poc zine project's race riot tour, usc stop

my friend noticed this white man, before discussions began, approach mimi thi nguyen, anna vo, and nyky gomez and ask them to carry his “zine.” they explained that they focus on poc. he asked “well, don’t you have a distro?” the audacious entitlement of that question astounds me, but perhaps isnt so surprising coming from a white man. they told him no, and to put it in the back, people could pick it up on their way out if they wanted.
later, he walked around and handed out his shit. audacious, out of line

front row, all white except me. whities all leave p quickly. a shallow, uninvested experience is all they’ll need to claim involvement and understanding.

(tw rape) mimi talked about how, when she was 19, a disgusting song was written about her because she dared to challenge the fetishization of asian women in an issue of maximum rocknroll. from the letter she wrote in protest, they concluded that she was an unfuckable but rapeable feminist. she still has the 7 inch

i learned that ian mckay, the daddy of straightedge, wrote a song called “guilty of being white” in the 80’s but has yet to retract that sentiment. i also learned that it’s one of minor threats most popular songs

anna vo read from her zine: the swan & the vulture #4. she wrote on how to combat gentrification, makes some funny references to direct action. says she interviewed vietnamese folks in their community on the subject of gentrification. i’m really anticipating reading this when i get my copy back.
i traded her for one of mine, she said she had just read half of it already. apparently mimi handed her the copy i gave her and she started reading it, and continued to do so with a lot of facial expressions to accompany

i told anna we had the same last name. she’d gleaned my vietnamese first name from the quick read she did of my zine and said my name out loud to me. i stumbled through confusion. i’m so far assimilated out of my native culture that the proper format and pronunciation of my full vietnamese name is foreign to me. damn, that was embarrassing

we tried to figure out if we’re related

someone asked anna to elaborate on the contradiction between being opposed to gentrification, but also hosting events at places like usc. she revealed that, to her understanding, the reason for the tour’s setup (campus event, with community event the following day) is to take money from rich white people to use to their own ends- to be able to tour, and to be able to come to communities for free. hahahahahahaha

i met a lot of people who’d already read my zine, have heard about my zine, already distro my zine, want to distro my zine or have wanted my zine for a long time. a lot of people like it, so that’s p cool. i gave a stack to nyky gomez for the brown recluse zine distro, a stack i donated to the tour, and i gave one copy each to mimi and anna. i’m happy knowing they’ll read the stupid shit i write