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Things to Avoid: Epilogue

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[Six Months Later]

Eun-Sang stood in the wings of Hyo-Shin’s concert applauded along with the rest of the crowd. His entire With Her concert tour sold out nationwide. President Yoo added four more events to his already extensive Asia Tour and there were talks to do a concert in Europe and the United States with a few other popular artists.

The special fan CD packages sold out within an hour of going on sale. They had to up their order with the manufacturer to do a second run. Eun-Sang was nervous about that. Hyo-Shin wanted to include some of their own personal pictures in the photobook. It sparked a new little protest. The original died down a few weeks after it started. She was getting used to the cycle.

Lee Soo-Ah continued to urge them to break up online. Eun-Sang worried if she didn’t give up this vendetta soon, Soo-Ah would ruin her job prospects when she graduated from college. Despite the horrible things she constantly said, Eun-Sang didn’t want that for her.

But Hyo-Shin’s career, nearly a year out from his return from the military, was strong and steady. His comeback album was a hit. He was set to be a second lead in an upcoming drama. Critics, fans, and for the most part, the netizens, all loved him. His authenticity drew people into his sphere and she couldn’t be more proud of him.

He came offstage, out of breath, and wrapped her into a tight hug. She laughed and kissed his cheek. “Hurry and change. We don’t have a lot of time.”

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An Unfamiliar Spring (Young Do/Rachel, PG)

Title: An Unfamiliar Spring

Rating: PG

Fandom/Pairing: The Heirs/Young Do x Rachel

Summary:  Rachel was always Young Do’s winter. Ice and snow in her touch, sharp winds in her voice, puffs of hot breath from her lungs condensing into smoke in the air around him. He knows the glow of her skin in the winter moonlight, night seeping quickly, pushing day away before evening settles. He knows the way Rachel lingers on his fingertips as morning fights to break through, clawing through navy skies.

Notes: Oh hey, I’ve emerged from hibernation and I intend to go right back there shhh. So it’s been forever and a day and this coda is by NO MEANS what you guys were waiting for but, well, here it is. One of them at least. I wanted to get at least one done because everyone has been amazingly supportive and I’m still so grateful so many people liked this series. I’m crying about it (dramatically of course).

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Hades and Persephone, Young Do and Eun Sang, 23 ♡♡♡

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Mama was not impressed with her flippant remark. Eun-Sang refused to be ashamed of the pictures of her and Young-Do at Bo-Na’s engagement. A photographer caught them kissing. Mama tried to ambush her with it at breakfast. “Aren’t I pretty? Rachel made me look like a morning glory out of my garden.”

Now, it was a few weeks later, Rachel was in hell after Hyo-Shin’s betrayal, and Young-Do was mildly depressed without his sister. Eun-Sang had spent more time with him in an attempt distract them both from the missing piece in their lives. Eun-Sang didn’t realize how much time she spent with Rachel until she was basically locked up in her mother’s house when she wasn’t at work.

Why didn’t you tell me you were close to him? If you wear skirts like that, he is going to think he can take whatever he wants from you. Men–

“Young-Do has only been kind and respectful to me. Omma, if you continue down this line, we’re going to have to talk about sex, and I don’t think you’re ready to admit that I’m twenty-five and know about it.” Eun-Sang tried not to wince at herself. She rarely pushed back towards her mother.

Do not have sex with him. It will ruin your abilities. The only thing that will restore your powers is a child and you aren’t ready for that.

“Too late.” It stung to think that Mama only got pregnant with her so she could feel whole after bad sex. Eun-Sang knew nothing about her father. She didn’t even know if her mother loved him. There were times that her abilities dulled and she felt like half a person so she understood doing anything to get them back but…”It didn’t ruin me, Omma. If anything, I feel stronger.”

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Quiet Reconnection, Young Do & Rachel, 31

“I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

Rachel groans as he tenderly holds ice against the left side of her face. He is much too pleased with her so she glares at him. “You need to be more aware when a woman is hitting on you. I’m not going to get in another fight like this because you are a married man who forgets other women exist and that hurts their feelings. Seriously, I look away for two seconds to take a call and–”

He kisses her on the good side of her lips. It doesn’t hurt but he’s still smirking when he says, “Thank you for defending my honor. I think I get Myung-Soo and his game with Ye-Sol a bit better. Crazy jealous wife is fun.”

“It’s not fun. If I broke her nose…” She feels so ashamed of herself for losing her temper when the other woman wouldn’t back off. She watched Young-Do explain that he wasn’t interested and that his wife was coming back. Her temper and jealousy are her worst qualities. “I don’t like their game. He’s taking advantage of her. If he loves her, he should say something right now.”

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Pictures – Rachel, Eun-Sang & Young-Do (sexy things warning for the end)

bearing fruit

Eun-Sang tried not to visibly steel herself as she tried to take advantage of Girls Night with Rachel. They’d both had a glass of wine because that was supposed to make her questions easier. Rachel could obviously tell something was on her mind because she sighed and pulled Eun-Sang to sit down on the couch with her. She stuck a bag of chips into Eun-Sang’s tracksuit hood.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why don’t women like Young-Do?” She blurted it out and felt her face heat. “It makes no sense he hasn’t had a girlfriend before. He is incredibly attractive. He’s got a fantastic smile and he’s a great listener. Is it you? Do you scare them away?”

Rachel stared at her blankly for a few seconds and then drained her wine glass. “Are you worried because you’re both virgins?”

“No!” Eun-Sang lied as best she could with wide eyes. “Of course not!”

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wei50-blog replied to your post “Quiet reconnection, yd&r, 31 ( yay finally more QR! Thank youuu<3)”

I love that we can see the healing process!

\o/! I realized with this batch of requests that it wasn’t enough to just say that Rachel got better, but that we had to see it–we had to see her and Young-Do reconnect. Rachel is in the process of fighting for herself. Expect to see more of it in the future! <3 <3 <3