@katiramayrem has been doing so much amazing fan art for me and the more I learn about Otto the more I absolutely think Rachael and Bishop would run into him during their journey and maybe stay with him for a while before having to keep going. I have this idea that Bishop finds him first and since they are about the same size he initiates the whole “PLAY?!” thing and romps around with him in the woods or something until Rachael calls for him and starts looking for him. Maybe he drags Otto back with him to show her his “New Friend Who Is My Size And Is Fun”. 

this window looks out onto an unfamiliar street
obscured by unremarkable buildings
and a storm swept sky-

the heart of my heart is sleeping here…

quietly unsettled I wait- in this room
my hands holding each other, restless
I wonder at this minimal view
one window among the many
insignificant, nominal-
I wonder at the meaning of it all

strangers pass by
out in the hall, oblivious
pretending with their dispassionate conversation
shielding themselves from painful realities
I can’t begrudge them-
the few that glance in, deflect with abstract smiles
and deft platitudes

the world seems to shift around me
unreal, and insubstantial-
but I will wait here while she sleeps
immovable, implacable
-until the storm breaks 


Blade Runner Fan Poster

Victo Ngai

Sometimes I am big fan enough to make fan art, this is one of the times. Very excited to share my privately commissioned fan poster for one of my favorite movies- Blade Runner. They are 10 and 9 colors 24X36″silkscreen prints respectively.

It was fun making the slight variations between the regular and the variant (aka replicants) edition. Besides the change of colors, there are 10 differences in total, can you find them all?  If you look closely enough, you may just catch the glimpse of a silver disc in Rachel and the owl’s eyes. 

How can you get your paws on one, you asked? Unfortunately these are not for sale… Sorry!

Rachael passed her swallow test today, and can now eat real food.
She is very happy about this, and has instructed me to bring her some guacamole ASAP. I will be going up to see her tomorrow. 
It’s looking like she will come home around the first of Feb. She is still struggling to move her left leg and arm, but she is getting better every day. 
Much Love to all of you who have sent kind words and prayers.



i like to think johnny and big ricardo just act as rachael’s goofy dads while she’s staying at el chucho flaco. ricky’s not nearly as open with his affection as johnny, but i have a feeling he ends up becoming really fond of her too. he probably thinks she’s really funny.

“It’s getting kinda late, your fam ok with you out at night?”
“I um.. I live by myself..”
“Yeah? That’s gotta be fun though.”
“K-Kinda lonely, to be honest…”
“Oh, sorry to hear..”
“Well, I mean…. I guess that’s my fault for running away…”
“Ya ran away from home?”
“I don’t know if I’d really call an orphanage a home…”

Sorry for my handwriting lmao I added text just in case.
I have no idea how to draw grass and I’m not even gonna try to draw starts lol

I imagine them just talking a lot when they’re not running around with Bishop or going on adventures in the woods. They just get a snack and chill, watching the clouds until it turns to night.

Yo this is so nice and I love this interaction I might have to continue off of this later on.