rachel cane

Like, a second wave of Leda Clones; Cosima in her red coat, Helena in her refund jacket, Sarah in her DYAD scrubs or in her 4x07 crop top and jeans, Alison in her ‘Vote Alison Hendrix’ gear (including megaphone), another Rachel but with her cane.
But then, a new batch of secondary characters; Delphine in her lab gear, Scotty in his, Hell Wizard with a baseball cap on backwards, S. with a shotgun, Art with a police badge, Kira with her monkey.
And hey, maybe BETH! or KRYSTAL! or MK!
Why are we being denied this!?!

So @sharkodactyl and @orphanbeige since you two have acquired Rachel’s Murder Smock and Rachel’s Murder Cane, respectively, I can’t help but feel like you two have become guardians of the artifacts of a dark god or demon, hiding them away in far-flung corners of the earth, for if they are reunited She can once again take physical form on this plane and usher in the end of days. I know that no amount of thanks can ease such a burden, but the world thanks you nonetheless.