The Prince & a Castle
  • Clay:
  • To think that a little over a year a go Clay had been lost in darkness, his life shattered and feeling like he couldn’t live this life anymore but with one chance, a leap of faith his life changed. He was once happy before his life took a turn. He had a fiancé named Sarah and really thought he was on his way to a happy ending. But all that changed in an instant and he found himself lost. He had lost the love of his life but thankfully he had a strong and close group of friends that encouraged him to seek out his dreams and now, he was living life and had the world at his finger tips.
  • He was once a sports agent, one that was sort after through out all the sporting talent in America and even though he loved his job and the business he had created, there was still one dream he hadn’t been able to achieve and never thought he would. However, the moment Nathan, a man he could call his brother (even though they weren’t related by blood but by friendship) joined the firm he had built from the ground up, he knew he could start to take a step back. With one late night chat soon after with Nathan’s sister in law who now lived in Hollywood, he knew he had to take a leap and try to burst into an acting career. And truth be told, Clay wasn’t sure if it would ever work but he gave himself a year. One year to get a job and to his surprise, within a first month of being in Hollywood, he was given his first shot. He was soon dubbed one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars and at the age of 29 Clay was finally living out his dream. Sadly, he missed Sarah and was unsure if he could ever see himself with someone else ad sharing his life but in a way to counter act those thoughts, he kept his head in work and tried to focus on that.
  • This weekend however was a long weekend and Clay had just been cast in a new movie. He was to play a modern day Prince Charming and honestly, he was excited. Since this new role came from Disney, he had been offered passed to visit Disneyworld so he had offered the extra passes to Nathan and his family and soon enough, they found themselves in Magic Kingdom, soaking up everything the park had to offer.

Even though Glee was an incredibly flawed show it managed to break many barriers and traditional conventions on television. The show brought awareness to many issues surrounding many minority communities and humanised characters that would have been typically portrayed as caricatures. Though their portrayals weren’t often perfect, barley any shows reach this level of representation. Credit where credit is due. (insp)