racer back tanks

Greetings from Joshua Tree!  I am taking a long-weekend with a few girlfriends to go have an awesome wine-drinking, food-making, relaxing with beauty weekend.  I’ve never been to JT so if there’s anything I shouldn’t miss DM me!

Costume For The Day:

First off, don’t use non-watercolor paper for watercolor today’s and tomorrow’s outfit are victims of it - DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!  I knew this lesson but proceeded anyway…  Ahh well.

- Black skinny Levis

- Plum racer-back tank top from American Apparel

- American Apparel over-sized, slouchy, marled-sweater.  A current fav of mine.

- Brown faux-motorcycle ankle-boots

- Madewell costume jewelry studs

The Girlfriend Jean

By The August Diaries

The Mom Jean. Or the Girlfriend Jean, if you will. It has a higher rise, slim + straight leg and, here’s the key, is cropped about an inch above your ankle. People have been pretty divided on this trend (including a lot of you guys, my readers). Style is an incredibly subjective concept and I can guarantee you that not everyone will like what you’re wearing. So ultimately you have to dress for yourself… Some people will love it and others will hate it and I think that’s totally fair. It’s the name of the fashion game and what makes it so interesting. 

I’m unfortunately having one of those Mondays… but at least the hockey game and Bachelorette are on tonight (that’s quite a combo isn’t it!) Hope you’re having a great morning! 

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Steven Universe t-shirts are back by popular demand!

Everyone who already pre-ordered their Steven Universe t-shirt will be receiving their order soon. All pre-orders will be shipping this week, and since the design was such a big hit we’ve decided to bring it back full time!

We’re also adding a new tank top option to the Steven Universe Fight like a Gem design. This stunning color combination was discovered by accident when Kate used a scrap teal tanktop to clear ink from the screens. When we saw how good the colors worked together, we decided to print a small batch for Rose City Comicon to see what people thought of them. They were such a hit we’ve decided to bring them to Etsy! Now you can Fight like a Gem at the Gym in this electric aqua blue racer-back tank top, the same brand of tank tops we use for our much loved ’On your left’ Super Soldier Fitness design.

I woke up like this:

tired and slightly annoyed.

Costume For The Day:

- Black chiffon maxi skirt

- Floral cotton racer-back tank worn under >

- Transparent black crepe-chiffon box tank with peplum

- Madewell black sandals

- Vintage black skinny belt that was my grandmother Avis’

- Gold cicada earrings from Erica Weiner