raced in anger

never let me go pt. 1

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: angst, implied smut (with eventual smut)

Word Count: 10,064

A/N: This is a reworked version of the piece I had originally posted. Based on the novel of the same name.

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You stood at the river’s edge and stared out across the black water. Your eyes caught in a daze wondering what your life was like if you had just been born like everyone else. What your life would be like if you had come from a womb instead of test tube. You had always dreamed of crossing the other side, to see what life was like outside of the city you were placed in. But as you thumbed the folded piece of paper in your pocket you knew that you would never get the chance.

You slipped the paper from the confines of your pocket and re-read it for the 55th time. Your first donation was scheduled a week from tomorrow. You had to report to the hospital in 5 days for preparations and blood work to make sure that your perfectly created body was still perfect.

Jungkook’s smile flashed before your eyes and a lump caught in your throat making it hard to hold back the sobs that were trying to escape your lips. He was waiting for you back at the hospital. It was after all, the eve of his second donation. Even though you had been through this process almost a hundred times before, it still made your whole body shake with nerves.

And now it was your turn.

You looked at the paper in your hand and over to the black water lapping at your feet. You adjusted your feet against the chain link fence, the only barrier between you and the unknown, and leaned forward. You watched as the paper floated on the surface of the water but didn’t sink. You gripped one hand on the railing and the other reached forward.

The silver bracelet on your wrist suddenly came alive as your hand hit the floating paper. The cold water stung your fingertips as the alarm from your wrist echoed through the night. You pulled back and planted your feet back on the earth beneath you. But the beeping didn’t stop.

It wasn’t long before the sound of tires pulled up behind you. You didn’t turn around as their footsteps approached, you being the target. One of them cleared their throat and you finally turned around to the face the men that had come to collect you. “It’s time to go, Y/N. Jungkook is going to be worried about you” the man told you.

You cocked your head to the side and scoffed, “So the rumors are true, watchers do exist”

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Soothing Words - Harry Hook - Disney´s Descendants

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(gifs aren´t mine. Credit to owners) 

request:  Could you please do a Harry Hook and mals older sister and maybe he comforts her over feeling betrayed by mal. Please and thank you I love your stuff. 

requested by: anon
A/N: And again, our beloved Harry Hook. Hope you enjoy!
summary: Being Maleficents oldest, is always the hardest you had experienced. But when your sister leaves without you, you find comfort in the arms of the only son of Captain Hook. 
warnings: cursing
wordcount: 396

fandoms I write for



Your mind was racing. The anger in your blood boiled. You hated everyone and anyone. But mostly, your mother and your little sister. Being the oldest of the evillest villain on the island, it just made your life harder. You little sister got credit for everything and you were just the black sheep, that the mother hated the most. When the news came, that Mal had left to Auradon with her friends and without you, the feeling of betrayal became worse. You wanted revenge. You wanted to see your little sister suffer. Suffer, like you did the last past years of your life.

You started to get a job at Ursula´s Fish and Chips and became quickly a part of Ursula´s daughter´s pirate crew. You befriended Uma, the daughter of Ursula, the captain of the crew and you both agreed, that you wanted payback. You felt understood. But this time, you just wanted to punch everyone that was in your way, even your boyfriend, the only son of Captain Hook.

 “I fucking hate this! How could she? How could she leave?” The door to your room opened and someone gasped. “You need to calm down, babe.” The accent was familiar and thick as usual. You turned around, your eyes glowing in green. It was a bad sign. You couldn´t control your temper.

 The boy came closer, slamming your back in a quick manoeuvre to the wall. “Listen to me.” An animalistic growl left your body, as you tried to wiggle out of his grip. He rolled his eyes and kissed you on the lips. You relaxed. But the feeling of pure betrayal was still stuck in your bones. “Listen.” He loosened his grip and took your hands in his, leading you to your bed. He pulled you down with him. He kissed your temple, as soon your head met his chest.

 “I know you. Trust me. Mal is selfish, just caring about herself. You´re going to get revenge. Trust your boyfriend. Trust me, alrigh´?” You simply nodded. It was soothing to hear him saying that. He knew, how to use words and which affect they had on you. He started to tell you a story. A story that was told to him when he was a little child. Now and then he kissed your forehead or you hand. He was the cure to your toxic being.

I will fly with no fear

desc; punk!phil takes care of his boyfriend, dan’s, son while dan is at a meeting. dan’s son comes home from school crying and its up to phil “on some level im deathly afraid of children” lester to save the day.


a/n; thank you to @andromedalester for betaing this 2am explosion of words and dubbing it ‘SO GOSH DANG SUTE’ i love u v much em ty or helping me out <33  

 gender rolls are the only bad type of bread

The door swung open and hit the doorframe with a resonating crack. Phil perked his ears up from his bowl of cereal and looked over, just in time to see Finn crawl onto the couch next to him. The kindergartner snuggled into his arm and Phil made sure to set the bowl away.

Finn almost never touched him, still not understanding why Phil had moved in with him and his father, Dan. He hadn’t expected a smidge of affection this early on – being the stranger, in Finn’s home – and made sure to wrap his tattoo clad arms around the somber boy.

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When unkind and hateful rulers come into power, overthrow them.

Do not be silent. Do not be malleable. 

Burn this shit to the ground and then rebuild it better than before.

Through the Veil

Sirius’ mind went blank. A rush of silky, cool air swam across his skin as he fell, and his mind went blank. Harry’s voice, a broken, devastated scream, seemed distant and unreal. This had to be death, Sirius mused, and his mind went blank.

Somewhere beyond the veil, Harry Potter surged against Remus Lupin’s arms, fighting desperately to break past the barrier and reach for his Godfather, who was there one moment and gone the next. Bellatrix Lestrange was dancing around the room gleefully shouting, and suddenly, Harry’s anger swelled up inside him like a balloon. He broke loose of Remus’ grip and went racing for Bellatrix, his pure anger propelling him towards a fight that could leave him just like his Godfather.

