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BTS REACTION: you wearing provocative clothing.

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Jin never liked you in tight clothing especially in public, he always said that its unladylike like but he’d never admit it’s because he never could take his eyes off you when you did. So when he saw what you were wearing for his friends evening wedding reception he quickly became uneasy. Your navy blue satin dress hugged your figure snugly and sat dangerously high on your thighs. You always knew Jin had a thing for you in tight clothes but he would never admit it. That’s why it didn’t surprise you when we had to leave due to him being “ill”. You found it amusing how he felt the need to scold you for your dress choice for the night and even more amusing because through his huffing and whining he had one hand on wheel and the other on the inside of your thigh under your dress.

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Your pastel baggy crop top would ride up whenever you raised you arms causing a tiny sliver of your undergarments to be shown and your shorts were hanging dangerous low on you hips due to their big size and without your thick belt Yoongi was sure they would of slipped down hours ago. He would drink in your figure as much as he could today as you dragged him round the shopping center in search for holiday clothes for the both of you. “What shorts do you want? …babe….oi”, of course he wasn’t listening he was to busy checking you out as you were bent over looking at whatever it was.“Hmm,” his vague reply caught your attention so you turned your head to look at him. Even through his mint green hair you could see the hard clouded over stare he was sending in your direction and it heated your cheeks so you quickly snapped your head back to what you were doing.“Yah you shouldn’t be doing that we’re in public,” you scolded but his reply made you tremble’ “ just wait till we get home.”

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You’ve had mini dance lessons with your best friend Hoseok for as long as you can remember. However today lesson was gonna be very memorable, well for Hoseok at least. It was the hottest day of the year so the two of you had dressed accordingly, Hoseok in a thin tank top and baggy shorts but when you walked in wearing only a sports bra and short shorts he couldn’t help but gawk. Your black racer back sports bra and tight lycra grey shorts complimented your figure and left nothing to imagination. Hoseok had to excuse himself multiple times in the hour due to your shorts riding up abit to high in a certain move or seeing how under stress your bra was keeping your chest in place. After the session you noticed Hoseok’ s quiet behaviour, after finally getting him to spill what was bothering him you lips curled into a smirk as you whispered,“ I guess i wear this more often then.” You left a flustered Hoseok behind as you leave the practice rooms. But the more he thought about it the more he could imagine those lycra shorts grinding against him.

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Namjoon was in a relationship with his makeup artist. So far the two of you had managed to keep it a secret from Big hit. Not even the boys knew. It has been close sometimes when Namjoon called you kitten by accident in the dressing room luckily only Yoongi heard and he couldn’t be bothered to ask any questions. However Namjoon was struggling to control himself today. You were wearing the shortest tightest shorts he had ever seen and it was killing him. He didn’t find it fair that he couldn’t touch you when you looked that delicious. The worst part of it was that fact that no-one knew who you belonged to, he saw how the all the boys were looking at you their eyes not leaving your behind, he was constantly shooting them glares but in return he just got a look of confusion, since they don’t know. He almost hit Jimin when he heard him whisper something to Jungkook which had y/n and jackhammer in the same sentence. At the end of the day Namjoon was exhausted and horny and he couldn’t wait to take it out on you. 

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You always loved to toy with Jimin in public , he had such a duel personality when it came to dominance in your relationship. Just last night he was dominating you over the kitchen counter but he today he can’t even look in your direction without getting shy, blushing and then looking away. It sure didn’t help that you were wearing the sluttiest outfit you could find in your wardrobe. You were at dinner for your 8 month anniversary you were across from him wearing a backless, off the cocktail dress with black heels. With this outfit you were actually taller than him which would of made some men uncomfortable but not Jimin he loved it. He was so engrossed in his own story he didn’t notice your movements. You slowly leant over the table allowing a clear view off your cleavage. When he finally noticed his voice broke mid-sentence his face turned a scarlet red colour and he wouldn’t look anywhere towards your direction. After few seconds he finally spoke again “ Jagiya wh-what are you doing?" 

"What do you mean Chim-Chim im just so interested in your story,” your voice was so cool and calm unlike Jimin wobbly response,“ no i mean why did you wear that dress you kn-know what it does to me.”

“Why chim what does it do?” He shook his head and burried it into his hands on the table.“Well then baby boy looks like im gonna have to force it out of you when we get home,” again he had no response but he timidly nods his head, still his eyes were glued to the table.

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The funny thing about Taehyung is that he can’t hide his emotions whatever he is feeling it is always written across his face. This fact is very apparent whenever you wear a dress. It was Jimin’s birthday and you were wearing a skater  dress. The skirt of it is navy blue and the upper half it white lace with full length sleeves. Throughout the whole party he would have his hand resting on the small of your back scowling at any man that struck up a conversation with his y/n. However he would also be in total awe of your beauty and many a times that night he lost himself in your eyes and the way your body shook when you laugh. Yet tonight the main attraction was your dress, it was a modest length and the skater style made it obvious that you had curves even though they weren’t on show. It was only natural for Taehyung to be on high alert when his girlfriend looks this good. Once they sat down he was more clingy than before he would keep his hand constantly on your knee and whenever someone asked you a question and or you joined in on the conversation he would move his hand to your thigh and give it a firm squeeze. Sometimes he would sulk for days if he thought he was losing you to one of his fellow members, they would always scold him for ever thinking that they would take his girlfriend. It was obvious to you and all of bangtan that he was head over heels for you.

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Jungkook hated the fact that you knew exactly how to play him. You had a argument a night before about the lack of time he spends with you. You both had been giving each other the silent treatment since, so to blow off steam he decided to go to the club with Jimin. When he saw you with your best friend dancing he was surprised but that quickly became rage when he saw what you were wearing. You were sporting a black sleeveless pant-suit and the neck line ended at your belly button giving everyone a view of your chest. The outfit alone was making him hard and he could only imagine what the other men in the room were thinking.You felt a strong grip on your wrist and before you could even turn round to see who the person was you were being dragged into a side passage away from the dance floor and being slammed against the wall by your one and only boyfriend. “What the fuck do you think your doing here wearing that.” Anger seeped from every pore off his being as he had you flushed against the wall his head in the crook of your neck as he sneered into your ear. Before you could even retaliate he spoke again.“Your such a little whore parading yourself around like this when you have a boyfriend, were going home and your being fucked on every piece of furniture whilst wearing this slutty outfit since you like it so much.” From that day on Jungkook had to check every outfit you wore and as for that pantsuit, you could only ever wear it in the bedroom.

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💦The “God was with me” haul💦

☄Urban outfitters ☄
Urban ears headphones -39.99
Hard shell phone case- 24.99
Sunglasses x2 -44.00

☄Nordstroms ☄
Pajama top - 48.00
Nike dri fit leggings- 90.00
Free people top- 73.00

☄Victoria’s Secret☄
Racer back sport bra x 4- 146.00
Bra tops x 2- 53.90
Lace bralette x 2 - 79.90
Knee high socks- 11.00
Front close sport bra - 59.50

MUFE lip liner- 30.00

😍GRAND TOTAL = 700.28😍