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How the Downton Christmas Album Could Have Gone Better

Vi&Is- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Mabel Lane Fox- What Does the Fox Say?
Baxter and Molesley- Don’t You Want Me
Edith- As Tears Go By
Carson and Mrs Hughes- The Tide is High
Sybil and Branson- I Drove All Night
Matthew and Branson- Uptown Girl
Edith- Total Eclipse of the Heart
Dr. Clarkson (for Isobel)- Brown Eyed Girl
Shrimpie and Susan- Knowing Me, Knowing You
Molesley (for Miss Baxter)- You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
Cora, Rosamund and Lady Sinderby- Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
Branson, Robert, Matthew and Shrimpie- Come On, Eileen
Vi&Is- I Will Survive
The whole cast- Downtown

533. At the Gallagher Academy, P&E class teaches a wide range of martial arts styles but due to time constraints, offers proficiency in all but a blackbelt in none. For that reason, most students specialize in the years following graduation. Cammie earns a blackbelt in jiu-jitsu, Bex in kung fu, Liz in judo, and Macey in muay thai. Abby has like three blackbelts and Rachel just has one in krav maga, in which she is considered a master. 

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I made this rad and surprisingly peaceful video with Rachel Baxter this summer by sending super loud and low guitar notes through a pan of water filled with pigment. We named it “Chromatophores,” after the cells that octopuses use to change colors very quickly in water (they are astounding and majestic creatures).

Plz enjoy.


Fresh off her NWSL Player of the Week award, Rachel Daly joins Baxter for a chat about life, soccer, college, tattoos, England and of course her latest award.