Sirius wasn’t quite sure what this odd feeling was, but he was certain it was death. His body felt warm, calm, and tingly, and he was very much at ease. Yet, Sirius did not dare open his eyes. He had been brave in life, but felt oddly afraid of death now, despite having been claimed by it. For a moment, Sirius wondered if he was alone, but then a strange sort of high pitched, bubbling sound permeated his pensive state. Immediately, Sirius realized it was a child’s laughter. The comforting sound was soon followed by the thick scent of freshly baked treacle tart and the sweet aroma of Butterbeer, and the urge to see his surroundings consumed him, so Sirius gave in. Upon opening his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of his own feet, stretched out on a rather comfortable red sofa, and clothed in a pair of ripped black jeans, which Sirius had not worn in years. Without having the opportunity to contemplate this, Sirius noticed a new figure in his peripheral vision: a child, with extremely messy black hair and a huge grin.

“Uncle Sirius!” the child screeched, and Sirius immediately realized the child was Harry, at an age that Sirius had never gotten to experience Harry at. The realization hitting him like a ton of bricks, Sirius’ face broke out into a massive grin, and he reached forward to place Harry in his lap.

“Well, well, Harry, how are you doing?” Sirius asked, pulling his godson into a tight hug.

“It’s Halloween!” Harry yelled happily, as if this response would surely answer all of Sirius’ questions.

“Of course!” Sirius chuckled, “how could I possibly forget?” He now realized that Harry was dressed in a shiny green dragon costume, and was beaming like a madman.

“Harry! Are you ready to leave?” A male voice came booming from the kitchen, and Sirius felt his heart speed up miraculously. Harry jumped up from the couch and went racing into the kitchen, which he was promptly carried out of by a strong pair of arms.

“James,” Sirius whispered, tears immediately threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Oi, Sirius, when did you get here?” James asked, setting Harry down to make his way towards his best friend.

“I-I just got here now,” Sirius stuttered, taken aback with surprise.

“Mate, have you had a bit too much firewhiskey? I know it’s Halloween, but Harry’s counting on his godfather to be as alert and excited as he is, and I’m counting on my brother to not puke his guts out in front of a street full of children,” James laughed, pulling Sirius to his feet. Sirius chuckled along with James, pulling his best friend into a bone crushing hug that James was clearly not expecting, but which he accepted nonetheless.

“Harry, dear, here’s your pail,” Lily Potter said, strolling into the living room. Sirius felt the corners of his lips turn up even wider, and he darted forwards to embrace the redheaded woman.

“Woah, Sirius, are you smashed?” Lily laughed, patting Sirius on the back and handing a bucket to Harry, who was currently sat at his mother’s feet, grabbing onto her leg and pretending to be a dragon.

“Never, Lils,” Sirius grinned. Lily rolled her eyes and reached for Harry’s hand.

“Alright, I think it’s time for a little trick or treating, don’t you, Harry?”

Harry squealed with delight and started racing towards the door, pulling his mother along behind him.

“I’ve got the firewhiskey,” James whispered to Sirius as they stepped out into the cool October night. Sirius chuckled, wiped a few stray tears from his face, and followed behind his best friend. Lily and James were swinging Harry from their arms, who was roaring and pretending to breathe fire just like a real dragon. Godric’s Hollow was glowing, busy, and alive with excitement, and Sirius could not sense any trouble in the world. He was not sure how he had managed to end up at the place he had dreamed of being for fourteen years, but Lily and James were alive, Harry was happy, and he wouldn’t have given it up for the world. And so, Sirius set off down the street behind his friends, watching Harry dart from house to house collecting treats, and he couldn’t quite wipe the smile from his face. On that Halloween night, all was well.

Remember, I Love You - Stiles Stilinski

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing-  Stiles x Reader

Words- 2,025

Warnings- just fluff and a bit of angst

AN: So @ninja-stiles​ wanted a fic based off of the gif below and so I decided to give her what she wants! Thanks to @thelittlestkitsune​ for helping with the idea and @mf-despair-queen​ for proofreading. Also i wrote this in 45 minutes so idk if its that good.

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Three months. It had been three months since you’ve seen Stiles. Three months of no touching, no kissing, and no Stiles. Yes, you’ve talked on the phone and you’ve FaceTimed a couple of times, but nothing compared to actually being in the presence of the sarcastic, mole-speckled boy.

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Mad Sounds [Modern!Kylo x reader]

Summary: Moving to a new place comes with its headaches… and its perks. Your new neighbor Kylo appears to be a pain at first, but your acquaintance will help you out in a surprising way.

A/N: I had a quick idea this morning and I ran with it… and it turned into 1600 words! I feel like this might be able to go on, but it’ll be a one shot for now. If you have any ideas, I’m open to anything! (Also, I wrote this on my phone and briefly reviewed it. Do not be afraid to point out any errors. I’m a staunch proofreader, but even I miss things. Do not be embarrassed to tell me! On this or any of my fics.)

Warnings: Minor language, assault/implied assault, violence.

Living in an apartment was not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had fought your parents tooth and nail about moving out of state. You wanted a new beginning on your own. And, boy, did you get it.

For the last 3 months, you had been blessed with the realities of apartment life: constant maintenance calls and upstairs neighbors. At least the maintenance was the responsibility of the property managers. The neighbor nuisance, however, was solely yours.

He wasn’t a bad neighbor, not really. It’s just that he walked with a heavy foot. You almost wondered if you had moved in below a bowling alley.

You were in the apartment for a week before you got the courage to confront him. It was particularly bad that night, the stomping and the clatter of who knows what banging against your ceiling.

The metal stairs banged under your feet as you climbed to the second floor, foolishly imitating your neighbor’s practices. You wanted him to know you were coming.

Knocking hard five times, your heart raced. The anger-fueled adrenaline had worn off and now you were scared, too frozen to turn around and go back downstairs.

The lock clicked and the handle rattled and sent your heart into your throat.

