rachel berry role play

Masterlsit of roles Rachel Berry could play

Under the cut are a ton (about 50) of roles Rachel Berry could possibly play. These are all my opinion, but I took into consideration vocal and acting range, what Rachel herself would be comfortable with, and in some cases race. These range from age 7-35 so they could be roles Rachel played in the past, she currently is in, or wishes to play. It’s always good to be able to reference such things, yes?

There’s a link to the Wikipedia page for each musical but I recommend doing some research past that if your Rachel is currently in the musical, as she’d definitely be talking about it. I also said the stage range (the ages the actor could be to play the role, which don’t necessarily match with the age of the character), whether it’s a lead, secondary lead, or supporting role, and a short description of each character. I didn’t include roles that she’s played in the show (Janet from Rocky Horror, Maria from West Side Story, Fanny in Funny Girl, etc) and I also left out the usual roles mentioned for Rachel (Elphaba, Yentl, etc). This is to broaden your choices, so doing that just wouldn’t be helpful, right? Right.

So, I hope this super mega-list actually helps everyone out! Enjoy!

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Idina Menzel to return in Glee's final season

Idina Menzel will once again reprise her role as Shelby Corcoran, biological mother to Rachel Berry, (played by Lea Michele) in the sixth season of Glee. Rachel will also perform “Let It Go”, performed by Menzel’s character, Elsa, in Frozen. No word on the story arc between mother and daughter yet.