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Aphrodisiac Part 2 - (Negan x Female)

Thank you all so much for the feedback on Part 1. I wanted to wrap things up in Part 2 and I hope this is as satisfying at its predecessor. I don’t intend to write a Part 3 as of now, and instead want to start work on a slow burn fic. 

Warnings: Smut and a lil’ fluff. 

Synopsis: After a romantic Valentine’s Dinner, she has an answer to his proposal.

I woke up the next day feeling conflicted as ever.  I went through my morning routine and once again Negan invaded my thoughts. The beautiful dinner, the way his hand lingered on mine, and the kiss

That damn man knew exactly how to tear down my walls and make me his. I had melted in his arms like butter and if he had asked me again to marry him, I’d have said yes. Instead he had sent me to bed and left without another word. I was supposed to sleep on it. So I had.

Now I was glad he had cut things short. It was a new day and my head was much clearer than it had been. I couldn’t marry Negan.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a sleeping/sharing a bed their s/o Vongola headcanons?? Like cuddling style, clothing choices, bed time routine, etc. ps I really love your writing

It was quite fun to write ;3 Also I’ve put a link to a potential oufit for their s/o under the character name - I made the s/o female for this request, because I thought it would fit more with the outfits and cuddlinhg positions. I hope it brothers nobody :P
Also I hope it’s what you were looking for? =3 I’m not sure, though - but this is what I’m thinking about ;P <3

Sawada Tsunayoshi

  • He likes to face his s/o, but also wouldn’t really know what to do with his hands. Sometimes he would hug you, holding you close, but sometimes, he would just lay there - unsure.
  • He wears a full pyjama at night - a long sleeve shirt with long pants, so likely his s/o would wear something similiar (Otherwise he would end as blushing mess)
  • His questions if it would really be alright to sleep in the same bed would be a inherent part in the beginning, but soon there wouldn’t be any unsure questions anymore. He would totally love it to cuddle you to sleep.

Hayato Gokudera

  • The Protective Sleeper, He would hold his s/o as close as possible, make sure you are still there. You would be totally caged beside him and the wall, though not having a strong grip on you.
  • Boxers with a tank top are totally fine for him. His s/o should wear either one of his oversized shirts or a long sleep shirt.
  • He likes it to watch one of his science fiction films before going to bed. Most of the time his s/o would fall asleep during these movies. Gokudera would carry you to bed later, so you wouldn’d need to sleep on the ‘uncomfortable’ couch.

Yamamoto Takeshi

  • Someone who would shift in his sleep. Probably first hugging you, holding you close but soon you would simply snuggle into his side, while he an arm would hang around your shoulders.
  • His night wear is a loose shirt with shorts or boxers - it should be comfortable. So he would like that his s/o wears something comfortable too. Maybe a t-shirt with hot pants? Whatever you feel at ease with.
  • He would like to tease his s/o a bit with tickling. Maybe you would even do something ‘silly’ like a pillow fight. Nearly falling asleep in your actuall clothes would be a part of overnight-stays. But one of you would wake up, due to the uncomfortable and warm attire.

Sasagawa Ryohei

  • Would keep a strong grip around his s/o, so they wouldn’t be able to move or turn. Sometimes he would roll over, so he would lie on top of your chest, enjoying your heartbeat - though not letting his grip fall.
  • He is the one for boxers combined with a baggy racer back tank top. His s/o would probably wear a shirt with some hotpants or even only panties.
  • You would be the one who would drag him and his body to bed. It would take some time but you knew all the right words to get what you want, to convince him. Sometimes it would end in a small playful ‘fight’.  

TYL! Lambo

  • Unusally sleeping positions ahead, because he often shifts in his sleep. But is always searching his s/o warmth, so he would keep body contact, not much caring which part of your body he is holding - even hugging.
  • He would wear a t-shirt combined with some pyjama pants. His s/o wear a simple top with a pair of short, but only if you would feel comfortable in it. He would be happy if one of these would have a cow print on it.
  • He would definetly talk a lot to his s/o, however much of it would end as nonsense, but he would love to hear your soft, sleepy laugh and voice. It is easier for him to fall asleep if he could listen to it - like his own lullaby. Falling asleep way before you.

Chrome Dokuro

  • She would often be the passiv part, letting you hug her or cuddle into her. It would take some time before she even let you sleep in the same bed.
  • Chrome would wear a sleeping dress, while she would like to see her s/o in a simple top and their panties or hotpants - depents on which you would be comfortable with.
  • A sleepover with Chrome would probably be a bit quite. She wouldn’t talk much in the evening. But would be very obliging, asking if you would need anything. She would show more affection then during the day.

Mukuro Rokuro

  • He isn’t really the person for cuddling. He would simply lay beside his s/o, maybe sneaking an arm around you, sometimes intertwine your fingers.
  • Simple boxers would be fine as night wear. You would probably end up in some short maybe even slightly transparent night wear with matching panties -  revealing not too much but also not too little of your body.
  • You would try to stay awake after he would drift of to sleep - avoiding his teasing. He would turn such innocent words as ‘I want to go to bed’ into something dirty yet stating it as it was something natually. Also talking dubios, most likely getting a blush from you.