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Pairing: Brett x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: swearing, mention of Brett Buns lol

A/N: i enjoyed writing this, thank you for requesting. storytime; I wrote this imagine and when I went to queue it, I deleted it so here is the second draft enjoy

Tagging: @joeynihil (hope you enjoy it girl <3)

masterlist / coming soon

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You barged into Scott’s house, the door slamming against the wall, no doubt leaving a mark but you didn’t care, your heart was racing due to anger and you were ready to give your pack a mouth full about what you thought of them. They knew you were out on a date, because it was a Friday night, but that didn’t stop them from blowing up your phone with messages and voicemails. So what if it was an emergency meeting, the pack is full of other werewolves and banshees that could help; one werewolf wouldn’t make a difference.

Just as the words were about to swirl off your tongue in an unlady-like manner, your eyes spotted the ignorant, broad shouldered man standing in the corner near the fridge, his head tossed back, a smirk resting on his face; oh how you’d love to box it. Your face turned to a scowl, anger practically radiating off your body, a growl escaped from behind your teeth when he waved his hand in a little gesture, “Hey babe.”

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Request:  Hey can you do a Isaac imagine where your bestfriends before the bite and after he starts acting like an ass to you so you call him out on it and tell him that the person in front of you isn’t your bestfriend. You can decide how it ends thanks loves 💚🖤

gif cred: @sincerelystiles


Her head spun, cool wind whipping against her cheekbones as she sprinted through the green underbrush, her eyes reflecting the stars in the sky, lungs filling with the scent of fresh pines. She continued to run, to press on until her legs ached and her chest heaved with the need for oxygen, stopping to sink onto a patch of dirt that had a vantage point over the forest, giving her a birds eye view of the trees which were cloaked in inky darkness. The girl outstretched her legs, fingers sinking in the soil, and eyes fluttering closed while she took in the sweet release of peace and quiet, soon to be broken by an aggravated werewolf.

“(Y/N),” came a voice from behind her.

She flinched, blinking through her long lashes to get a look at the person who stood shrouded in moonlight.

“Isaac? What are you doing here?” she asked with intrigue.

He sunk down beside her, his eyes forward, “I could ask you the same.” A starry glow settled over his defined facial structure, blue eyes glowing vibrantly under the diamond dotted sky.

“Oh?” she responded in confusion. “I’ve just been feeling really weighed down recently, what with,” she paused a moment, “you know, everything that’s been going on.”

“You mean you becoming a werewolf,” Isaac grumbled.

“Yes, that. I guess I just needed to get out, escape it all for a little while,” she sighed, not picking up on the bitterness in Isaac’s voice.

“Yeah, well you can’t escape it. This sticks with you, and it’ll stay that way for the rest of you’re life, so don’t think you can just run through the forest and lose that part of you with the wind,” he said flatly.

She stared at the stone faced boy who sat beside her, and he continued on ignoring her gaze and running his fingers through his honey hair with agitation.

“I…um, okay?” she managed at last.

“That’s it? Okay?” Isaac snapped, turning to her and staring daggers into her bewildered expression.

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” she admitted. “I was just taking a breather to clear my mind, alright?”

“Yeah well maybe you should realize that coming out here at night will do nothing to change the fact that you’re life is over, and it has been from the second you were bit,” Isaac fired back, his jaw pulsating.

Her brows arched, lips parting in surprise, “excuse me?!”

Isaac tilted his face in towards hers, his voice soft and dangerous, “you heard me.”

She stood at once, kicking up dirt and spinning on her heel, her head tilted to the canvas in the sky as she took in shaky breaths and tried with all her might to calm her heartbeat.

“Feel that?” he whispered from behind her. “Heart racing, anger flaring, and that urge that’s begging you to turn right now? Just some of the perks of being a monster.”

“Stop it,” she commanded, her fists balling, nails pinching at her flesh as they extended outwards.

“Go on, let yourself do it. Or don’t. It’s not like you have the self restraint anyways,” he dared.

“SHUT UP!” she bellowed, turning and throwing a fist out towards the werewolf, who instantly caught her blow in his palm.

“Nice try,” he smirked with amusement, “rookie effort.”

She let a soft growl, a rumble gathering in her chest, fangs sinking into her tongue as they peeked out.

“Good, you’re angry,” he sighed with false pity. “It’s too easy with you.”

“Stop it,” she commanded through a ragged breath.

“Or what? You’ll fail at me again?” he breathed.

She looked at the boy in front of her, the one with the strong exterior but soft spot in his heart. She wanted to see him, his cute little smile and bouncy little curls, but she only saw a stranger under the moonlight.

“Just admit it, you’re too pathetic to ever survive our lifestyle,” he snapped.

“Stop,” she said again, her nostrils flaring as she pushed down the pain in her chest.

“Make me,” he dared.

Her eyes flared a bright copper color, claws extending, teeth protruding, and a growl emerging from her lips. She threw out a fist, but Isaac easily ducked, his head bent to the ground, and when it lifted again, his normally bright blue eyes mimicked her own. He lunged forward and aimed a fist at her, but she twisted his wrist back before he could make contact, causing him to wince out in pain. He fought back harder this time, his knee coming to her stomach and making her stumble back, the wind being forced out of her. She snarled and raked her claws against his flesh, but only enough to scrape at his skin.

“Come on,” he panted, “I know you could hurt me right now, and yet you haven’t.”

She went to slash at him again, but when he simply stood there as if to let her, withdrew her claws and pulled away.

“Why won’t you do it?” has asked, his golden eyes narrowing.

She only shook her head in response.

“DO IT,” he screamed, sending a punch at her jaw.

But she didn’t withdraw, she just stood there as his fist made contact with her face, hoping he wouldn’t do it, and crying out with anguish when he did. Her jaw was broken, and even though she could feel it healing at once, it still hurt like hell. The girl whimpered and hobbled away from Isaac, clutching at her face and sinking to the ground as a fresh waved of tears begged for escape behind her closed eyes, her fangs and teeth receding at once. She did not welcome the sobs that came, aware it only made her look even weaker, but she also didn’t accept the hand that came to her shoulder.

“You won, okay? Now leave me alone,” she said through a broken sob, her knees tucked to her chest.

“(Y/N)…” Isaac started unsurely.

