rachel brooks


You wanna hold her?


Character Poster Art by Francesco Francavilla

With the Penultimate Season Final airing tonight, I had to tackle another of the kickass characters that makes JUSTIFIED such a great show to watch every week: Rachel Brooks, Deputy U.S. Marshal played by the talented Erica Tazel. :)

And since this is season finale, I am including a gallery of all other characters I have done this season: Raylan, Art, and our bad boy, Boyd.

Enjoy the finale: it’s gonna be tons fo fun, I know!


It’s hard to believe that after 77 out of 78 episodes, each of these people are still alive and kicking. I’m betting that’s going to change for #78, but hell, we made it this far.

And here’s all I want out of the finale. Do Elmore justice. Do Raylan, Boyd, and Ava justice. Do justice to the last six years we’ve all spent together. It’s not like that’s a tall order or anything, right? It’s not like I don’t have every confidence in the world that this crew can pull it off. 

It’s been something special from day one. It will be something special in the end.

Fire in the hole!