (white) cheesy romcom
  4. bloomington (2010) - im speechless idk what exactly is so great about it but it’s just so great
  5. fingersmith (2005) - … ok listen who’s not trash for a complex story with like so many plot-twists that actually make sense set in victorian england??? like??? do i really have to try to sell this one to you??? also like technically it’s a miniseries by BBC devided in two parts per 1hr30 each but like it’s so worth it. lot of tears. the book is better though. duh.
  6. i can’t think straight (2008) - another classic. lead character is an indian muslima and the movie also thematizises on the religious differences between leyla and tala, a palestine christian/atheist. it’s really great and such a civil conversation of it. it’s also like a hella gay movie like it’s really really super gay. leyla has “fingersmith by sarah walker” in her room like that is how gay this is.
    BUT something i feel like i should warn y’all about is that the movie’s directing and production …. i’d describe it as “bollywood inspired by hollywood” meaning that it tries to ‘imitate’ western/american film techniques, so it’s a bit irritating if you’re used to just american movies.
  7. but i’m a cheerleader (1999) - fucking goddamn classic. hilarious movie that perfectly ridicules “straight camps” and like how often you got your family and friends tell you “honey, you’re gay” “gay? but i’m a cheerleader?” nice. so funny. so light. beautiful sex scene tbh. natasha lyonne is lead, yknow, nicki on oitnb
  8. D.E.B.S. (2006) - lesbian spy meets lesbian villain and together they lesbian together. such trash. such beautifully funny, bad trash. pure trash. i love it.

uhhhh i cannot think of more faves rn although p sure there are some

some other movies i can think of from the top of my head: 
i feel like i have to add blue is the warmest color (2013) to the list although i hate it? i hate it’s length, plot, biphobic subtext, the typical “lesbian thirsting the dick” trope, etc. but idk it has a great aesthetic. 
lost and delirious (2001), the four faced liar (2010), my summer of love (2004) (this one has emily blunt so like), tipping the velvet (2002), gray matters (2007), room in rome (2010), kyss mig (2011), a world unseen (2007),… 

feel free to add more! also if anyone could recommend me/ could add more movies with a lesbian storyline starring women of color that would be amazing 

thank you for asking! if anyone wants to talk about any movie i’m hereeeee