“LEAVE!” she screeched, causing him to step back in alarm. “If you want me out of your life so badly, just do it already. I would’ve cared if it was Isaac Lahey, my best friend,” she whimpered, “but you’re not him. Not since I turned, at least.”

“I just-” Isaac began again.

“Don’t,” she begged softly.

Isaac gulped down the lump in his throat, giving a shake of his head, blonde curls spilling over his forehead.

“I don’t know what happened to you, Isaac, but this isn’t you. I don’t know why you hate me because you know I-I never wanted this. I d-didn’t want to be a werewolf, but now I have to be, because I got lucky enough to have a second chance at living, and I thought you of all people would want that for me. But I guess I was wrong, and you’d rather have me dead.” She lifted her head, steely eyes staring forward.

“I don’t want that,” he whispered, almost inaudibly.

“Then what happened!?” she stood, spinning to face the somber looking boy. “What happened to our little moments, our talks, our hugs, our laughs? Did they all die with me?” she panted softly.

Isaac’s eyes softened with sadness, “I don’t know.”

“So that’s it then? I lost my best friend with no explanation as to why?”

He shook his head, blinking through his lashes, his jaw pulsating lightly.

“Fine,” she turned to leave with a bitter chuckle.

“Wait,” he begged, voice breaking.

She stopped in her tracks, listening.

“I know you never wanted to be a werewolf, but…neither did I. When I found out what happened to you, I just- I broke inside. Not because of anything you’d done, but because of my own selfishness. I never wanted this for you because you don’t deserve it, you deserved the world, and you were so close to having it in your hands. You had a whole life ahead of you, one you worked so hard for, one you should’ve had, but instead you got this, you got-” he paused, tears leaking from his eyes, his lower lip quivering, “you got me.”

She turned slowly, looking at the broken boy who stood before her.

“I mean when I turned I had nothing but a life of no purpose, and a father who made me fear for my existence, I was already gone,” he trembled. “But not you. You were good, and you had friends, family, good grades, and a good life. I knew that becoming a werewolf meant all of that would change for you, and nothing would ever be the same again. I guess I just thought the best way for you to go on was without a person like me in your life, a person with nothing to offer you but more pain, and the easiest way for me to do that is if you hated me, which you do now.”

He took in a shaky breath, “I’m so sorry.”

She stared at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, not giving another moment of hesitation before she launched herself into Isaac’s chest, her arms flying around his neck and face burrowing into his collarbone. He froze for a second with surprise before he relaxed around her, arms around her waist and squeezing her tightly into him. 

“You were always good enough for me, Isaac Lahey,” she breathed into him.

He placed his chin atop her head, silent tears pooling in his eyes as he brought his hand to her hair and ran his slender fingers through her locks, his throat closing up.

“And you were right. With everything that’s been going on, I’m- I’m scared,” she mumbled into him. “And that’s why I need my best friend now more than ever. Because despite everything, you’ve always remained the one constant in my life, and you’re…” she trailed off.

“What?” he murmured, releasing her as his hands came to cup either side of her face so he could get a good look at her.

“You’re my anchor,” she whispered.

He used his thumb to brush the tears away from her eyes, his touch comforting to her cold flesh.

“I will never leave you. Ever.”

Her own hand came to lace through Isaac’s fingers, “promise?”

“I promise you,” he said. “And I will do everything I can to help you, to make sure you get that life you so dearly deserve.”

She bent forward, touching her forehead gently to his, unsure of what to say anymore. Isaac’s bright blue eyes bore into her own, causing her heart to flutter, and the ground to spin beneath her. 

“Trying to let go of you only taught me my greatest fear,” he said softly, after a long silence.

“And what’s that?” she asked.

“Losing you.”

anonymous asked:

Phichit Seung Gil and Yurio love at first sight headcanons :0?

I LOVED WRITING THIS ! Honestly, 10/10 for these prompts. Thank you, like so much. <3 Please enjoy~

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • This man isn’t shy at all, so of course he’s going to approach you when he first catches a glimpse of you
  • You’re in your favorite cafe alone, holding back tears and staring into the contents of your cup; you can imagine how upset you look
  • It’s been just a bad day in general, and you thought that getting your favorite drink and sitting alone would be enough to clear your head, but it hasn’t been proven effective yet
  • but it’s about to get a whole lot better for you holy shit fan just wait a minute okay prince charming is comin
  • Viktor enters the cafe to get a coffee for a little extra push of caffeine, but he stops in his tracks when he sees the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen tucked in the corner of the cafe by themselves
  • He’s immediately drawn to you and his heart swells in his chest; he’s become devoted to you before he even knows your name, and he can’t stop himself from walking over to you
  • at this point you’ve got tears leaking from your eyes so when he approaches you you’re like ‘oh fuck me right in the ass fuck fuck fuck go away pls’
  • “Hello, love. I just saw you from over there and wanted to tell you that you’re very beautiful when you cry.”
  • “What the fuck.
  • Viktor blurts the first thing that comes to mind because his smooth talking function doesn’t seem to be working, and his comment takes you off guard
  • He quickly apologizes and asks to sit with you, and you reluctantly allow him to do so once he introduces himself
  • “I’m sorry if this is unusual or a bit odd. You just caught my eye, and my heart is racing a little bit. Wow. It’s almost like love at first sight, I guess!”
  • You blush and giggle a bit, feeling a bit better because of the stranger that you’re beginning to fall in love with already

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri’s in a grumpy mood after skating practice one day, and he decides to go unwind with a shopping trip
  • but honestly the clothes aren’t whats going to turn his day around lmao
  • His day only gets worse when one of his favorite stores doesn’t have a jacket he adores in his size; he goes to the lengths of yelling at an employee of the store
  • “I don’t care how limited stock is! I came all the way here for this damn jacket and I plan on leaving here with it, today! Unbelievable!”
  • “oh my god please calm the fuck down you child why are you yelling at m e”
  • Soon the manager is involved, and she calmly explains to Yuri that the last jacket of that style and size in the store is being tried on by the person in the dressing room
  • Yuri about to start yelling again when the door to the dressing room swings open, and you step out in that leopard print jacket he wanted so much; you look stunning, beautiful, and magnificent
  • In an instant, Yuri’s heart isn’t racing with anger, but with infatuation instead; he can’t seem to stop staring at you in that damn jacket
  • Pleased that Yuri has shut up, the manager goes over to the dressing room to compliment you, while Yuri just stares while his heart pounds in his ribcage
  • “holy shit who is that idk but i want them and i want them in that jacket n o w holy fuck ily”
  • His trance is broken when you approach him at the counter, standing next to him to pay for the jacket
  • You offer Yuri a smile and a wave as you exit the store, while he is unable to form words around the fur the has seemed to grow inside of his mouth and dying it out
  • He follows you around all day, determined to get that jacket, and—hopefully—your attention as well

