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Teen Titans Movie Idea

I sent this idea to a friend of mine recently and, I wanted to share this to the world. Maybe we can start from the end and go all the way to the beginning for a movie.

In this version, my friend proposed to have The Outlaws Line-Up as Roy Harper, Starfire, and Red Hood. This version of Starfire would have her slowly transition from the Titans to The Outlaws. 

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Dick and Kori are on a date when Dicks is kidnapped and Kori is knocked out.

Kori wakes up to realize that Dick is gone,

A majority of the film would focus on Starfire slowly transitioning leadership to Damian.

Deathstroke was the one who kidnapped Dick so, Damian & Kori butt heads on how to save him but, they both try their own way and Damian ends up being kidnapped too. It’s up to the Titans, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy,Blue Beetle and Donna Troy to save the day.

The final battle involves Deathstroke leaving the other Titans against minions, as all movies now do, leaving Dick, Kori, and Damian to defeat him.

After the climax, the Titans return to the tower when Starfire says her goodbye and officially joins The Outlaws. She was already training Damian to be the leader throughout the movie. 

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Jason and Roy return to the Tower and they brought waffles, or pizza depending on who you ask. Heck, have them bring both!

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As everyone is eating, Beast Boy is late to the party because he overslept his nap. Star officially transfers leadership to Damian and Jason makes a joke about villains and food. Maybe a Condiment King joke.

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*Insert evil beware we have waffles by Raven callback joke here.* 

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Beast Boy is about to take a bite when the electricity shuts down,. Backup Power keeps the Tower on and they discover that Dr. Light just shut down half of San Francisco. 

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Starfire asks Damian if they’ll stay for more waffles. Garfield begs to stay for waffles,  Damian says the waffles can wait…we then have a shot of the new Titans from left to right: Jaime, Raven, Damian, Donna & Gar. 

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Camera switches to the outlaws when Roy asks Kory if they’re ready, Kory responds, “more than we ever were.” Camera switches to Damian as he shouts, “Titans Go”! or “Titans Together” whichever is best.

*Cue 2003 TEEN TITANS Theme, by Pufy AmiYumi, that only plays at the end of the movie.

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EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to add this part.

Post-Credit: The Titans return home with Kori, who was just about to leave, and said that there was a guest waiting to be entertained. Damian assumes it to be his father, Batman. He guessed incorrectly as the camera reveals Hal Jordan who says he brought a friend/ new teammate to join the team.


Teenage Jessica Cruz. Anxiety is still part of her character so, she’ll become best buds with Raven who will help her cope with said anxiety.

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