rachel grey summers



Instead of having Cable dealing with another team of bad-ass killers/para military mutants, I thought it would be interesting to play and explore a little more the family-theme with a “reunion” team of summers. Their main goal would be to travel the universe to find out where Cyclops has disappeared.

The team would be composed of : 

CABLE : obviously the stoic leader, with the end justify the means motto, always ready, always prepared, always cool and quiet.

SAGE : the cold and calculating mother figure who has travelled through dimensions.

HOPE : the prodigy and over-protective daughter of Cable, so eager to be the perfect soldier she forgets to ask herself who she really is. still thinks she could have done more to become a benevolent Phoenix. I’d like her to have the codename I gave here in a previous WEST COAST YOUNG AVENGERS fan-pitch : CARDINALE

KID OMEGA : Cyclops’s rebelious spiritual heir, despite what he says, cares a lot about what happens to mutanity, still sure he is to become the next Phoenix

HAVOK : totally lost. between the loss of his wife and daughter, his disfigured face, his failure at being a good unity squad leader. His will to live is at its lowest

RACHEL: faithfull to her “father”, and fed up with the x-men politics and schisms, she embraces this new quest with the hope that she can return with a solution for the mutants ordeal back on earth. She, like Cyclops did, develops a Messiah Complex; that grows stronger and more dangerous as they travel deeper into space and she connects more and more with Phoenix force related characters and places. She takes the codename SCION

In their odyssey, they will encounter loads of obstacles and threats, like
- the return of Vulcan
- a new Ahab (the only D’Bari survivor, bent on revenge agains everything Phoenix) who travels on an Acanti
- a Brood-infested and banished Shia’r Imperials secret faction
- the Time Ghosts, a team of misplaced villains led by another version of Stryfe, who are obsessed with correcting and erasing every space-time anomalies (so basically all this Endless Summers team since they all changed timeline or dimensions at one point)
- a war-torn planet populated with apocalypse-like beings, the early work of the Celestials’ tampering with En’Sabah Nur’s genetics
- Galactus and his new herald, Korvus
- Corsair and the Starjammers, of course
- Lila Cheney because she’s so fun
- Nate Grey
- Miss America Chavez

so there…
what do you all think?
I might have one or two pitches to do left and I think i’ll have all my dream X-titles covered