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Phichit is the type of person who loves anybody and everybody he meets—unless, of course, they give him a reason to not like them
  • You’re definitely not an exception to the rule, but something about you is a bit more special than everyone else
  • It’s no secret that Phichit also has a special love for ice skating, which is what brings you together
  • sorry if this is stereotypical or basic but cmon it’s a cute troupe lmao
  • He’s volunteering to teach children how to ice skate on a day off, determined to spread his love for ice skating
  • Phichit’s goal is to let everyone know how fun ice skating is, so why not start from the bottom and show the children?
  • well he’s gonna gain a bit more than the satisfaction of spreading good vibes if you get my meanin wink wink
  • He enters the rink to see the kids all getting bundled up into their coats and getting their skates on, but someone else catches his eye as he scans the scene
  • Phichit is unable to stop the smile that spreads on his face at the sight of you helping a child lace up his skates, you kneeling in front of him with an encouraging smile on your face
  • His swallows a lump in his throat, suddenly very nervous to be in your presence, but he approaches you anyway; he wants to get a closer look at your beautiful face
  • omg imagine nervous phichit like he’d probably tell really dumb jokes and laugh way too hard and smile a bit too big and he will probs get antsy ugh what a cutie
  • As soon as he sees you up close, the butterflies in his stomach seem to come up and choke him; he finds himself lost in your eyes as you greet him and smile at him
  • “Hey, uh, I’m Phichit! I’m guessing we’re a team today? Let’s have some fun then, shall we?”

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • Seung-Gil can be known to be a bit headstrong or emotionless, but he’s got some love in him
  • That love has only made itself known to him around this family and his dogs; this love takes him off guard when he’s least expecting it
  • and you’ll never guess why lmao it’s bc of you of course duh
  • Seung-Gil is out for an evening walk with his dog, trying to unwind and relax after a long day’s work
  • He wears a bored expression the entire time, staring at his surroundings and letting his mind wander to wherever it wants to go
  • His train of thought crashes and derails when he catches a glimpse of a dog running towards him with its leash dragging on the ground beside it
  • He glances up to see you running towards the dog in a dead sprint, calling for it and yelling for it to stop
  • Seung-Gil gets a good look at your beautiful face, hair, body, everything, and he can’t seem to stop his heart from racing or his eyes from staring at you intently
  • As you get closer, he realizes that you’re yelling at him and trying to get his attention to help you get your dog under control; it takes a moment to register, but he snaps out of the trance you put on him and runs after your dog, managing to grab the leash
  • As soon as you catch up, you thank him with a huge smile, and Seung-Gil knows he’s in love with you, but he decides to be bold and break the ice
  • “I’m Seung-Gil. Would you, uh, like to walk with me and date me?”
  • Of course, you agree, and Seung-Gil counts it as his first date with you
Too Stubborn- a Sprace soulmate au

This is my first actual newsies fic so I hope it doesn’t suck

also, shout out to @vivilevone for editing, helping me write this, and encouraging me (seriously you’re so amazing what the heck)


Though neither of them would ever admit it — because they’re both too stubborn for their own good — Race and Spot are best friends. Instead of the usual friendly persona that Crutchie had practically invented and trademarked, they chose to act out towards each other through insults, punches to the arms and shoulders, and arguments. It wasn’t uncommon for them to enter the cafeteria in the middle of an argument complete with bewildered expressions and arms waving around frantically. Usually, they were able to drop their arguments and continue on with their friendship until another one started, but sometimes they evolved too quickly.

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➺ Couches (m)


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x female Reader

Genre: fluff / smut; couchsourfing!au, hints of a blogger!au

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and weed, graphic depictions of sex, some swearing

Word count: 7,536 words

Note: We did it, this is the last repost from my old blog! This is for @sydist and @kittae and all you other Taehyung stans out there. This was inspired by my own trip to Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated as always!


You huffed as you stepped into the dimly lit bar, the smell of alcohol and weed filling your nose and you looked around to see a little booth with no one in. Walking towards it, you slowly slipped your backpack off your shoulders, gently throwing it into the booth as you sighed in content while you slumped down on the red leather bench.

You had been wandering around Amsterdam the whole day, your shoulders cramping and feet burning. Your host had canceled you for an ‘urgent matter’ right when you arrived, right when you were stepping out of the train. Your mind raced in confusion and anger but you shrugged and carried on with your plan for the weekend. Opening the Couchsurfing app and asking for help, you knew you’d find another couch to sleep on.

So there you were, your head in your hands as you closed your eyes and took deep breaths to calm your racing heart. A friendly waiter walked up to you and took your order, which consisted of a Screwdriver and a glass of water. You desperately needed something to get your mind off the tiring walk through the city, the pain in your back and feet and the pounding in your head. Your lips were attached to the straw as soon as the drinks arrived and you closed your eyes at the heavenly taste that seemed to ease your mind, relaxing your tense body, leaving it in a pleasant tingling state.

The peace was interrupted by your buzzing phone. You pulled it out of your pocket and let your fingers ghost over the Couchsurfing app, the notification being a message from a guy called Taehyung Kim. Furrowing your brows and opening the message, you felt your heart pounding at its content.

Taehyung Kim: I saw your host canceled, you can come to my place. It’s just a few blocks from the bar you’re sitting in.

