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What better person to kick off International woman’s day with than@sophiabush who even on her way to@rachelrayshow in NYC takes and makes calls to not only raise awareness but actually move the needle to create an impact on women, girls and the absolute need to educate each and every one of us @thegirlproject@glamourmag #girlpower #sophiabush#62milliongirls

Luke Brooks imagine for Marlena :)

“Enjoy you two.” she nodded and then helped the next people in line. 

“Popcorn?” Luke asked, not looking at me but studying the menu board. 

“Sure, and some M&M’s?” I asked while my arm wrapped around his and my head rested on his shoulder. 

“Okay.” He smiled and stepped up to the counter to order the snacks and then a bottle of water. I grabbed the candies and water then we walked tot eh cinema that was going to be playing the movie. There weren’t very many people in there, but the ones that were seemed to be couples or a few girlfriends. Luke shuffled along one of the middle rows and sat down. I sat next to him and we mixed the popcorn and candies. 

A few more people came in and the lights dimmed and the previews started playing. 


“It’s okay, you can let go..” was the line that got me. I had tears spilling from my eyes; it was hard to keep the sniffles quiet. 

I looked over at Luke and he had his lips pinched together in a tight line and his eyes blinked quickly to keep the tears away. 

“It’s okay baby,” I cuddled closer to him. He kissed my forehead and sighed. 

“I’m supposed to be the brave one,” he said quietly and sighed again to keep his breathing under control. 

“You are.” I said and I felt him smile against my hair. 

As the movie progressed and Hazel was giving Gus his eulogy, I couldn’t stop the tears. I could barely see the movie through the tears as well. I heard sniffles all around the cinema, too.  

His arm tightened around me and whispered some sweet words to help me relax. I always cried when it came to sad movies, and he knew it. 

“Mar, it’s okay.” he squeezed my hand. I looked at him through foggy eyes and nodded. The movie was coming to an end and I still had tears falling out of my face. 

Before I knew it, Hazel was reading her eulogy that Gus had written her. She laid in the grass and repeated that stupid word that hurt so much. 


I inhaled deeply and let out some more tears. It was over. I was relieved but I definitely didn’t want it to be done. 

Luke didn’t move, so I looked over at him and he had a sad kinda relieved look on his face. 

“Are you okay?” I asked. Everyone was filing out of the cinema, but Luke stayed.

“No.” he said finally. His voice was weird and quiet. 

“What’s wrong?" 

"Gus died, that’s whats wrong. And Hazel will eventually die." 

"Babe,” I tried to hold back my giggle, “it’s a movie.”

“Why did it seem like it was real life?”

“I felt the same way, but Luke we have to go.” he looked around quickly and stood up. 

“I forgot where we were for a second.” he chuckled and we walked out into the hall and into my car. 

Everything Luke did seemed slow-mo. “I have a theory.” I said while starting the engine. 

“Yeah?” he smiled at me after buckling his seat belt.

“That if we stop watching the movie after the eulogy, Gus will still be alive and be cured from the chemo." 

"You have a great mind, my love.” he chuckled. I pulled out of my parking spot and we drove to the nearest ice cream spot and tried not thinking about the movie. 

“Is this spot okay?” I asked. 

He nodded and grinned, “okay.” 

“Why? Oh I hate you so much.” I felt gutted. “It’s been 15 minutes and I already want to watch it again." 

"Why so you can cry like a litt-" 

"Oh don’t even. I heard you sniffling and crying. That movie was emotional and it’s okay that we cried." 

"I’m a man.” he stated and puffed out his chest. 

“A man who ordered bubblegum ice cream.” I rolled my eyes and pulled my spoon out of my mouth. 

“HEY!” he yelled and took a huge bite, “it’s delicious and-”

“And makes your tongue blue.” I rolled my eyes at him. He grinned at me and I smiled back. “You’re annoying." 

"I love you too, baby.” he winked at me then reached across the table and patted my hand. 

“Yeah, yeah,” he smiled, “I love you." 

After that we finished our ice cream and enjoyed our little date. <3