Hibari Kyouya

  • He likes it when his s/o is close to him, huggig him, though normally you would have to cuddle to his side or even laying on top of him. Hibari often watch you as you would get comfortable against him, wrapping also an arm around you.
  • He would sleep in a tank top and long pants. His s/o should wear one of his shirts. He liked it, because they’re hugging your form nicely through beeing to big.
  • He likes to read before he is going to bed, but not really caring what his s/o do before. Though he doesn’t mind if you would snuggle against him.

So this started out as me writing a note for myself to remember to draw my ideas for Tikki and Plagg in Starrycove’s break-dance au. And it turned into a two page text document of head-canons. Oops.

(also I know nothing about break-dancing and it probably shows)

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july 15th || iris’ birthday


corey had maybe tripped a little in early sunrise light, now brushing sand from her hands quickly across her bare thighs and her amber eyes glanced around the spot she’d chosen for her and iris out in the sand, enough of a ways up the beach to not worry about anyone stumbling over their little spot she’d made up. she wanted to spend the day out in the sun and water with her mate, having packed a basket that had sushi and little containers of fruit and veggies, cheeses and meats to snack on if they got hungry, though she knew she’d crave her mate first, it was something for them to snack on if they wanted it, a little wrapped box with two pink champagne cupcakes she’d gotten from a bakery down the boardwalk. she knew champagne cupcakes because her mom made them sometimes and she knew they were the butteriest, creamy and not overly sweet, just lightly. she was excited when she’d found that kind. corey bent down to straighten the blanket in the sand and then she stepped back, almost tripping again in her haste; fuck she really needed to start training around sand or something because this was a mess. 

her hands caught herself and then she was having to brush sand from her palms all over again. one foot kicked with her frustration into the sand, away from the picnic she’d set up for iris. it got her nowhere, got her nothing but sand particles hitting her legs and her nearly losing her balance again. what the fuck was happening with this stuff seriously? in any case, the spot for iris was set up and perfect and she started her walk back to the beach house, shorts low on her hips and a racer back tank over her bikini top. the sand slowed down her pace but she made it back and she glanced around the house for iris, listening out for her and figuring she hadn’t yet woken up. it was early morning and she moved up the stairs to the guest bedroom of the house they were set up in, slipping into bed and wrapping her arms around her, pressing her lips into her neck and breathing her in. “i love you, iris dane.” god, she did, more than anything she loved this woman and she kissed a path along her neck, over her collarbone and a little lower down the center her chest….until she got distracted from innocent kisses and brushed her lips over her nipple with a small rumble in her throat. 

Awake my soul<3 featuring FeistyFashion’s lovely feather tank racer back 

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check out her Esty here, you wont be disappointed xx

Grey Moon-Chapter 3

                He walked over to the door, grabbing his coat and waited for me. My feet were frozen to the ground. He hadn’t shifted back to normal yet, he looked to me. “You wanted to leave right?” That’s when I felt my self being again. I walked over, leaving my jacket and purse on the couch and I grabbed his face, kissing him a little rougher than I had planned. I pulled back and saw he had shifted back. “What can I do to help protect you?“ I asked looking at him. Derek stared at me for a minute; “I’m going to protect you, not the other way around okay?” he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a tight hug. I smiled hugging him back; “So, you’re a werewolf huh? So does that mean you are really strong?” I smiled walking to the couch with him. He chuckled pulling me in close as we sat on the couch.

                “Yeah, I’m strong, I have smell things from a far distance, and I can hear the lightest sounds, like your heartbeat. It’s beating calmly” he smiled tapping on my chest lightly. I grinned up at him as I curled into his side. “You’re really warm” I mumbled into his chest. He shifted around moving me closer to him. “It’s a werewolf thing” he said, I laughed looking at him. “That’s how you knew I was nervous before isn’t it? You heard my heart beating” he smiled at me. “Yeah, how loud and hard it was beating a normal human could have heard it” I blushed looking down. He pulled me closer kissing my forehead. “I should get you home so you can go to bed” he mumbled against my forehead. I sighed looking at him. “I don’t wanna” I whined alittle. He smiled down at me; “I’ll be right outside your window incase anything happens okay?” I sighed shaking my head. “You need to sleep too. My mom’s working the night shift and my brothers staying at his friend’s house. Why don’t you just stay with me?” I smiled; I saw something in his eyes. I hit his chest alittle. “Not like that!” I laughed standing up. He wrapped his warm jacket around my shoulders and walked me out to his car.

