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Hi, is noopept any good? Or is it just a more potent version of piracetam?

I would say that it is quite a wonderful compound. It is not really a version of piracetam as piracetam is of the racetam family, while noopept is derived from the racetam family. Thus, it has its own unique properties which are distinct from those of piracetam. I find it to be more stimulating, motivating, and it also possesses more of a clearheaded and mentally sharp feeling than piracetam does. On the other hand, I find piracetam better for creative and abstract thinking, color enhancement, and reading comprehension. Noopept seems to encourage task completion and logical thinking from my experience. Occasionally piracetam can make me sleepy and foggy, so I prefer a nootropic with a more stimulating edge. That is why I prefer to use noopept/aniracetam over piracetam, although I usually combine them both to get the best of both compounds. I tend to use piracetam everyday while in school, while I only take noopept before studying/test taking. Tolerance does occur with piracetam/noopept eventually so I like only use them when I need them most.

Noopept Day 1

I have just taken 15mg of Noopept sublingually. Solution is pure ethanol at a concentration of 450mg Noopept/3ml. Effects were noticeable in ~10 minutes. I cam currently very alert and stimulated, although quite comfortable. Also consumed 500mg choline, multivitamin, and one cup of coffee (est 80mg caffeine). 

- Moderate color enhancement

- Stimulating edge

- Clear headed

- I just completed a visually oriented neuroscience testing battery and completed the test in under 20 minutes. It was originally designed to take approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

Update at 11:30 I consumed approximately 7.5 mg sublingually bringing me to a total of 22.5 mg. Very impressed so far.