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phoebe and joey love and respect each other’s art pieces :’)

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on your biblical women post you added some names in the tags, so can you explain further why you like them as well?

  • Claudia Pilate - oh, the Pilates. You would think they would be the obvious villains of the Passion Play because, yknow… they’re the Romans. They’re the colonizers. They’re the ones who, essentially, send jesus to his death - but because the gospels are written as propaganda, some of that aimed towards Romans, the Pilates get pacified in the text and that puts them in this fascinating, villains-but-not, moral-but-not perspective that is one of the most complex and interesting parts of the passion. So some sources say Claudia is plagued with dreams about Jesus, and that’s why she warns her husband off killing him, and others say she’s a Christian convert - the first Christian convert. The Pilates and their weird psuedo-political actually love match moral quandry marriage/role in Judea is honestly the greatest
  • The Queen of Sheba - SHEBA IS THE BOMB HONESTLY. MY FAV SINCE I WAS LIKE SEVEN YEARS OLD she’s a figure that’s shrouded in myth - there’s arguments over where the kingdom of Sheba even was, so like most of the stuff in the old testament it’s all up in the air, historiography-wise - but honestly I love even just the concept of her, a queen in her own right with her own kingdoms to rule over, who wants to learn and understand about other faiths and people and so rocks up to the court of King Solomon like ‘teach me about god!’ and he looks at her like ‘mmmk… if you teach me about love’ WHAT GREAT RECIPROCITY BETWEEN THEIR ANCIENT NATIONS
  • Jezebel - LADY MACBETH, CERSEI LANNISTER, CLAIRE UNDERWOOD ARE ALL JUST DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF JEZEBEL. She’s the woman born into a male dominated world and uses every weapon she has - sexuality, manipulation, other people’s perception of her - to make a place for herself and win some power, any power. She’s villified for it, of course, and she meets her end because that’s what happens to women to connive, don’t you know, that’s what happens to women who assume that they’re on an equal playing field with men - and she’s demonised in the text because the text wants so badly for you to assosciate a woman who had agency with sin, and with false prophets, of going against the natural order of things. Jezebel knows her world, she knows how to wield power, she knows what symbolism does so even when she knows she’s about to die, she dresses up in all her finery and jewels because even though she lost, she’s still the queen.
  • Esther - y’all know your Margaery Tyrells and all those beautiful lowkey political conniving queens? ESTHER IS THE ORIGINAL FLAVOUR. ESTHER IS PROTOTYPE and i love her so much. So Esther’s a foreign queen in a foreign land, married to a king who killed his last wife. But despite all that, and the fact that she has absolutely no political capital, she still manages to use her beauty and her guile and her intelligence to sway the emperor and save not only herself BUT HER ENTIRE PEOPLE IN HIS KINGDOM. And she even makes him fall in love with her along the way ESTHER IS SO BOMB THAT IN THE SAUSAGE FEST THAT IS THE BIBLE SHE GETS HER OWN BOOK.

out of sight, but always on my mind (aka long distance sucks a lot)

hey there delilah - plain white t’s // thinking out loud - ed sheeran // youth - daughter // the man who can’t be moved - the script // here without you - three doors down // vanilla twilight - owl city // first day of my life - bright eyes // jet lag - simple plan ft. natasha bedingfield // when you’re gone - avril lavigne // all my loving - across the universe // in my life - ed sheeran* // wait for you - elliott yamin // california king bed - rihanna // come home - onerepublic // all of me - john legend ft. lindsey stirling* // chasing cars - snow patrol // fall for you - secondhand serenade // all of the stars - ed sheeran // a drop in the ocean - ron pope // everlong - foo fighters // i will wait - mumford & sons // fix you - coldplay // drunk - ed sheeran // a thousand miles - vanessa carlton // home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes // i miss you - blink-182 // maps - maroon 5 // home - michael buble // closer - the tiny // you & i - ingrid michaelson // you & me - lifehouse // atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich // yellow - coldplay // habits (stay high) - tove lo // god damn you’re beautiful - chester see** // like real people do - hozier // stop the world i wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys // holding on to you - twenty one pilots // the end of all things - panic! at the disco // stay with me - sam smith // hello, i’m in delaware - city and colour // wake me up - ed sheeran // ain’t no sunshine - bill withers // if these sheets were states - all time low // make you feel my love - adele // still into you - paramore // 1, 2, 3, 4 - plain white t’s // tomorrow - daughter // transatlanticism - death cab for cutie // your song - ellie goulding //

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I JUST realized that Rachel actually did the “go down on one knee” thing during the play. I already knew this scene was basically a kind of proposal, but this whole time I thought she had only fully kneeled. Noticing this big difference makes this entire scene waaaay cuter than I already thought it was.

And by the way, you know that Rachel had to have thought this speech over before going onstage. She totally planned it. I’m all over the place with feels over this :D

So how about a Hollywood AU where Jack Zimmermann was a rising star in his teens until his overdose and fall from grace.

Jack’s the son of “Bad” Bob Zimmermann, who found success after playing a rebel with a heart of gold, and since then became adored by the masses, a heartthrob whose face you could see on the cover of almost every teen, fashion, entertainment, and gossip magazine in the 70s and 80s.

Jack’s mom, Alicia, was the editor-in-chief of one of the biggest fashion magazines and met Bob when he was doing a photoshoot with Cindy Crawford for a six-page feature. After Bob decided to stop acting and start directing instead, he and Alicia got married and had Jack two years later.

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Okay, so hear me out… I think that Rachel did love Chloe (contrary to my last theory) but that’s just it… Rachel did love Chloe. Emphasis on “did”. I think, that yes, Chloe and Rachel were a thing… they were a couple, they loved each other. But… what if Rachel, as she got older, and closer to actually leaving Arcadia Bay, lost her affection for the punk. Think about it, from what we’ve seen so far, Chloe is weighing her down, keeping her in Arcadia Bay. Maybe Chloe loved Rachel in a way she wasn’t ready to handle, she was afraid, and whilst not meaning to hurt, Chloe… she kept her at a distance. Maybe she didn’t have mean to fall in love with Frank (And don’t start sending me anon hate saying that Frank was a pedophile because, Rachel was 19 when she was with him, not a minor) but since he had a ride, money and a means of living off said money, Rachel attached herself to him… and eventually fell in love. Soon, Rachel’s affections outgrew what Chloe could provide and in a sense…she[Rachel] gave up on her?

I don’t think Rachel meant to hurt Chloe… but maybe… just maybe, she was trying to spare her feelings, keep those she cared for at a distance so her leaving wouldn’t hurt as much.

“I’m a grenade and at some point, I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?” - Hazel Grace