                Once we got back to the park and to my car I looked at him as he blocked me between his hard chest and my car. I bit my lip looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed me, causing me to wrap my arms around his neck. He growled alittle pressing me against my car. I moaned lightly as he kissed down my jaw to my neck. He sucked, kissed and licked the soft, sensitive spot below my ear. “Okay….” I moaned again, pressing against him more. “I’ll meet you at my house” I whispered. He grumbled sending vibrations from his lips to my neck. I sighed, my eyes closing again. ‘Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus.’ I had to keep reminding myself that we were in public. I finally pulled away from him smiling at him. “We are in public, come on. Let’s get going” I said grabbing my stuff and putting it in my car. Derek climbed in the passenger side watching me. I got in and started driving when I looked at him. “I have a couple of questions about the werewolf thing…if you don’t mind” I looked back to the road. “I don’t. What are they?” I bit my cheek and glanced at him. “Can you shift any time day or not or is it only on full moons?” He rested his hand on my leg. “First off, don’t be scared or nervous to ask me questions and secondly yes I can shift anytime I want too. It’s harder to control on full moons though” I smiled at him, “How do you control it?” I stopped at a stop light and looked at him. He looked at me and smiled. “I have an anchor, I focus on that instead of shifting and it helps alittle”

                I drove on as soon as the light changed; it was quiet for a few minutes. I glanced at him again. “Do all werewolves eyes glow blue like yours?” He removed his hand from my leg and stared out the window. “Sorry, you don’t have to answer that.” I turned onto my road driving slower. It felt awkward, I sighed pulling into my driveway. I looked at him as I turned my car off. “If you don’t wanna stay I understand” he made a face at the house. “You live here…” I looked up to it, afraid I had pulled into the wrong driveway. But sure enough, this was my house. “Yeah, well, I’m staying here for a while until I go back to college.” I stared at him. “Why?” he looked at me and shook his head alittle. “What’s your last name?” I blinked. “Uh, McCall….what’s your last name?” He stared at me. “Hale, your Scott McCall’s older sister?” I nodded. “Yeah, I remember you! You were a year older than me! I remember you in high school” I smiled alittle. Derek looked at me and smiled alittle.

                “Come on” he got out grabbing my bag for me. I smiled and walked up unlocking the front door. I walked inside and yawned alittle. I bent down alittle as I pulled my heels off. I dropped a couple inches and Derek chuckled. “What?” I looked up at him as he grinned down at me. “You just get sexier and sexier” he wrapped his arm around my waist leading me toward the stairs. “Well, I’m glad you think I’m sexy” I laughed as I ran up the stairs, heading toward my room when Derek picked me up, causing me to squeal with a laugh. Derek smirked throwing me down on my bed after kicking the door shut with his foot. “So we have the whole house to ourselves huh?” I bit my lip lying on the bed, against all of my pillows. Derek threw my bag into my closet; he removed his jacket, shows and pulled his t-shirt over his head. I swallowed staring at him; he looked so perfect; my heart felt like it was coming out of my own chest.

                He smirked lying beside me on the bed. “I don’t have any guy pajama pants or Id offer them to you” I said grinning at him. He smiled grabbing my hand. “I don’t usually wear pajamas my dear.” I blushed kissing his cheek as I got up. “I’m gonna get ready for bed” I went into the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my hair and teeth and changed into a black racer back tank top, and a pair of white short shorts. I turned the light off coming back into my room. Derek stared at me; I grabbed a hair tie off my dresser and pulled my hair up into a big bun.  I looked at him and smiled. “What?” He looked my body up and down again. “Nothing…You just look…sexy” he smiled pulling the blankets back, I walked over crawling into bed and laying down as he wrapped his arm around me pulling me over him to have me lay between him and the wall. “I gotta turn the light off, you know” I giggled as he sighed and moved over to turn the lamp off. I settled down in bed and curled into his warm chest.

                 We laid there quietly for a while. I watched his features relax as his arms cradled me into him, I stared at his face as if softened alittle more ever so often. “What?” he said after about 10 minutes. I closed my eyes, hoping he would think I was asleep; but no such luck. I felt him place his lips on mine kissing me again. I smiled into the kiss, kissing back just a little though. Derek’s hand found its way to the waistband of my shorts. I smiled lightly biting his bottom lip; He growled pushing his hand past the waist band. I bit my lip smiling up at him as I grabbed his arm pulling his hand back out. “Nice try, But I’m not that kind of girl, Derek” I saw the hunger in his eyes and he growled nipping my neck, scrapping his teeth against my throat. I closed my eyes sighing alittle.

                I sighed rolling over and smacking the wall. I groaned sitting up rubbing my head. Derek was sound asleep beside me. I yawned and rolled over curling back up to him. He shifted in his sleep pulling me closer. I smiled letting my eyes drift back to sleep again. 

Greetings from Joshua Tree!  I am taking a long-weekend with a few girlfriends to go have an awesome wine-drinking, food-making, relaxing with beauty weekend.  I’ve never been to JT so if there’s anything I shouldn’t miss DM me!

Costume For The Day:

First off, don’t use non-watercolor paper for watercolor today’s and tomorrow’s outfit are victims of it - DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!  I knew this lesson but proceeded anyway…  Ahh well.

- Black skinny Levis

- Plum racer-back tank top from American Apparel

- American Apparel over-sized, slouchy, marled-sweater.  A current fav of mine.

- Brown faux-motorcycle ankle-boots

- Madewell costume jewelry studs

Bastille Day

This combines a SpencerxReader prompt for a picnic celebration and an MGGxReader one for celebrating the holidays with Matthew…

A/N:I think you meant Christmastime, but my mind went a little bit of a different direction…honestly, I’m not sure where I even came up with this, not am I entirely sure about it, but we’ll see.

