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you know...i just realized. have you played love is strange, the life is strange fan-made visual novel? it's 400% gay (accurate percentage) where max can romance any of the four main girls (chloe, kate, victoria, AND rachel who isn't dead) and it's really superbly well-written, seriously, with multiple endings and lots of cute things. it was the best, and i'd be surprised if you haven't heard of it, but i /need/ to make sure you know this exists because i think you'd love it.

I’ve heard of it!! Where can I find it?

Unaesthetic Songs

I was tagged by @jonaswpoetry and @cryptictalk Rules: List 10 songs which you thoroughly enjoy, but defy your ideal/perceived musical aesthetic. These can be guilty pleasures or those which exist in genres you normally don’t associate with. Tag others if you so desire.

Morning- Kisschasy
I’m on my way- The Proclaimers
Ghost- Halsey
The hardest part- Coldplay
Vacances- Mitchiri-Neko (I’m a sucker for animated marching cat bands)
Immortals/Centuries mash-up- Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider
Someone you like- The girl and the dreamcatcher
All too well- Taylor Swift
Fight song- Rachel Platten
Assorted Disney songs

me: deck nine r erasing chloe’s love 4 rachel to make it a choice, which is bad. 
you, missing the point: chill! that’s not erasing her queerness…. it’s not homophobic.
me: i get u mmm that’s sweet but they’re making chloe’s predetermined, significant, important, extensively relevant and well-known GAY romantic feelings for rachel, a girl (in a lesbian way) Not Canon Anymore. they are: removing that. scrapping it. throwing it in the trash. it is not necessarily: always the truth anymore. despite… the fact that it is and always was before – no, it isn’t now. they, the canon gays, can be good old straighty chummy gal pals for some reason now. because deck nine tossed away the canon gay. got rid of it. just in case you. missed that. the first time round. but yeah go on! 

“I want to go with Rachel.”

I keep thinking about this. Kira might as well have said “I want Rachel to be my mom” in terms of the magnitude of the slap in the face this was to Sarah. Because, after all, Kira’s safety, in particular keeping her out of the hands of Dyad,  has always been one of the primary driving factors of Orphan Black.

Off the top of my head, custody of Kira was compromised for real at least twice. 1) Rudy could have easily taken Kira if he had been inclined when he broke into Felix’s loft. 2) Rachel’s brilliant ploy that resulted in DYAD acquiring Kira and actually holding her in the facility… until Marion Bowles ceded Kira back to Sarah without frills or fight.

Seeing how the show balked at committing to the threat, it got to the point where I simply stopped taking the threat seriously because, honestly, they proved to me that they weren’t going to do anything to Kira.

So the show honestly surprised me when Kira asserted that she wanted to be studied by DYAD. I laughed aloud it was such an affront to everything the protagonists had been trying to accomplish for … whatever indeterminate amount of time it’s been. She wants to stay not just to get answers as to what she is and why, but because Kira wants stability. Her first assertion to Sarah, who isn’t listening, is that she wants to go to school, i.e. that she wants to be “normal,” to do the things that her peers do, to go to a home, to stop running, to have everyone play nice and be nice and get along and stop pulling her in all these direction in which she has no say and no agency and no companions to play with or socialize with. Everyone in Sarah’s group was playing at a fiction of going along with Rachel’s plan–but Kira wasn’t. She wanted everything to settle down. When she says “Everything’s different now” or whatever it was, she wants to believe in it.

They came home. They’re home. For all intents and purposes, Kira’s life has resumed after a disruptive interlude.

And who finally listened? Mrs. S. It’s Mrs. S who echoes and surrenders to Kira’s stated desire. Likewise, it was Mrs. S who said Kira had to decide if she were willing to be a bone marrow donor. That Mrs. S cedes what she perceives as ensuring Kira’s safety and independence to respect her wish to remain and even be studied is such an interesting choice when we understand that Mrs. S and Sarah butted heads for so long probably over issues of autonomy and independence and making one’s own choices. I can’t help but feel that Mrs. S wants to give Kira what perhaps she failed to give Sarah. I don’t know what it was like for Felix and Sarah to grow up in Siobhan’s household, why there was so much friction probably especially once they hit the teenage years, but when we see Mrs. S and Kira, there’s always so much warmth. Mrs. S couldn’t protect Sarah, perhaps, in the way she wanted, but Kira is another opportunity. One to … be softer, maybe.

To me, this is really important because it reflects that although Sarah Manning is Kira’s biological mother, the one who has been parenting Kira has been … Mrs. S. When Kira looks at Sarah, there’s no denying that her mother abandoned her for a period of time. That Mrs. S was the force who provided a stable home and was a stable presence and that the return of Sarah actually touched off all the events that dragged Kira out of that home and sent her hiding and running and out of school and estranged Kira from the rest of “normal” society, in addition to revealing all these “weird” things about Kira, i.e. the psychic thing. (Remember when everyone raved how this show was “grounded in the science”“ in Season 1? XD)

And it is exactly by appearing like a stable force that Rachel wins Kira over in this instance. To go with Sarah is chaos and uncertainty and upheaval and uprooting. To agree to Rachel’s tests is to resettle roots and reacquire routine and prevent separation from Mrs. S and Felix.

Sarah … isn’t enough for Kira. Not alone. Not to live a life on the run. Sarah hasn’t been the reliable force, hasn’t been the constant in her life, hasn’t been stabilizing, hasn’t been still. It is notable that we see Rachel learning a new type of stillness. Her stillness before was repressive, a holding back of her disappointments and lack of control, a sheath that covered a trembling, boiling-over force. But Rachel is confident now. The stillness is self-assurance. And to a little girl who’s been tossed about without warning or the inkling of a definitive plan–


Someone who’s in control, is confident, has money and resources and doesn’t have to run and is telling her she doesn’t have to run, that if they work together they can have answers–

Doesn’t look so bad.

