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  • Guy: hey what's your number?
  • Me: 24601
  • Guy:
  • Me: I'm a wanted criminal
  • Me: I stole some bread once
  • Me: I wouldn't get involved it's really not worth it, you'd be dealing with like at least another 8 musical numbers

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I'm just curious, you've given some speculation on where you think the characters would be without the war and it seems you view Jake's future as pretty dismal. I'm curious why that is. To me, I think he'd be just pretty average but you portray him as a dropout who never does anything, I believe. I mean, I know he's not super motivated at 13 but that's 13 and he can be incredibly driven and move mountains when he wants something.

To be honest, a lot of what I find so appealing about Jake as a character is that he is so very ordinary.  He says in the first couple pages of The Invasion that the two things he’s best at are basketball and video games—and yet he’s not good enough at basketball to make his school’s team, and not good enough at video games to beat Marco (who has considerably less experience).  He’s a C average student as of #1 and an F average student as of #23.  He mentions no specific ambitions outside of “be a decent person for a day” (#31) at any point during the war and seems to want to do nothing more than marry Cassie, have her kids, and retire young (#47).  When Rachel asks him what he’d do if the war ended tomorrow, he has no answer for her (#22), and when Cassie asks him on the eve of the final battle about his plans in case they win, he can’t come up with anything outside of marrying her and going to basketball games (#53).  

Jake is also a hardworking, dedicated, loyal, unbelievably brave individual who (as Marco says in #54) achieves the impossible through courage and determination more so than brilliance or skill.  And the thing is that he doesn’t have much in the way of skills.  He’s a “dumb jock” (#35) who admits to being bad at math and other academic pursuits (#4), fairly clueless at figuring out other people (#21), and too much of a klutz to be much of a jock (#6).  When he finally moves out of his parents’ place after the war and gets a job, he seems apathetic toward it at best and literally willing to go on a suicide mission to get out of it at worst (#54).  

Anyway, most of the reason that I adore that side of the character (and celebrate it in some of my AUs, you are correct) is that IMHO there are not nearly enough heroes like Jake in young adult science fiction.  The huge majority of YA SF heroes are smart, talented, misunderstood, artistic, and usually otherwise special as well (Ender Wiggen, Katinss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Meg and Charles Wallace Murray, etc.)  The huge majority of YA SF portrayals of “dumb” or otherwise untalented characters, especially dumb jocks, show those characters as villains (Vladimir Todd, Blue Bloods, I Am Number Four, My Teacher is an Alien, Valiant, etc.)  Tobias is a classic YA SF hero (artistic, intelligent, misunderstood, descended from an ancient line of warriors); Jake is a genuinely unlikely hero according to the conventions of the genre.  I like Tobias perfectly well, but I love Jake (even more than I love the other five cinnamon rolls on that team) largely because K.A. Applegate does a very convincing job of suggesting that Jake is heading nowhere fast with his life before an alien invasion lands in his lap and he rises spectacularly to the occasion.  

okay put picture this

Animorphs everyone is alive AU

  • Jake and Cassie getting married and moving into a nice farmhouse and having lots of kids and letting them run around the farm and zoo and play with the animals
  • Marco being super famous (more than the last book) and hosting the miss america pageant and starring in like cool action movies
  • Marco making lots of money and buying a nice house for his mom and dad to finally live peacefully in
  • Ax getting a very high position in the Andalite government and everyone loves him because Ax is amazing
  • Ax visiting Earth many many times
  • Ax making Cinnabon open chain restaurants on the Andalite homeworld
  • Elfangor and Loren buying a nice suburban house and moving into it with Tobias
  • Tobias sneaking Rachel into the house in the middle of the night and getting caught by Elfangor
  • Tobias and Rachel just being a stupidly happy young couple
  • Tobias and Elfangor doing typical father son things like mini-golf and Elfangor swings his tail blade to hit the golf ball and just annihilates the windmill
  • Tobias and Elfangor going on a father-son fishing trip. They’re in the middle of the lake and Elfangor is in human morph but his time runs out and he morphs back and falls out of the boat.
  • Tobias and Rachel having kids, but Tobias keeps the red tailed hawk as his main morph. On parent career day, everyone’s parents have normal jobs like doctor and fireman, and this kid just walks up to the front of the classroom with a bird on his arm like “have I got a story for you”
  • I don’t know a lot about Tom but he is alive and happy, maybe in a stable relationship. He is best man at Jake and Cassie’s wedding
  • Elfangor winning best grandpa cause he lets Tobias’s kids ride him and they go on adventures.
  • Elfangor and Ax telling Tobias and Rachel’s kids cool war stories.
  • Thanksgiving dinner with the Berenson’s. There’s Tom, Jake, Cassie, and Rachel brings Tobias and the kids. And Loren and Elfangor comes too (and maybe Ax if he’s not busy) and Elfangor brings food and is like “this is an andalite delicacy. A secret family recipe that has been in my family for generations” and it’s just a plate of grass
  • Everyone is alive and happy

Lockscreens - Heirs pt.2

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I was more of a Young Do and Rachel shipper lol.