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I could tell that something was up when I went to sleep on the night of July thirteenth, but I had no idea what it could possibly be.

So when I woke up the following morning, our day off, I wasn’t entirely unsurpised to find Matthew no longer in the bed beside me. The sheets were cooled, and I figured he’d been up for a while, although it wasn’t even seven-thirty yet. When he gets an idea in his head, no later than necessary is good enough to get started.

I shook my head to myself as I began to get up. Matthew is inherently creative, not to mention enthusiastic, so I couldn’t begin to imagine what he had planned for the day ahead of us.

When I wandered into the kitchen and found him cooking at the stove, dressed in red, white, and blue, his curls wild, his excited demeanor already noticeable across the room, I knew it was going to be interesting, to say the least.

“Morning,” I said. He turned and smiled brightly at me.

“(Y/N)!” he said. “Happy Bastille Day!”

I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Bastille Day?” I repeated. He nodded excitedly.

“Yeah, July fourteenth, it’s when the French celebrate the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille back in 1789.”

“Be careful,” I laughed, “Your Spencer Reid is showing through.” He shrugged, clearly too happy to be bothered by my teasing.

“Matthew?” I asked.


“Why exactly are we celebrating Bastille Day?” I inquired, trailing my fingers along a French flag that Matthew had apparently hung over top of our curtains above the table.

“(Y/N), you know I take my holidays very seriously,” he replied, and I laughed.

“That you do,” I agreed.

We had crepes for breakfast, which are my favorites anyway, so I was pleased with his choice. After we had eaten, Matthew led me into the bedroom, where he took the liberty of pilfering through my clothing, leaving a mess in his wake as he found the outfit he’d apparently been looking for. It was a pair of white shorts and a racer-back tank-top, which was red, white, and blue tie-dyed. I’d work it just over a week ago, for the Independence Day celebrations.

“Here, you should wear this,” he said.

“That’s my fourth of July outfit,” I said. He paused and then shrugged.

“Now it’s also your Bastille Day outfit,” he said. I smiled and nodded agreeably.

We went to the park with our packed picnic lunch. I noticed several people who stared as we passed, decked out as we were for a holiday that many of them didn’t even know existed. Matthew didn’t care, though, so I didn’t either. I was happiest when he was happiest, and Matthew is always happiest when doing something outside the social norm. We played in the sun for most of the day; taking turns on the swings, burning our legs on slides that were not at all made for adults. We raced each other in circles and flew kites, which were, of course, red, white, and blue. We climbed trees and played hide-and-seek. Matthew has a way of making anyone feel young and carefree. He is extremely multi-faceted in that way; he can make me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, lucky to be on the arm of this suave, smooth actor. But he can also make me feel like someone’s childhood best friend who they fell in love with, a scene from a movie.

Yet, no matter what experience Matthew pulls me into the thick of, it never fails to feel entirely real and genuine. Matthew Gray Gubler is anything but fake. He throws himself wholeheartedly into anything and everything.

As the day began to wind down and approach night, we fell unceremoniously into the cool grass beneath a large tree.

“Hungry?” Matthew asked, glancing over at me with a small smile.

“Starved,” I replied.

“Good,” he began, as he spread a blanket out on the ground and rummaged through the basket he’d brought, “because we have traditional Bastille Day foods for our palatal pleasure.” He grinned as he produced two thermoses of onion soup and servings of navy beans. I smiled at his thoroughness, noting the presence of the lamb as well. I imagined he’d done his research; I would expect nothing less of him.

We dug in, and although the food was heavier than what I normally would eat in the summer, it was good, and I was happy to humor him. We ate bites of bread and soup, laughing and talking the way we always do. It’s always so easy with him, which is one of the things I love most about him. We finished eating as the sun set below the horizon, leaving a hazy dusk. He handed me my portion of a decadent chocolate souffle, which I ate slowly, savoring every bite.

“Good?” he asked. I laughed.

“Of course,” I replied.

When we had finished the dessert, we lie quietly there on the blanket for a few minutes, watching as the stars began to twinkle above us. The leaves on the trees rustled lightly, the sound of healthy, green, summer leaves. I knew that Matthew was imagining the coming autumn, because it’s his favorite season, and wishing for the death rattle of soon to be fallen leaves. I, on the other hand, savored the sounds of summer, when days are long and lazy, and the sun shines for hours.

“I have one more Bastille Day activity for us to do,” he said softly, his warm voice floating over me. I felt as if I could fall asleep right there, but I turned my head and smiled.

“What’s that?” I asked. He grinned, holding up a long, rectangular box.

“Sparklers,” he whispered, and I laughed. He helped me up and lit two sparklers. He handed me one and we raced each other in circles, holding our sparklers out beside us. I laughed at his joy, at the contentment that came with days like this. He smiled at me, his face illuminated with the golden, flickering light, and I felt my heart flutter in my chest. As he handed me another sparkler, taking my finished one, I waved it around over my head, watching the lines left momentarily behind in its wake, and I smiled to myself. We worked our way through the whole box, drawing patterns in the sky, writing our names. And then, as the last one fizzled out, Matthew pulled me close to him, his long fingers splayed against my back, and I smiled up at him.