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The Things She Carries, Part 7

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

When her heart finally slows to near-normal, and she can feel the sweat drying on her skin as she starts to drift off, she remembers she should go to the bathroom — it only takes one UTI to learn that lesson, no medical degree required. She starts to disengage her limbs from his. He resists a little, heavy and close to sleep as he no doubt is, and she whispers, “Bathroom. I’ll be right back.” It’s a little disturbing, how it comes out like she’s asking permission, and more so how he murmurs assent like he’s granting it; she sits up too abruptly, trying to cover her tone with assertiveness.

She feels exposed, suddenly, and doesn’t want to just walk around naked. She reaches for something to put on, realizing as she gropes around futilely that she has no idea where her clothes got thrown; there certainly wasn’t time to fold anything neatly and put it aside. Mulder’s suit from earlier that day is crumpled on the armchair by the bed — that’ll do. She extracts his dress shirt from the pile and pulls it on, buttoning three buttons in the center, relishing the way she’s enveloped in his clean daytime smell. The shirttail is plenty long enough to cover her — it comes nearly to her knees — and the sleeves are comically long even though they’re still rolled up from when he last wore the shirt, sans jacket in the steaming afternoon.

She sneaks a look backward, expecting him to be asleep or at least dozing, only to see him eyeing her territorially, like a lion after a feed: sated at the moment but still watchful, still vital, still dangerous. Something inside her responds, electrically; she can’t suppress a shuddery breath. He notices, blinks slowly, looking somehow even more feral, then lets his eyes slide closed, releasing her at last.

What in the holy hell was that?, she thinks, as she gets up and makes her way across the room on aching, shaky legs.

She clicks the lock behind her and uses the toilet, wishing the door were less flimsy and there was a little more distance between them — no privacy in these charming old B&B places, where the ensuite bathrooms were always added haphazardly, many decades after the original build.

But then she stands before the mirror to get a good look at herself, and frankly, she’s thrilled. Her color is high, her eyes sparkly and still a little wild, her hair tousled — she looks like she’s just been fucked, which hot damn, she certainly has. She rakes her fingers through the hair at her temples, almost laughing aloud, when she notices a complicated-looking shadow on her wrist.

She looks closer and can’t help a sudden sharp inhale — there are four faint purple marks on her arm just above her hand, and a darker, rounded one on the inside of her wrist between the radius and ulna. Her mind flashes to Mulder holding that arm above her head, gripping her tight as she writhed beneath him. She meets her own eyes in the mirror, a little shocked, then scans downward to the place on her chest where the shirt has fallen open almost to her breast.

“Ho-ly shit —”

It’s much louder than she meant to say it, and she hears a mild commotion out in the bedroom. Mulder’s voice drifts to her, borderline panicky: “Scully? Are you OK?”

She manages a thin, reedy “I’m fine …”

She’s staring at herself, mind racing. Was this out of anger? Is it punishment? For a half-second, she’s wildly unsure, and then the word comes to her, unbidden: marked.

He’s marked her, making sure she can’t forget it this time, can’t pretend it didn’t happen. The thought sends her pulse pounding through her, makes her a little dizzy even as the certainty grounds her. She hears his feet hit the floor, knows he’s rustling around and might come flying through the door any second.

“It’s OK — I’m fine!”

“Scully —” closer now. She turns out the light, leaving the full examination for later, and steps out to meet him before he breaks anything trying to get to her.

Misotheism Part I

Genre: Drama

Word Count: 1000ish 

Greek God AU! Series 

Originally posted by jengkook

‘Misotheism (n): the hatred of God’

December 31st, 11:59 PM

635 B.C.

You’re running.

The night is silent, save for the sound of bare feet slapping against the slightly wet soil, leaving a trail of imprints behind them. Your chest heaves as you struggle to run, and you can’t help the terror coursing through your veins as you hear the sound of heavy footsteps behind you.

What had made it come to this?

March, 635 B.C.

You sigh tiredly as you squint up to the sky, cursing at the sun for beating down your back with vigor. The sky is clear overhead, with the occasional shadows of birds flitting across it.

“What’s got you down, Y/N?”

You look to the right to see a crookedly grinning young man quirking a brow at you.

“Silence, Yun,” Your mood is admittedly down, “You’re being a pest.”

“So mean, sister,” He mocks you playfully, hand running through his silky dark tresses that you swear were created by Athena herself, “I’ve only come to call you back to our home; Mother is looking for you.”

“Again?” You groan in exasperation, “What does she want this time?”

He gives a non-committal shrug of the shoulders.

“She just told me to search for you and I, like the absolutely fantastic person I am, have done it.” With a smug smile, he waves you off and you roll your eyes, before sighing yet again and trudging along the dusty trail to your home.

It’s small, much smaller than those huge villas you’ve seen dominate the inner parts of the city and though a part of you still feels bitter about it, you’ve learned to make do with what you have. It’s your life; you need to deal with it, as your Father says.

“Mother?” You call, ducking into your tiny rickety home, mindful of the pots dumped haphazardly on the cool ground, “You called for me?”

A frail woman peeks her head out from the tiny kitchen-come-dining, a thin smile playing on her lips.

“Oh yes, dear,” She beckons you forward, and you oblige, only to gape in shock when an entire platter of grilled goat’s meat and fruits is thrust into your unprepared arms, “Could you take this to the inner city for me? I’m feeling awfully tired today.”

“W-what for?” You demand, wide-eyed, unable to tear your eyes from the food, “Why aren’t we eating this?”

Mother smiles at you, though it lacks the warmth it usually possesses.

“We are going to war, my dear,” She whispers softly, and it strikes you then, “We must please the God of War.”

“No,” You angrily shake your head, vision beginning to tint blood red, “If we are going to war, we must fight it with our own hands, Mama, not by sacrificing the precious few resources we have for-”

“Enough!” She raises her voice, and you fall silent, knowing that the conversation is complete. “Do as I say, Y/N! I should never have encouraged your silly little beliefs!”

The last part is whispered to herself, but you hear every word; each one strikes you like an icicle through the heart. Your Mother is someone you have always looked up to, someone who you have always gone to for comfort, for understanding, so her disappointment…it hurts you, a lot.

