Ok so I know this is not exactly being productive however, I am not exactly idling my time away, twiddling my thumbs bingewatching Netflix.
I got tired of not having a pencil case that fits everything I use daily, sew I decided to make my own with some old jeans and the good ol’ needle and thread~

"The fire alarm went off at 3am and now the cute boy next door is standing next to me in his boxers" au

We’re deviating from the prompts a little here but I’ve always been a rebel- rachael

Will fumbled with his apartment keys in his half asleep state. It was quarter ‘til 3 am and he smelled awful, and had a blood stain on his scrubs that he’d rather not talk about. As a surgical intern he was basically a slave of his resident whom they referred to as The Head Bitch behind her back. She’d made him work a 32 hour shift and he could hardly stay awake by the end of it.

Will had just pushed open his apartment door when the fire alarm went off.

“For fucks sakes,” he groaned as he tossed his bag back over his shoulder and turned back to the stairwell.

The 9 story apartment building housed 100 people that now flooded the hallways and stairwell. Once he fought his way outside Will crossed the road and stared at the now flaming building with the rest of its residents. Beside him appeared his neighbor who was clothed in only his boxers and shivering in the cold November air.

“God damnit,” the boy cursed as he bounced back and forth trying to stay warm. Will wasn’t the kind of person to check people out during fire evacuations but damn his neighbor looked good. His pale skin was marred by a few odd scars that made him curious as to how he got them. The dark hair on his head was sticking out at odd angles but somehow was still quite attractive to Will.

“Got a problem?” His neighbor asked him when he saw him staring.

Will blushed and looked down before mumbling, “No, sorry.”

“Don’t be,” the boy smirked, “seriously who the fuck was cooking at 3 am?”

“I have no idea,” Will grumbled, “I just got home from work when the alarm sounded.”

“Yeah you look ready to fall over. I’m Nico by the way,” he said.

“Will. And why have we never met before?”

“You’re shitty hours probably,” Nico said. Will nodded before he tossed a jacket out of his bag to Nico.

“Thanks,” Nico said with a smile as he pulled the way too big sweatshirt over his tiny frame.

Firefighters ran around hosing the place down with water.

“Aw man. We’re going to have to stay in a hotel for a while huh,” Will said as he looked at the charred building.

“Yeah. We should share a room,” Nico suggested.

“Wait what?” Will blurted out, surprised.

“It would have plenty of upsides. We could split the cost and the bed,” Nico joked.

“Wait, are you serious?” Nico leaned in and kissed Will, which he was pleasantly surprised about.

“What do you think?”