“Happy Bastille Day,” he whispered.

“Happy Bastille Day, Matthew,” I replied. He kissed me passionately and I smiled into him.

I thought to myself, that maybe I could really like this whole Bastille Day celebration.

Serendipity Chapter 1

Serendipity: the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.
This is the first part of my Mark scenario! Woo! I’m new to tumblr so help me out okay? :) (P.S. I didn’t even know how many Jae’s are in this story. I have a friend name Jae and I wasn’t feeling really creative at all.)

Part 1/8
Part TwoPart Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. Part Eight.

Rating: T (some language), M (later on)
Word Count: 2,938
Characters: Mark x Reader ft. the rest of GOT7.
English will be bold, Chinese in italic and Korean will just be normal! The texts are in Korean too.


It was so beautiful out today, I couldn’t just stay in the house. I didn’t have anything to do for the next few days. Shooting for the new movie would start up soon and I hadn’t even been in South Korea for more than twenty four hours. I hurried to the private bathroom to throw on a bit of makeup (eyeliner and brows with some lip-gloss. Nothing Kim K-ish).

Let me start from the beginning. I had been acting for a few years, doing small roles - commercials, a bikini shoot here and there and background roles in movies in Hollywood. I auditioned for an upcoming movie as the main female role. It was a modern day movie revolving around a Korean boy falling in love with a foreigner and his parents do not approve of the relationship. The first scenes had to be filmed in LA so after a week of intense acting, me and my co-star packed up with the crew and flew over to South Korea.

My co-star was a handsome guy whose stage name was Jae, only a year older than me at twenty-two. He was Korean but grew up in the U.S. I actually knew a decent amount of Korean from my childhood friends and their families, which was another big part of landing the role since my character had to speak Korean in some parts. I could hold conversations in great detail but sometimes I would get flustered if the speaker was talking quickly. I was just as good in Chinese as well, and not so much at Japanese. I was a linguistic major when I was in college. I was currently taking a break to pursue my acting career. Jae had been helping me with my Korean as well so I was confident in wondering on my own.

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The Girlfriend Jean

By The August Diaries

The Mom Jean. Or the Girlfriend Jean, if you will. It has a higher rise, slim + straight leg and, here’s the key, is cropped about an inch above your ankle. People have been pretty divided on this trend (including a lot of you guys, my readers). Style is an incredibly subjective concept and I can guarantee you that not everyone will like what you’re wearing. So ultimately you have to dress for yourself… Some people will love it and others will hate it and I think that’s totally fair. It’s the name of the fashion game and what makes it so interesting. 

I’m unfortunately having one of those Mondays… but at least the hockey game and Bachelorette are on tonight (that’s quite a combo isn’t it!) Hope you’re having a great morning! 

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Yep.  I wore a jersey cotton romper.  Out-of-doors.  Into the world - one might add.  All nuditied up and ready to romp.

Costume for the Day:

- Light grey heather jersey cotton romper with embroidered detail at center-front neck-line

- Black racer-back tank top

- Grey gauze knee-length slouch socks

- Black faux-pearl earrings

- Black fabric tie-belt (Lez be honest - this is just the tie-belt to some other floral whatcha-ma-who-sit I got at the thrift store)

- Black suede ankle boots with metal detail at toe & heel

Dirtylittlestylewhoree's Spring /summer 2014 Essentials

(In no particular order )

-Slip dresses (sporting lingerie inspired clothing is going to be huge this spring and summer) 
-White moto vest/buckled moto vest
-High waisted short suites
-Bright graphics
-Bucket bags 
-Chunky stacked silver bangles 
-90’s styled super big hole  distressed jeans 
-Birkin stock sandals 
-Leather cut out dresses 
-Knee grazing gladiators 
-Layered turquoise necklace 
-Bathing suites with extra high waist/cut outs 
-Twinsets / separates 
-Tea length skirts
-Satin bra tops
-Off the shoulder boho blouses
-Chunky white sandal
-Maxi kimonos
-Metallic sheer socks
-Ankle skinny’s 
-halter tops
-white blazer
-distressed boyfriend jeans
-Crochet tunic dress
-pastel cotton shorts
-Exposed strappy bralettes 
-racer back tanks
-white crisp collard button down
-over sized floppy hats 
-white converse
-cream crop sweater
-tortoise shell glasses
-corset lace up shorts
-daisy/sunflower printed clothing
-elaborate bib necklaces
-baby doll dresses
-boxy crop tops
-wide leg trousers 
-collarless coats
-boho inspired clothing 


Steven Universe t-shirts are back by popular demand!

Everyone who already pre-ordered their Steven Universe t-shirt will be receiving their order soon. All pre-orders will be shipping this week, and since the design was such a big hit we’ve decided to bring it back full time!

