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So I’ve heard all the horror stories about the DEH stagedoor and I gotta tell ya, I don’t get it.

I know there was a period earlier this year where it got bad, and I guess the Tonys made it worst again? But like when I went, I didn’t experience any of the nasty stuff people have said happens.

The people stagedooring were respectful, the security guard guy was civil(maybe not like the nicest person but he wasn’t rude by any means), they let us get as many signatures as we wanted (one girl had like 6 Playbills the first time we went), and we could talk to them(Rachel stopped and talked with my sister and I even after they took the barricades down, but the security guy stayed with her, she answered questions the second time we saw her, and Michael stopped and talked with us for several minutes about our shirts and something my sister said), they didn’t allow pictures the first time b/c it was the last show of a five show weekend and Rachel was the only one to come out but I know Michael posed for some the night he came out.

So like, if y'all chill out and be respectful, stuff like that wouldn’t happen. Just be more chill.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: In the TV show Friends, Rachel Green reveals that her birthday is May 5th, making her a Taurus. But in The One With Chandler's Dad, Rachel flirts with a police officer who looks at her birth date and calls her an Aquarius. She does not deny it. While actress Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius, why did they call Rachel an Aquarius on the show? Did they forget that they had revealed her birthday? Did the Friends writers not give a fuck about being consistent with astrology signs? Was Rachel lying about her birthday? Did the police officer not know the signs? Did Rachel not know her own zodiac sign? Does Friends take place in an alternate universe?
demigod’s on their period:
  • campers are given the option of not doing their camp activities or taking part in capture the flag
  • hazel isn’t comfortable talking about her period but annabeth is the type to yell “get out of my way stolls, im bleeding from my vagina!” (she grew up with them so)
  • of course there are going to be those dickheads that talk shit when someone is on their period but they learn fast that in a community as small as camp half blood, STI rumors spread very fast and are almost never lived down
  • the artemis cabin is the place where campers can go to get away from the noise and rest. artemis herself expressed how honored she is every time a camper throws a portion of their meal into the fire, thanking her for having a space where they can relax and feel totally comfortable
  • a godly menstrual hygiene line 
  • because those hunger pangs are really stubborn and food is served at set times, the hermes cabin sells snacks and sometimes even full out meals at very reasonable prices all summer
  • the infermery is never short of pills, pads/tampons and heating pads
  • those items are all free to use
  • whole cabins sometimes sync up their periods
  • chiron tries to pretend he knows whats going on but really he’s just clueless
  • mr. d is surprisingly lenient and lets campers on their periods off cleaning duties
  •  demigod periods are some how worse?????

please add on

like i’m never getting over this regardless, but the fact that they actually let ferdinand “finish helsinki”. onscreen. in the most brutal, dehumanizing way imaginable. is unforgivable.  

  • Percy: *Does something stupid*
  • Annabeth: You're lucky you're cute.
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth:
  • Thalia: Did she just...
  • Rachel: I think she did.
  • Grover, sighing: Finally.