“Yes, Mother.” You nod quietly, before turning on your heel and scampering out of the shack.

Your feet carry you automatically in the direction of the city and, even at the outskirts, you can see people preparing for war; throngs of men sharpening their swords, some men stocking their homes with necessities, such as food. Some women are dancing around a fire, grilling meat. And, sitting in solitude on a lonely rock is a young girl, who eyes the meat with hungry, desperate eyes.

A rush of anger courses through you, thrumming through your veins and heating them up. You remember a time when you were that girl, when you so hopefully, naively, believed in the Gods; when you, like countless others, fell for those foolish tales.

But you know better now.

Cautiously eyeing the crowd, you approach the girl, slipping her some meat from your plate; she looks up, startled, before breaking out into a bright grin.

“Thank you!” She exclaims cheerfully, and you beam back at her, happy to help, before you bid her adieu and are on course again.

A strange sort of guilt gnaws at you, but you push it aside in favor of trying to bear with the scintillating heat. It is really hot right now.

 You nearly collapse in relief when you finally reach the temple of War God, but your heart nearly stops when you see just how many people are outside it. It would likely take till midnight to reach the inside, and you’re in no patience to deal with such things. You decide to visit a lesser known sight, one that is mostly hidden from the scathing gazes of the city folk.

The small temple stands proudly at the top of a sloped hill; though it is a struggle, you eventually manage to scale it, thankfully not dropping any of the food.

Setting the platter in front of the deity, you awkwardly step back, having absolutely no idea what to do now.

“Um,” You start off hesitantly, “My Mother asked me to bring this to you, I suppose. For the war and all that. But I think that’s plain foolishness; who would know if you actually exist? We’ve been taught so many stories by now, but they’re just that: stories.

“If you Gods really existed, our people wouldn’t be suffering like this! If you actually existed, I wouldn’t need to be here right now, I wouldn’t have to waste such precious food on something that doesn’t even eat!”

By this time, you’re shaking, anger racing through your heart, breathing rapidly, unevenly.

“I hate this! I hate feeling so powerless, I hate feeling so puny! I hate-”

You freeze when you feel a hand grip your shoulder, your eyes impossibly wide.

“You hate me?” A velvety voice chuckles into your ear, the hot puffs of breath hitting the shell of your ear, “Are you certain?”

You slowly turn around, raising your eyes to meet amused, fiery brown eyes. The man is tall, at least compared to you, with dark hair swept to the side, and bright pink lips that contrast oh-so-wonderfully with his pale skin. Not that you’re looking.

“Who are you?” You stumble backwards hastily, nearly tripping over your gown, “Where did you come from?”

“Why, I thought you’d know me, considering how you were just cursing my existence,” The man smiles, revealing pearly white teeth.

“But I’ll spell it out for you, if that is what you require. I go by Άρης, but mortals know me as Jungkook,” The smile transforms into a smirk, “God of War.”

Next Parts: Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII

Written by: Admin Midnight

Admin Midnight is working on this series with Admin Sangria [her wife ♥] who’ll be writing future parts with her! 

We hope you like it!

EXO Reaction to you flinching during a fight

Anon Requested:  Can you do the reactions for Exo like you did for bts where (y/n) flinches when they’re fighting?

Exo version! Here’s the BTS Version if you wanted to check it out!

Kai: The slap of his hand smacking against the kitchen counter is all it took for you to jolt back and cower into the corner of the room. Jongin’s head would be racing with anger and thoughts that he hadn’t really realized that you moved until he turned around to see you shaking in the corner of the kitchen. His face would immediately soften while the anger fizzled out of him. He’d slowly raise his hands and walk to you, he was showing you that he wasn’t going to hurt you and wanted you to see that. He had a frown forming on his face while you just stayed there staring at him with big, scared eyes. Jongin just shook his head and soon pulled you into him, when your body hit his the tears left both your eyes and his. Your body was wracked with quiet sobs while your body still shook. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you.” Jongin whispered, his voice shook while holding onto you. “Please know that Jagi, I’d never hurt you.”

Originally posted by kaitaestrophe

Sehun: He couldn’t help but freeze when he saw you raise your hands covering your face in defense. Fear filled up your whole body as you saw your boyfriends face redden and muscles tense when he raised his hand to brush through his hair, you knew it was just a simple movement but the intensity of the fight you two were having didn’t help and made you think that his hand was going to connect with you and not just run through his hair. “Jagi…” Sehun would say and you’d immediately turn away from him and try your best to run to the bathroom that was connected to your bedroom. You were inches away from the doorknob when you felt his hands grip your waist and you being pulled back. Your feet left the ground and your back hit his chest. You cried out, hands trying to pry his off of you and get away. “Jagi stop.” Sehun groaned sitting down on your bed and placing you on his lap, his arms wrapped around you while he buried his head into you. You continued to try and get away from him while tears fell down your face, you groaned when you realized nothing was working and Sehun was much stronger than you. Your body slumped and shook with silent sobs leaving you. “Don’t hurt me.” You whimpered, your hands were shaking and you felt your boyfriend tense under you, his grip around you loosened and almost instantly the tears began falling down his face.

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

D.O: You and Kyungsoo would be arguing over something that honestly didn’t matter, but the more you nagged and the more attitude that was given from him ended up in a screaming match between the both of you. Your boyfriend never raised his voice at you, he’d always try to talk it out and stay calm but today you pushed every single one of his buttons and he couldn’t take it anymore. Your voice broke as you screamed at him once again and that was the last straw for Kyungsoo. He was pacing around the living room when all of a sudden he was making his way towards you, he was only a foot away from you when you had realized he was making his way towards you. You automatically flinched bringing your arms up, you stumbled back a few steps trying to gain as much space between you and Kyungsoo as you could. He immediately froze in his place when he saw the way you had reacted to him, all the anger leaving his body and soon being replaced with worry. His eyes softened and the red left his face and was replaced with his face paling out. “(Y/N)…” He mumbled taking a step toward you but instinctively you took one back. He tried to take another but yet again you stepped back. “Y-You’re scared of me? Oh God…Oh God, you’re afraid of me.” He’d drop his head in his hands while shaking his head, his head would raise to look at you and in his eyes were quite noticeable tears forming. “I’d never hurt you Jagi.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Baekhyun:  You and Baekhyun would be arguing, both of you yelling things. At some point in the argument his hand would get to close to your face. The wind that was created from the whip of his hand would brush back your bangs that fell along your forehead. Your head would quickly jerk back but your feet stood still, Baekhyun would have noticed the flinch from you but he only thought that it was from just how close the proximity his hand came to you. Baekhyun’s voice would still be loud that he hadn’t even noticed that your eyes were squeezed shut along with your hands. He hadn’t even seen how scared you actually were until you let the sob you were desperately holding back out. He saw how you were shaking, the tears that were slipping out from your closed eyes and how shaky your breaths were. “Ja-”

