also i’d like to point out that ob is playing with outfit colors again as far as themes. black is a color we associate with the “good” side in this show thanks to sarah dressing mainly in that color. notably, season 3 had rachel in black a lot, a time when we were supposed to sympathize with her. season 4 put her back in primarily white. now in season 5, while rachel was in white during the first two episodes, that’s changed. now that she’s “enlightening” and testing kira’s abilities, now she’s wearing both colors because we aren’t sure where her allegiances lie when it comes to kira’s well-being.

How Team DW Delivered: WEAT Edition

Bill Potts is dead. I will not forgive Steven for that. I have cried for two hours straight. I am determined not to be held back now. 

Team DW delivered. The writing was phenomenal. The directing was phenomenal. The acting was, in my opinion, BAFTA. Just look at these scenes.

This one… (Michelle and John in each other’s faces. It almost looked like they about collide into each other. Neither broke eye contact.)

Doctor is asking for Bill… (This is pure Peter in front of a camera. He is in front of a camera and probably looking at tennis ball sticking above the camera. Peter’s face is full to bursting here.)

Missy frustrated… (Michelle sighing. Slow and deep. Remember, Missy is in murderous rage mode in this moment. Michelle’s skin is a tad red because she’s angry.)

Horrified Missy… (Michelle’s eyes have gone MEGA and no more ruddy complexion. Look above for reference.)

Nardole being overprotective of the Doctor (just like River would have been if she were there). Pulling him back because the Doctor keeps trying to get into the Cyberman’s face… (Matt gently tugs at Peter’s arm. Peter is still looking at the tennis ball. Peter’s face emotes and completely destroys me. Peter is thinking like the Doctor. He knows Bill is dead. He is asking because he is hoping she might be alive. He is so emotional here, so he hasn’t considered she might be a Cyberman.)

Hope on their faces. It only lasts a second… (Again, Peter and Matt speaking to us through their emotions. Like them, we remain hopeful. Any second now. Bill Potts will say “Doctor! Nardie!” from the hall behind them.)

Only to hear, “I am Bill Potts.”

Missy wondering how he figured out she was Missy. (Michelle acting her socks off. She has an inexplicable expression. Michelle thinking like Missy: “Will Missy be bad or will Missy be good?” John plays it calm and charming. He changes the mood. Asks for a kiss… Don’t think too much into it. He’s asking for cheek kisses. It’s a social rite. A way of greeting friends. He’s asking Missy for it because he wants her to realize that they’re on the same team. Of course, John plays that line in a devious way.)

“Bill?” The Doctor blinks… (Peter and the Scottish blend of emotions on his face.)

The Doctor wants to know. (Peter’s trying to suppress the Doctor’s emotions.) Missy interrupts. (Michelle playing it casual.) Doctor half listening, half recoiling. (Emotional eyebrow action.)

Missy smiling or not smiling… (Again, everyone expects Michelle to be bad and smile. Except she does something with her face. Blink and you’ll miss it. She’s leaving room for doubt there.)

Doctor tries to process what Missy is saying. (PETER!!! He’s pulling a reverse Clara because his pupils are dilated one second when talking to Missy and then narrows when looking at CyberBill. Uh, I hate calling her that.)

(Can’t see it here as nicely but Peter’s eyes dilate completely when as hears the John’s voice. It’s a voice he recognizes. But he can’t say friend or foe yet.)

Doctor recognizes the voice. (Peter exhales so sharply. It sounds like he’s the only one drawing breath.)

The Master answers… (Let’s give John some credit. I have never been able to process the calmer version of his Master. He sounds genuinely terrifying without needing to do bezerk things.)

The eyes… (This is what the Doctor looks like when he’s terrified. Note Peter’s constricted pupils… He resents this Master. He’s thinking “You died. You died. Why are you here? What have you done?)

"You’ve met the ex?” (Michelle killing us with her inexplicable expression again. She is smiling. But it’s also not a full smile. The one where her mouth is opened wide and the corners of her lips seem to reach for the ears.)

Epic shot. (Um, I’m terrified to say anything about these frames. So, no comment.)

(Peter didn’t move his face the whole time John and Michelle were talking.)

“I waited for you,” said CyberBill. (John looking smug. Michelle pulling a Missy face, as if to say, “Ouch, Doctor. She waited for you.” 

(Peter has completely left us. Pure Doctor now. Pure pained expression.)

The tear that broke every Whovian’s heart. Bill is dead. (Pearl Mackie, there are no words.)