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Nickname: Rach, Rachie, Alpha, Alphie, Mom.
Gender: Female
Star Sign:  Gemini
Height: 5′3 / 161cm
Time right now: 9:33am
Last thing I googled: canis manga
Favorite Solo Artists: I don’t really have any.
Song stuck in your head: I… Don’t know the title.
Last movie I watched: I think Nerve? It wasn’t good.
Last TV show I watched: Little Witch Academia!
When did you create your blog: July 2013.
What kind of stuff do you post: Anime, cartoons, video games, art, shitposts, cats and anything i want in there honestly.
When did your blog reach its peak: Sometime in 2015/2016? When i started being really active.
Do you have any other blogs: I do, i have @hydracheart (art blog), @lavenderivory (aesthetic blog), @letmesleepginti (inactive Death Parade crack rp blog) and @ritsu-blogs (active Mob Psycho 100 rp blog).
Do you get asks regularly: Yeah!
Why you chose your URL: I wanted something with at least part of my name in it, so i fused hydrangea and my nickname into hydrachea.
Following: 602
Posts: 46,864
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor!
Pokémon Team: Instinct!!
Favorite colors: They change daily.
Average hours of sleep: Around 8.
Lucky Numbers: No idea.
Favorite manga characters: That’s… Too many to list.
How many blankets do you sleep with: It’s actually one duvet.
Dream job: Shrug emoji, maybe translator since i’m majoring in English.
Dream trip: I’ve been to a lot of places in Europe already so, maybe Japan or the US?

Tagging… Who’s left that Any didn’t tag, @intense-screaming, @rider-phantomhive, @eraofthirteen, anyone else can do it as well and no pressure!

I was tagged by: @adlerthetattler


gender: Female
nickname: Rach
star sign: Taurus
height: 5′7″ (and a half) 
sexual orientation: secrets 
hogwarts house: probably Slytherin
favorite color:  black, dark red or navy blue - also green. 
favorite animal: kitty or doggo 
average hours of sleep: I need at least 8 to function normally 
favorite fictional characters: James Mycroft from The Every Series, Skulduggery Pleasant, Any character Emily Browning has ever played and Lisabeth Salander. 
number of blankets i sleep with: two because i am a PUSSY 
favorite singer/band: Muse 
dream trip: Literally anywhere outside my house at this point 
dream job: Anything that’s not a 9 - 5 
when was this blog created: Um can’t remember off the top of my head but like sometime around september 2013 - 14? 
current number of followers: 386
what made you decide to make a tumblr: Saw a friend that was doing and was like yo why not 

tagging: @conartistswithavendetta, @fissarsi, @ask-xi and anyone else 

Give me a drum corps station on Pandora. Give me the Phantom Regiment’s drum cadences and the Cadets’ beat downs. Give me the Madison Scouts’ Empire State of Mind show, and Blue Knights’ Avian show. Give me Green Machine, Spartacus, Carmen, Rach Star, and Angels & Demons. Give me the big drum and brass sound of only the best corps in the world. Maybe even throw some college bands in as well. Then I’ll pay for no ads.


So I just hit 5,000 followers so I thought I would do a follow forever, yay.

and I am really sorry because I am bound to miss some people out so I am so sorry.

thanks to everyone who has followed me and reblogged my posts, I apprectiate it a lot xx

bolded are a few of my faves


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The Signs As Amazing Drum Corps Shows

Aries: The Knockout

Taurus: The Re:Rite of Spring

Gemini: Out Of This World

Cancer: Through a Glass Darkly


Virgo: Felliniesque

Libra: E=mc2

Scorpio: Rach Star

Sagittarius: Music of the Starry Night

Capricorn: Phantom of the Opera

Aquarius: TILT

Pisces: Unmasqued