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Someone has done a manip of Peter Capaldi from Rachel Stot’s amazing art work with 12th in Time-Lord battle armour. https://twitter.com/RachaelAtWork. I can’t get over how EPIC this is. 

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....i'm asking about your headcanons about elves

you are an amazing person, truly. 

(these are all about elves in my interpretation of the Silmarillion btw, which honestly only uses the canon as something like a guideline :D )

- physically, elves are huge. A short elf is still going to be over 6 feet.  Thingol is close to 9 feet tall, Maedhros and Turgon are pushing 8 feet. The half-elves may be a bit shorter, but they’d still be incredibly tall compared to men. 

- You know Dragon Age II? as far as i’m concerned, that is a GOOD elvish design. i like the almost cat-like face shapes. That said, i take it further bc, as you’ve probably seen in my art, i HC elvish eyes as being all one colour. The calaquendi have incredibly bright coloured eyes, whereas the moriquendi have very dark eyes with just a bit of colour around the iris. All elves have cat-like eyes, so they reflect light. bc that’s cool. Also, the EARS. The only elf in the movies with decent elvish ears is Tauriel, just saying.

- elves are incredibly telepathic. Galadriel talking telepathically with Gandalf at the same time as talking normally with Elrond and Saruman? totally normal. Most elves have a level of mental shielding - for lack of a better description - so that they don’t hear EVERYTHING. There’s also a level of empathy going on, so it’s pretty hard to hide your emotions around elves. Some are mentally stronger than others, e.g. Maeglin, as shown through this:  “Then he called him Maeglin, which is Sharp Glance, for he perceived that the eyes of his son were more piercing than his own, and his thought could read the secrets of hearts beyond the mist of words.” and this is Maeglin as a 12yo. Honestly. I also headcanon Caranithir (and i’m pretty sure i got this from a fic but) as being incredibly telepathic but not having much control, especially around mortals. Hence why he is in a bad mood all the time.

- The telepathy thing also accounts for how clannish elves are. This is based off a Maori concept of relationships, so i’ll try to explain (and this is an incredibly simplified explanation, i’m sorry). The Whanau is your close family, including extended kin such as cousins / aunts / uncles. Your Hapu is, for lack of a better description, your community. Your Iwi is your clan (or the canoe you trace your lineage from but that won’t apply to elves bc, you know, immortal). So if we take Feanor as an example, his whanau is the House of Noldoran, his Hapu would be his House and all the elves pledged to him personally, and his Iwi would be the Noldor. It’s not perfect and i need to think about it more, but essentially what i’m trying to say here is that clan ties are very important to elves and it’s more than just blood or allegiance, there’s a mental link there too. 

- each Iwi (again, using the maori term due to a lack of quenya) has an affinity to some element of the natural world. I.e the Teleri are tied to the seas, the Sindar to the woods, the Noldor to the stone. This affinity affects their magic. For example, the sindar /sylvan elves woke the trees and taught them to speak, can weave enchantments and illusions through their forests (see Eol and Thranduil), can generally speak to the birds and animals with ease. 

- also, although i tend to draw elves of as many skin colours and races as i can, i tend to base the aesthetic of each iwi on the aesthetics of cultures that i admire here in the real world. So the noldor are based off Indian aesthetics, with the bright colours, lots of jewellery, sari, etc. The Teleri are based off polynesian, the sindar off Maori, etc. Currently the Vanyar are based entirely off the Netherfield Ball scene in Pride and Prejudice (2005) but that will probably change. 

- Now i know Tolkien said that elves don’t really have magic, but really, fuck that. I want elves who are so incredibly magical by nature that mortals can’t comprehend it. i want elvish magic based in music and song. I want the noldor to sing power into their fortresses to enhance the strength of stone. I want elvish forges that burn hotter and stronger because of the magic sung there, and elvish weapons that can never be replicated because of the unique nature of the music that enchanted them. i want elves who can casually call on fire, or ice, or water, who know the secret songs of the world, who can hear the echos of the Ainulindale in the very matter of the world. 

la dee da, but this post is getting very long. There is more, especially in regards to individual elves (Hello, Maglor), but i think i’ll stop here. I’m not sure how well i articulated my headcanons, so feel free to ask me questions about these!!! :D