We’re also adding a new tank top option to the Steven Universe Fight like a Gem design. This stunning color combination was discovered by accident when Kate used a scrap teal tanktop to clear ink from the screens. When we saw how good the colors worked together, we decided to print a small batch for Rose City Comicon to see what people thought of them. They were such a hit we’ve decided to bring them to Etsy! Now you can Fight like a Gem at the Gym in this electric aqua blue racer-back tank top, the same brand of tank tops we use for our much loved ’On your left’ Super Soldier Fitness design.

Chapter Thirty ~Make Cameron Jealous~

Image for the chapter: *This is Luke Brooks*

*Cameron’s PoV*

Nash got up a short time later and told us that there was a party at the Janoskians house. I had only meet them once honestly, but from what I could tell they were a good group of guys. The Jacks had meet them a few more times then the rest of us honestly, they filmed a video together one of the time I knew. Apparently they told the Jacks to tell some people about it and they told Nash to tell us.

“You wanna go?” I ask Addi, not sure if she would be feeling up to after this morning. She smiled at me and nodded her head quickly. “Yeah, I’ve seen their videos. I would love to meet them.” she says. I smile. “Where do they live?” I ask Nash. “Not sure, I know it’s around here somewhere, but I’m not exactly sure where it is. Why don’t you text and ask?” he asks. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” I say, pulling my phone out and sending a text to Jai. He answers back quickly with the address and then we start talking about what he thought was all gonna be at the party. Hopefully I don’t get drunk tonight and mess everything up with Addi again. Things were starting to get back to normal again, and I wanted it to stay that way.

“What kind of party is this?” Addi asks. “Not sure.” Nash answers, sitting next to her on the couch. “Like what should I wear?” I ask. “You could ask?” he asks. “Cameron, I don’t have any of their numbers can you ask what we should be wearing to the party?” she asks. I send him a text saying that my friend wanted to know what to wear. If I know Addi at all, and I do she wants to know because she wants to go shopping and get something new to wear. He answers back quickly saying what ever they want.

“It doesn’t matter.” I say.

“I kinda want to go shopping.” she says. I knew it. “I was right.” I say. “Huh?” Nash says, looking at me weird. “After she asked what she should wear I knew it was because she wanted to go shopping.” I say. “Ohhhh, got it.” he says leaning back into the couch.

“Well it’s true. I do want to go shopping. I have no idea what to wear. I don’t think I want to wear a skirt or a dress though.” I say. “Shorts?” I suggest. “Probably.” I say.

“Well Cameron, can you either drop me off at my place so I can shopping or if you want can you come with me to go shopping since my car isn’t here.” I say. “Yeah, I’ll go with. Maybe I’ll get something.” I say. “Can I tag along you guys?” Nash asks. “Of course.” Addi says smiling at Nash.

We leave my place and head to the mall as that has any store Addi wanted to go.

*Addi’s PoV*

“I’m gonna go look over there.” Cameron says, pointing towards the guys section. I smile and nod my head. “I’ll be over here.” I say referring to the area that I was in at the moment. He smiles a big smile and then walks away from Nash and I.

“Soo…. things seem to be better between you two? he says, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "Yeah. We talked last night and then we hung out and watched movies.” I say, smiling at him. He smiles back. “Are you two on the same page?” he asks. “Well, no of course not. But I’m not gonna give up hope just yet. I still think that things might change. I mean before the whole kiss thing I was starting to, but there had to be something inside of him that made him do it.” I say. He nods his head. “True. True.” he says.

“Are you excited for tonight?” I ask him. “Yeah, I get to party with my best friends. Cameron never seems to go to parties unless you’re with. With you he’s always like ‘yeah sure I’ll go’ but when you’re not with he has to think about it and you never know if he’s actually going to go or not.” he says. I smile. I had noticed that. “You excited?” he asks. “Yeah. I’m always up for a good party with my friends.” I say, going through the clothes in front of me.

“I used to love this song.” I say as Because of You comes on in the store. I start to sing it quietly to myself so no one else can hear it.

“You’re pretty good.” Nash says, nudging my shoulder, I feel my face heat up slightly before I turn away from him and look elsewhere in the store. I hear him laughing as I walk away from him.

About a hour later we had left the stores as I had found something to wear. The guys also got new clothes to wear for the party tonight. I ended up picking a pair of dark wash high waisted ripped shorts, and a gray racer back crop top tank top. I had a pair of maroon colored VANS that I had gotten but never worn so I was going to match those with the outfit. “What time does this whole thing start?” I ask Nash hoping he would know.

“No idea.” he says.

I take out my phone and I text Gilinsky to ask him. He answers back quickly and tells it people can start showing up at around 8pm.

“It starts at eight.” I say to Cameron and Nash as we sat in the living room in their apartment after shopping. We were all playing around on our phones with music on from the computer in the background.

“So what time do you have to get back to your place to get ready?” Nash asks me. “Like 6.” I say. He nods his head.

