Transgender vs. Transracial

Here’s why the “If people can be transgender why can’t Rachel Dolezal be "transracial”“ posts are problematic.

Regardless of what your religious dogma may mandate, or personal prejudices may be, being transgender is a real thing. If I decided today that I wanted to be a man, I could take hormones, have my female reproductive organs removed, have a phallus added, legally change my name and alter governmental documents and eventually be afforded all of the privileges, (and assumed threats) of being a black male in America. I wouldn’t be portraying a man, I would have gone through a very rigorous process to actually become one.

On the other hand, if I wake up tomorrow and say I want to be white. There is no amount of cosmetics, surgery or money that would give me a proper fit into that culture. No matter if I did every activity attributed to allegedly "being white” or “transracial” I would still be a black woman, or to the more idiotic of you, “acting white”. I could never be white. I would never be more than a portrayal. My child would not lose his potential to face the perils of being a black male, because I wanted to be “transblack” or wear tacky blonde wigs. Those are probably the most staunch differences between these 2 concepts.

In the case of Rachel Dolezal, her portrayal was postmodern blackface. Instead of using her influence to be an ally and build across racial lines, she lied, stole and misappropriated black culture for her own selfish personal and financial gain. She even went so far as to falsify her past struggles and hate crimes commited against her. What she did was not an example of civil rights or idolization of blackness. It was a egregious exercise in white privilege. It and she are despicable and won’t get a pass for “passing”.