Quoting myself because it just fucking keeps coming up.

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people who can’t understand that this shit effects real actual people in real actual ways?!

I am sick unto death of people reducing these conversations down to “a children’s costume” or “a children’s movie” or “a children’s book"  and dismissing the whole thing, as if the fact that the item in question was meant for children somehow makes it less worthy of being taken seriously, somehow means there are fewer or less legitimate reasons for getting angry about it… Because you know what?

That is literally the opposite of the truth. Only in fucking bizzaro world could people go around acting like children’s things don’t matter at all and yet here we are.

There is every. reason. in. the. world. to get legitimately angry about yet another movie that is going to contribute to a world in which PoC children, (You know, the  real, actual, children who are going to see this “fucking animation movie for families” ?) are going to grow up hardly ever seeing themselves positively reflected in the cultural narrative.

There is every reason you could possibly image to get fucking pissed about another costume that reduces a wide and diverse group of people into a one-dimensional prop for your child’s fantasy world. Your child, who will then interact with PoC children (again, real, actual, children who totally exist!) based on the fucked up ideas you let them absorb while you were asleep at the wheel cooing over how cute they were with their fucking mini-sombrero or tipi.

And as you indulge in such "innocent” things, as you excuse every well intentioned narrative that just happens to be 100% white by coincidence, and uncritically pass them along for your children, these PoC children, these actual small human beings, will hardly ever see themselves get to be the hero, they will time and time again see themselves completely missing from the page or the screen or find themselves cast as shallow stereotypes instead of fully realized human beings. They will singled out during playtime, forced into a narrow mold. They will watch their white friends enact ridiculous caricatures and be expected to laugh along no matter how sick they feel inside. They will read books with PoC heroes only to see them changed to white in the movie version nine times out of ten.


And their white peers will grow up soaking in the same media world where PoC hardly ever appear and when they do they will only appear as sidekicks or shallow stereotypes and where it’s acceptable and good fun to prance around in a costume that reduces a whole group to one false empty image. And they will form ideas about PoC based on the hundreds of hours of media they consume, and the “innocent” games they play, and—especially if they live in an otherwise non-diverse area, the notions they form are going to have real effects on how they behave towards PoC in the real world.

THAT WILL HARM PEOPLE. So no, Christ, we cannot just forget this. The only reason you think it’s acceptable to ignore this is because it’s not actively harming YOU, and you don’t apparently give a damn how much harm it causes to other people, who are after all, not you, and not white, and therefore apparently not important in your estimation to rate actually caring

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