“Anyone else want food?” he asks. “I could eat a little something.” I say. “I’m not super hungry right now. I ate a lot for breakfast with Addi

"Well then we’ll go get some food and be back later?” Nash asks, looking over at Cameron as if he was asking if it was okay with him. “I’ll probably take a nap even though the smart thing would be to go to the gym again finally.” he says. I laugh. “My life actually.” I say, making the boys laugh. I gently scratch Jaxx on the top of the head, “Bye buddy. See you later.” I say getting closer to his face , his nose touching my own.

Nash gets off the couch and stands in front of me and holds out his hands for me to take to get up from the couch. I take them with a smile and he pulls me into him and off the soft and comfortable couch. I collide with his chest and we both start laughing before noticing that Cameron sat there only a slightly laugh escaping his lips.

“Well, we’ll be back later. Bye Cameron.” I say, smiling and waving goodbye to him as Nash waits at the door for me. “Bye Ads.” he says, using my nickname again, only making me smile more. “Text if you change your mind and decide that you want anything?” I question, but it was really more of a statement. “Got it.” he says, getting up from the couch.

“Going to the gym?” I ask as I walk towards Nash at the door. “Yeah.” he says. “Get those muscles.” I say, putting my arms up like I was flexing. “I’ll try.” he says, laughing and shaking his head as he walks up the stairs towards his bedroom.

I get over to Nash and he swings his arm around my shoulders as we walk out his car.

“What should we get?” he asks. “I’m in the mood for something lite. Like a sandwich or something.” I say. “Panera?” he asks. “Hella.” I say, causing a laugh to escape his lips. We get in the car and Worth It by Fifth Harmony comes on the radio and Nash and I both start dancing like idiots and singing along to the song only to stop when we look over and see the other doing the same.

We start heading towards Panera when Nash reaches over from the drivers seat and turns down the radio.

“Addi.” he says, getting my attention as if he didn’t already have it. “Yes?” I ask, looking towards him. “I was supposed to ask you but I forgot till now can we all crash at your place after the party tonight. We want to all sleep at someones house, but no one else has enough places to sleep. Like yeah the Jacks have the space but not the beds or couches for everyone?” he asks. “Yeah, it’s no big deal honestly. I mean I have plenty of space. But just out of curiosity who is 'we all’ ?” I say, putting quotations with my fingers when I said we all.

“Cam, you, me, Jack, Jack, Sam, Nate is in town again, I think Dillon is here, Matt is here he’s staying at the Jacks house. I think that’s all.” he answers. “Yeah, that’s fine. I have plenty of space.” I reply. “You’re the best. I’ll let the guys know.” he says, reaching over and gently touching my thigh. I looked at my leg, that was new. He didn’t used to do that. “And secondly. Do you know how to tell the twins apart?” he asks.

“Luke and Jai?” I ask, making sure I knew who he was talking about. “Yeah.” he says, halting to stop at the red light.

“Luke has a lip piercing Jai does not.” I say, nodding my head mater of factually. “Do you watch their videos?” he asks. “Yes I do.” I say. “Should have known.” he says smiling. “You have a favorite?” he asks. “Yup.” I say, popping the P at the end. “Who?” he asks. “That’s for me to know and hope about tonight and for you to maybe find out tonight.” I say, a sly smile playing at my lips. He looks over at me and tries to give the evil eyes but fails and starts laughing when he sees me smiling at him.

He goes back to looking at the road as he drives us closer to the restaurant and I let my mind wander to the party tonight. I was excited. And I actually got some sleep last night so I was ready for a late night. I wondered what would all happen, because with these boys a party was never dull. Something always seemed to happen. Something major most of the time. And I was expecting this party to be no exception. I mean it was the Janoskians after all, they did everything over the top as made evident by their videos.

We had gotten lunch and ate it there and were just now heading back to the apartment. Nash had been trying to get me to spill on who my favorite was the whole of lunch and I wasn’t going to back down and tell him. He didn’t know, and wouldn’t unless I wanted him to.

We walked into the apartment.

“Would it work for you if I went and got my things to get ready and then went with you to get ready at your place since I am staying there tonight?” he asks when we walk into the apartment. “That’s fine.” I respond, silently jumping to sit on the counter in the kitchen were Cameron was. “Ok, cool. I’ll get my shit.” he says, heading into his room.

“Why is he staying there tonight?” he asks, turning around towards me with a sandwich in his hand. “Oh, all the boys are. You included if you would like. The other boys thought it would be easier and since I have the beds and couches and space they thought it would be easiest at my place.” I say kicking my legs about in the air. “That makes sense.” he says, sitting next to me on the counter. “How was the workout?” I ask. “Good.” he says, finishing his sandwich. “That’s good. Make any progress?” I ask. He lifts up his black top to show me. “Yeah, I would say.” I say, poking his torso, laughing, causing him to laugh also.

“You excited for tonight?” I ask him. He nods his head gently. “Hopefully this goes better then the last few parties we went to.” he says, looking at his hands in his lap. “Hopefully.” I agree with his statement. “You sure you want to go? I understand why you wouldn’t want to after what happened this morning.” he says, looking at me with his wide and understanding golden brown eyes. I give him a soft smile. “I’m sure. It’s not like its the first time it’s happened. And it’s proably not the last time either. It’s happened a few times since New York, but I’m fine.” I say. “I want to go. I promise.” I add.

