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ay is it alright to ship muse and billy or does that make you uncomfortable? Alternatively, what are ships in your comic that are just,,, no go and you don't want content for because of sexuality or other reasons (have some stuff planned but don't wanna overstep my boundaries)

Billy and Muse is a Good Ship. (Honestly every ship is a Good Ship (I’m actually a closet shipping fiend)), and I encourage you to follow where your shipping heart guides you!! The only thing I ask is that you don’t take the ships in an explicitly/graphically sexual direction just because as of right now, I’m uncomfortable with it! Anything else is fine - kisses, fluff, whatev. Please have fun!! <3

The only ship I don’t personally care for is Alias x Leadfoot and that’s because their relationship is purely platonic buddy-friends and it won’t really develop into any sort of romance! That doesn’t mean you can’t ship it, of course, cuz you’re the fans and I don’t want to trample on your fun~ Just a warning that in this comic, the main male protag and the main female protag aren’t gonna get together, haha.

Because Australia is shit and not a lot of people watch hockey I literally cry every time I see someone at uni wearing a hockey jersey. I saw this Dude wearing a Bruins jersey and the only thing that went through my mind was *Must befriend him must become his best friend and be in his life and convert him to love the Habs and my other trash teams*


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Just Another Monday

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (reader) Sam Winchester,

Pairing: Dean x reader,

Warnings: I honestly can’t think of any.   

Wordcount: 2500ish

A/N: This is written for @mysupernaturalfics - she turns 20 today. Go send her a lot of love and help me wish her a happy birthday.

Sorry Rach I wrote this kinda fast and without an outline so it is a little messy, but I hope you like it still.

See bracelet and Y/N’s dress here

Thanks to the ever amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this silly Dean fluffiness for me and thanks to @bkwrm523 for giving me a Title :D

Birthdays had never been a big deal for Dean. Not his own anyway. He always made sure to pick something up at a convenient store for Sam on May 2nd. He would also try to be less annoying to his brother on that day. He would not sing along to the music blaring from the Impala’s stereo (or not as loudly anyway). He would not make fun of Sam for eating his rabbit food or ordering his chick latte.

His own birthday came and went. Sam would alway give Dean some tools or something for Baby, and Dean loved that. Still, it was just a day like any other day to him. He had no idea why he wanted Y/N’s birthday to be different., but he did. He wanted her to feel special. He wanted her to have a day she would remember.

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tear in my heart


“It’s February,” Lance repeats slowly.

“Yep,” Pidge says with barely restrained glee. And fuck, Keith is sweating.

or: pidge sucks at getting revenge. 


a/n: yooo happy late valentines alyx!! for @alyxsayssup for the @klancevalentines exchange! i hope you enjoy this /// <33

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