alright, the finished product! 

i dont remember who requested this scene, but im glad that they did, it was really fun and about four and a half hours of work with all of those sparkles

her final look was lightly modeled after brandy’s look in the r&h film, and i’m happy to pay homage to that rare sunspot of diversity in both musicals and film

also shout out to keke palmer who also played the role

Whenever a Poc plays a fictional white character certain people get up in arms and say how unfair that is. Now when there is a white actor playing a real life black celebrity they are silent. So let’s see:

Actors of color playing fictional white characters = bad

White actors playing real life black people = okay

If you agree with this please do me a favor. Stop, and check your hypocrisy. You can’t complain about racelifts being unfair and not staying true to the source material, but say nothing when whitewashing occurs.

so i was thinking about how even if canon isn’t sacrosanct and i can do whatever i want, like make het-gated characters bi, or racelift white characters (concept art eggnerd, for one example), the canon as is affects my perception of those characters. like even if i have written noodlehead as bi, i don’t have any male inquisitors made for him, either headcanon or otherwise, and i only ship him casually with other men. i could sit down and write up a concept for an OC for him, but i haven’t. same with eggnerd and wanting to both racelift him and make him bi (because fuck weekes and his biphobic bullshit excuses), i just… haven’t bothered.

and it’s mostly because i can’t actually romance either with male inquisitors in game, and even if i did have a PC with bi mods, their romances are rather obviously (and uncomfortably) made for female characters in several subtle but apparent ways. and while i’m all for breaking gender role rules and having femme dudes and all that, i’d have to make some rewrites and edits to the romance arcs to have them work for m/m. and i mean, i know the people who ship them with female inquisitors (and female OCs in general) don’t always follow the canon romance arc, it’s still got a whole different feel to it.

and this makes me think of how in almost every case, the bi LIs get a very gender neutral romance arc, carefully written to not have more than pronoun changes when needed. and how i get a little bit or a lot bothered by that, because real life doesn’t work that way, and it feels even more like a corner-cutting budget thing to make it so generic. like gee thanks for making the bi romances so neuter, really makes me feel like we count and matter as people when our LIs don’t act any different at all. (/sarcasm) and as bad as the andersmance was in some ways, i actually appreciated that it was different depending on whether your hawke was male or female. because it made me feel like he was seeing hawke rather than a generic placeholder. and i mean, it definitely could have been written so much better than it was, but i feel it counts that it was different at all, even if it was done badly.

the other da2 romances, iirc, have only a line or few of different dialogue (isabela and merrill), or only pronoun changes (fenris). please let me know if i’m mistaken though, as it’s been a very long time since i played or watched clips and i can’t be bothered to dig through youtube right now.