*Cameron’s PoV*

“I’m sure. It’s not like it’s the first time it’s happened. And it’s probably not the last time either. It’s happened a few times since New York, but I’m fine.” she says, giving me a soft smile, probably trying to reassure me. “I want to go. I promise.” she finishes. It’s happened since New York. She was alone. She went through that alone. She used to always call me when it happened, or often called me when it happened. She had to go through it alone and then pick herself back up after it.

“Why don’t you go get your stuff so we can head over to my place soon.” she suggests. I take her advice and get down from the counter and head up to my room to get my things.

I come back down about ten minutes later and see that Nash was sitting in the kitchen with Addi. Or rather she was sitting right where she was when I was in there and he was standing in between her legs and they were talking. I stood there, trying to be quiet to listen to what they were saying.

“I have to tell you something. But I can’t tell you tonight. But make sure you remind me in the next few days.” he says. “Is something wrong? Are you okay?” he asks, his first thought being that something bad happened. Worried. “Yeah, I’m okay Nash. But make sure you remind me. You need to know.” she says. “Got it.” he says. “You promise?” she asks. “Promise.” he says, sticking his pinky up.

“You guys ready?” I ask, making it seem like I had just gotten there. “Yeah.” Nash says. “What are you doing with Jaxx?” Addi asks, grabbing Nashs shoulders and jumping from the counter. “Bringing him to my moms place.” I say.

“Ok, well are we all driving together?” Nash asks. “No, I’ll drive separately so I can leave if I need to.” I say. “Sounds good. Well are we ready?” Addi asks. We all nod our heads and I get Jaxx and we head out towards the cars.

I get in my car alone and head towards my moms place while Addi and Nash head towards Addis place. I assumed that she was talking about having to tell him about her dad and the dream thing that happens when she sleeps sometimes. That was going to be a hard conversation to have for the both of them. I’m not sure who would be more upset by it, Addi from having to say it or Nash from having to hear about her tragic story and knowing there’s nothing he can really do to help her.


It was almost time to head out of the house. We had the address, so we could get to the party. Right now Nash and I were waiting downstairs for Addi to finish getting ready. I heard someone on the stairs. “She’s done.” I say to Nash. Both of us heading towards the front door which was right near the stairs.

She walked down the stairs, her long brunette straight hair shaping her face nicely. She was wearing the new outfit she bought today.

“You look good.” Nash says to Addi. It was true. I just didn’t say anything. “You’re not to bad yourself Grier.” she says, patting his chest. “You either Dallas.” she says smiling at me. I noticed that she had her necklace on still. I smile. “You look gorgeous.” I say, making her blush slightly.

We all get into my car and head towards the house. We pull up to the house and see a ton of cars parked up and down the street. We park the car a ways down the road and start heading towards the house. We could hear the music from the road. It’s a good thing they didn’t have any neighbors.

“Ready?” Nash says, putting his hand on the doorknob. “Yeah.” I respond. “Yass.” Addi says, as he opens the door. The smell of alcohol hits me and the bass starts to shake me from the floor.

Addi walks in first and heads right to the kitchen to get a drink. I see the brothers in the kitchen with Jack and Jack.

One of the twins looks at Addi two times. He did a double take of her.

*Addi’s PoV*

We got into the party and I headed right towards the kitchen were I knew the drinks would be. I saw Jack and Jack in there with Luke and Jai.

“Hey babe.” Gilinsky says, obviously had been drinking already as he comes up to me and gives me a hug. “Hey Addi.” Johnson says, giving me a hug also, he was the more sober one out of the two at the moment.

“Addi! This is Jai.” Gilinsky says, pointing at Jai. I smile. “Thanks for letting me come to the party.” I say. “Thanks for coming to the party.” he says, his Australian accent strong. It made me smile. I loved accents and Australian ones did something to me. “And this is Luke. His twin. Luke this is Addi.” Gilinsky says. “The better twin.” he says, playing with his lip ring, it was already distracting me and I wasn’t even drinking yet.  "We’ll see about that.“ I say, grabbing a drink from the counter.

"Why haven’t I ever meet you before?” Luke asks, leaning against the counter. “I don’t know. Jack and Jack must have thought they shouldn’t introduce us.” I say, taking a big drink of the liquid in the red plastic cup.

“Who did you come here with?” he asks. “Those two.” I say, pointing to the entry way of the kitchen where Cameron and Nash just entered. Nash smiling and Cameron looking at me with inquisitive eyes. “Oh Cam and Nash. I know them.” he says smiling.

“I see she meet the boys.” Nash says, smirking at me. I smile wink at him. “Are you two-something?” Luke whispers in my ear. “Nash and I? No. Just friends.” I say. He nods his head and grabs my hand bringing me outside to play beer pong with him and the other people outside. This was going to be a crazy night. I could tell. I didn’t know how but I knew it was going to be crazy.

What did you think of the chapter? Good? Bad? Ugly? What do you think is going to happen at the party in the next chapter/part 2?


What did you think of the chapter? Good? Bad? Ugly? What do you think is going to happen at the party?

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