Although I don’t disapprove of racelifting in general, I hate it when Fire Emblem: Awakening characters are drawn with really dark skin. They’re all Japanese, and Japan is not an ethnically diverse country. The whole idea behind race lifting fictional characters is to create diversity where there is none: if there shouldn’t be diversity in the first place it’s much less understandable.

I am so annoyed whenever I see a Tumblr post about “white boys” that is transparently a post about “guys I don’t like”

Like, it’s especially confusing because,,, half the time these are black male stereotypes??? And Tumblr has decided it’s OK to reuse those jokes if you search and replace ‘black’ with ‘white’?

Like, sometimes I’m seeing literally the SAME JOKES from black Twitter being posted here with “niggas” being swapped with “white boys” and I’m like

I know your game, dog

White girls thinkin they clever if they give that joke a racelift so they don’t look bad

And, even when it’s not that… Do you really think white boys are the only people who do the thing you’re complaining about? I mean, shit, way to let the folks I deal with off the hook to protect a good-ally image

I am honestly tempted to blacklist “white boy*” from my dash because I DO NOT need this bullshit

If you want to complain about the set guys you don’t like then just do that without trying to construct a fake category out of the supposed oppressors when you KNOW those aren’t the people you’re throwing shade at

Then maybe a black girl won’t have to make an angry public service announcement before I’ve even gotten breakfast, shit

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Why do you racelift Cana? It's racist, and just a horrible thing to do. Sorry if she's not black, but she's not. In fact I doubt Mashima would make a black character likeable. As japanese don't care much for blacks. Sorry but it's true.

I didn’t make her black. I gave her a nice tan because alberona is an Italian derived name if I’m not mistaken and she is canonically darker than others in the guild. I just deepen the tan. But if I want to make her black I will because it’s fan art and it doesn’t have to be exact. So, you can take your opinion and shove it right back where it came from because I didnt ask you.

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Is it just me or have you ever noticed how the fandom (especially BB shippers) insists on constantly portraying and drawing Blake as black while constantly hating on and ignoring actual canon poc characters like team sssn pisses me off so much. I've seem them do it with Yang, Ruby and Pyrrha to to some extent, like how about you treat the actual poc character well instead of changing your faves to make yourself feel good and progressive

Because representation is only wanted when they want their faves’ tatas on different tone skin. By now its obviously transparent that the trope itself is completly useless and how the fandom works. They want representation but a lot of the people that wanted (but specially a certain 2 big name fans, one which also shipped cinderruby) hate, ignore and hold the men of color introduced to ridiculous standards.

At this point, black!Blake and other racelifted white female characters are a self masturbatory practice, while moc are treated like shit or like they dont exist, and the woc are oversexualized or ignored.

I mean, Sun was literally the first character introduced that wasnt a pale waifu/generic anime male protag, and he had bashing posts and death wishes before V1 ended. And then the big Whiterose Meltdown in v2 when Weiss was ‘‘corrupted’‘ away from her ‘‘obviously canon’‘ lesbian status bu the ‘’obvously evil and sexual harasser’‘ Neptune.

And its not only the fandom, the writers too. Fox, Sage, Neptune and most moc are treated like shit or blabantly ignored while Miles and co give screentime to Chungus McWhite and otaku waifu baits like Velvet, Coco and Neo.

Fan: Ugh, can folks please stop suggesting they make existing Marvel heroes POC just so we can get a minority lead? Racelifting characters is just not something the MCU does.

Marvel: *makes Nick Fury black*

Marvel: *makes Jasper Sitwell Hispanic* 

Marvel: *makes Heimdall black*  

Marvel: *makes the Mandarin an Indian guy fronting for a white guy* 

Marvel: *makes Quake half-Chinese* 

Marvel: *makes Korath black*  

Marvel: *makes Ben Urich black* 

Marvel: *makes Baron Mordo black* 

Fan: Seriously the MCU doesn’t racelift characters and it’s not gonna start now just because you reeeaaaally want them to