racerback tee


O-kay, sorry for the picture-heavy post but I wanted to document my haul and some alterations I’ve been working on this weekend. Up top are the cheap/comfy new bras and the cheap lingerie I got from Burlington! It’s all so cute and I’m really excited about it!

Next row has some shirts I got from the thrift store. I was inspired by fat-hacked and scooped up some little shirts (Smalls or Mediums I think) that would make good crop tops for me. I wish I could sew like her and do some of the amazing alterations she’s been doing but I can’t so I’m settling with this for now.

Next are some clothes I worked on altering this weekend! I cut an old pair of pants into shorts and then tried that bow pocket thing in the back. They’re SO cute! I also made a few thrift shop tees into racerback tanks for work. I tie dyed one today, so we’ll see how it comes out, but I especially like this gray one and how I somehow managed to work the collar into something like a sweetheart neckline.

I wore my altered stuff to a family function yesterday and my little cousins really liked them!