And this, this, is by far the more brilliant ploy in “kidnapping” Kira. To have Kira willing and complicit is far more of a loss and far more of a reflection on the players on the board than to have Kira stolen against her will.

Oh hey what a surprise there’s another art! and I am alive! *Double Exicetment!!!!*

Did the fashional Classic Chloe with a help of KismetWrites at KWNP-Arts (T..That’s where we draw by the way you should check it out link will be right here) ANYWAYYYY~ I hope you guys like it! <3

Kismet also did Rachel from BtS so you should check it out as well!

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Oh god, I'm in love with the way you draw Hazel. She looks great! Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I sometimes have the feeling that she doesn't get enough attention. (I mean she's awesome! :D)

Thank you!! <3

Oh man yes! I have such strong feelings for Rachel and I really don’t get why people sometimes forget her?  

She truly is awesome


I hate seeing those “if you can be transgender, why can’t you be transracial” so here are my thoughts on that in case your really looking for an answer and not just being a huge dick.

Anyway, onto it.

Race is not fluid- it is not changeable.  

Being a member certain race means that from the moment you are born you are put in either a position of social privilege or disadvantage.  Those born into disadvantage have developed their own means of survival, their own ways to keep pushing through a world that hates them, and though it may manifest in different ways, our shared history of oppression makes many of our characteristics similar and easy to (mistakenly)stereotype. Not the same by any stretch of the imagination, mind you, but it allows us to understand each other on a more personal level, even from a far.

You don’t ‘transition races’ because you are truly of that race- you ‘become’ black because you see the amazing community that has been created by those in a position of near powerlessness.  You have seen the incredible things that black people can do, that have produced- you see the creativity that they are endowed with, and you say, ‘I want that’.

You want the privileges of being black, without ever fighting for them- you want to reap something you never sowed.

Moreover, you base your idea of race on a horrifically static group of stereotypes and try to imitate them, not realizing that these things that have been deemed the norm for the black community come from years of living a certain way, and, even so, is not shared by the entire race.  For instance, you decide to speak using AAVE because it’s cool- not because it is your language.  You try to mimic our anger- when you have never understood the pain it is borne of.  You enter our spaces because you like the way they look from the outside- not because you have nowhere else to go.  

You want to be us, without ever being able to understand why we are us.

In other words, you are no better than a living, breathing, racist caricature that doesn’t respect the black community enough to realize you are not a part of it. 

Do I even need to mention that white people would never allow black people to be considered white because their rampant anti-blackness barely allows them to accept a black person in their spaces, let alone ‘be’ them, or can we move on?  

Great.  Moving the fuck on then.

Gender, on the other hand is incredibly fluid and personal.

You do not decide to ‘be’ transgender because you want to wear a dress, or pants(because, heads up, clothes are not explicitly gendered).  You don’t ‘become’ transgender because you desperately want to be a full time parent or an engineer, because once again, for those in the cheap seats, that shit has nothing to do with gender.  

You have, at some point in your life, realized that you are not defined by your genitals/chromosomes/secondary sex characteristics, and despite all odds, you are not as you have previously been defined.   It is not because of the traits you find cool and interesting in the other gender, it is because you have found the traits within yourself that make you a woman or man(or non- binary). You are willing to endure hell on earth to become who you truly are, and accept the social stigma and consequences that comes with that. You are not an outsider looking in and jealously admiring what others have worked so hard to have, you are an insider who has been wrongly labeled.

It is not about changing your image, it is about you becoming your image.

You are not trying to ‘invade’ brother or sisterhood, you just want to be who you are, and you deserve the support of every person alive in that endeavor.  

So before you decide to open your fucking mouth and say some dumb shit, including but not limited to ‘being transgender and transracial are the same’ remember to not ever belittle the need to be by comparing it to the desire to take.  

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why didnt faberry ever happen? quinn was obviously so in love with rachel. in season one, theres a shot of quinn drawing an ugly drawing of rachel and yet she adds hearts around it? rachel always looked out for quinn, especially during the pregnancy. she gave away a pair of her panties just so the school paper wouldnt write about quinn being pregnant. in season two, in the scene at prom where quinn slaps rachel across the face, she feels so sorry afterwards. and even though shes just besn slapped, rachel wipes away quinns tears and holds her hand. like what the hell? when rachel wants to get her nose job, quinn is the only one who takes her seriously. shes the one who goes with rachel to the plastic surgeon and is supportive of rachel's decision. plus, it was quinn's nose that rahcel wanted. and in season three, quinn says the words "you were singing to finn, and only finn, right?" like she wants rachel to be singing to someone else, ie, her. how gay can you be quinn fabray? and quinn is so adamant about not wanting rachel to marry finn. she tells rachel that shes a star and doesnt need to hang onto the boys in high school, that she needs to let go and be her own person. quinn is the only person who truly recognizes rachels talents and capabilities and appreciates her drive and ambition. plus, quinn gives rachel metro passes so that the two of them can keep in touch. after giving her the passes, the two hug, and the pain in quinn's eyes is so clear. her gay little heart was in love with rachel throughout the entire series and yet it was never explored.
  • Zack: *walks beside Ray and glaces at her* Ya'know, shouldn't girls your age be freaking out over blood actually?
  • Ray: *stops walking and looks at Zack blankly*...What?
  • Zack: I mean, aren't girls normally afraid of blood?
  • Ray: .....Zack....Do you know the term period and what it means?
  • Zack: ..A what?
  • Ray: Oh my god