You know how in the US ice cream trucks come around in the summer, when it’s warm? Yeah, not in Norway. This guy kept ringing his bell up and down our street and finally parked directly outside my window, just tempting me to buy some ice cream in -1° weather. Mind you, I totally would have, if I hadn’t already given up sugar for Lent :]

First Impressions

Finally in Oslo! After running across an airport to catch a connecting flight and waiting in Oslo airport for four hours trying to find my missing luggage, it’s good to be in this little room that is my home for the next 6 months. First impression of Norway? Lots of snow! There was so much on the tarmac when we landed I was so excited! Oslo Airport is beautiful and modern, all wood, concrete and glass. And apparently everyone, or most people anyway, don’t actually realize that it’s like 19 degrees outside with 5 inches of snow. 

No one wears coats. When I was waiting for my luggage, there was a man literally just wearing jeans and a short sleeve t shirt. Everyone seems impervious to the cold, and prefers a scarf or a light jacket to the warm down coat I wear. Oh well, maybe I’ll get used to the cold like everyone else? 

Today, I experienced culture shock for the first time. Back home, I have a membership at two gyms, one at school and one in my hometown. School gym is open until Midnight everyday and the gym at home is a 24/7 365 that never ever ever closes. So I decide that 17:00 is a good time to go down to the gym. I pull on my spandex pants, running shoes, throw on a t shirt and walk out into the -10° with the beautiful snow falling fast. Bus comes right on time- on my way to an excellent workout. Arrive at the gym ten minutes later in the dark. Walk through a whole bunch of snow in my ventilated running shoes to find the hours on the door: only open until 16:00 on Saturdays. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and my expectation that businesses must be open late here. At least I got a nice brisk walk home as exercise :]

Banana Pancakes

I’m so proud of myself! This morning, I was reallllly craving pancakes but obviously I don’t have the typical ingredients available to make them. I found this interesting paleo recipe for pancakes on a blog I follow and decided to try it. They were delicious! the recipe is as follows:

1 banana 

1 egg

few dashes of cinnamon

Mash the banana until it’s rather smooth, mix in the cinnamon, add the egg and you have a super yum pancake batter! Sure, it tastes a bit like bananas (obviously) but easily masked by any toppings you may add. I covered mine in Nutella and they were super yum! So happy I stumbled across the recipe :]


SO the picture looks gross, but trust me, super yum :D