“Don’t hurt me.” You immediately said, you took a step back but only whimpered out once your back hit the wall of his bedroom. Baekhyun would ignore your cries and immediately pull you into him wrapping you in his arms. You’d let all the sobs out mumbling how you thought he was going to hit you and how scared you were. Baekhyun couldn’t help but mutter multiple ‘I’m sorrys’ and rock you back and forth. He wouldn’t be able to say anything else but “I’m sorry.” & “I love you.” until you knew that he would never lay a hand on you.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chen: You and Jongdae would be an angry, loud mess. Both of you would be screaming and there would be a few tears that left both your eyes and his. Usually when you two argued it was never this bad, maybe a yell from both of you but you both would be able to calm down quick enough to not let the argument turn into what it already was, you both never thought that you’d be in each others faces screaming violent words that were only meant to heart the other. Jongdae would turn away from you, pacing away until he’d mutter something then turn around quickly. You didn’t need another second to react and before he knew it you were backed up into the corner of the room, hands up shielding yourself and more tears falling down your face. His eyes would widen as he froze in place seeing his shaking girlfriend cower in the corner of the room.  He’d start tearing up and shaking his head, he wouldn’t be apologizing, but instead repeating about how much he loves you. He’d be scared because the thought of ever hurting you terrified him, he would never lay a hand on you and the fact that you thought that nearly broke him. He’d take each step towards you very slowly but once you lowered your hands and looked up at him through tear filled eyes he’d finally pull you into him, hugging you tightly uttering ‘I love you’s every second your cries died down.

Originally posted by sonjongdae

Chanyeol: The fight was long gone in a matter of seconds. Chanyeol’s eyes widened and heart broke as he saw you flinch back from him. You two had been arguing, that much was true, but it wasn’t an explosive, in your face, screaming match. You two never fight like that, the argument was over something stupid that the both of you couldn’t even remember now. Your eyes were down at your feet, your fingers were fumbling around with each other until they were halted by your boyfriends hands enveloping them in his. Your eyes squeezed shut but soon opened back up letting the few tears that were welling up fall out. Your head snapped up to meet your boyfriend’s eyes, they weren’t meeting yours. His eyes were focused down on your hands in his, you could easily tell he had tears in his eyes that he tried blinking back but they kept returning. “Chan?” You spoke, voice quiet but loud enough in the silent room. “Hey look at me.” You tried pulling your hands back but Chanyeol’s grip only tightened. “Chanyeol, I’m okay. Please look at me.” You stared up at him waiting for his eyes to meet yours, only when you tugged back again did his eyes meet yours. His eyes were big but were still filled with worry. “I’d never hurt you.” He immediately said. All you could do is nod and smile up at him. “I know.”

“I love you. I would never hurt you, I need you to know that Jagi, please know that. I love you (Y/N).” Chanyeol would keep the hold on your hands until you knew that his words were true, you knew this already but you had to make sure that you told him that.

“I know, I love you too.”

Originally posted by chanshine

Suho: Junmyeon hated fighting, if it was with the boys or if it was with you he hated it. He also hated whenever he was stressed out, he hated the fact that he couldn’t get a grip onto things whenever he was busy and the stress just made him more frustrated by the minute. It also didn’t help that when he got to your apartment you started nagging him the moment he stepped foot inside, his patience was already spread thin the moment he left the studio and with you raising your voice it was completely gone. You’d be standing in front of him clearly annoyed, arms crossed over your chest when his hand came up quickly to brush through his hair as he let out a huff. He hadn’t realized you flinched until he focused back on you to see your hands up and covering your face, you slowly lowered your hands when no hit came to you. Your eyes were full of fear and were three times their original size. “I-I thought…” Your voice trailed off when Junmyeon pulled you into him. “I would never…Please don’t ever think I’d hit you. I’d never harm you, please know that.”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay: Yixing would be extremely stressed out due to upcoming tours and preparing solo projects so coming home to an overly irritated and attitude ridden girlfriend he honestly just couldn’t handle it. When you made a smart ass remark to him when he was walking away he all of a sudden threw his hands up in anger and turning around, you suddenly got very scared. In fear, you’d step back, raising your arms in protection and letting out a cry. Yixing wouldn’t stop for another second and immediately pull you in his arms. He’d feel absolutely horrible about scaring you that much and shake his head, he’d feel you crying into his chest and he’d only tighten his hold, promising you that he would never lay a hand on you to hurt you. He would repeat how much he loved you and how he’d never hurt you.

Originally posted by lunber

Xiumin: Minseok wouldn’t understand it at first, one moment he’d be arguing with you and then the next moment you were sliding down the bedroom wall, hand covering your mouth and tears rolling down your face. Once he saw the tears roll down your face he stood there shocked, the realization setting in quickly as he ushered towards you. Your eyes shot open and you quickly shrunk into the corner of the room, hand flying up as if you were protecting yourself from him. You croaked out a “Don’t hurt me.” as you continued to cry again. Minseok slowly rose his hands as if to show you that he means no harm, he’d take one slow step towards you and saw you drop your head in between your knees, your arms wrapped around your legs while you brought your knees closer to your chest. Minseok took his time making his way to you, each step he took he made sure to take at least fifteen seconds to take the other. Within time he had made his way to you, you felt his presence as he sat beside you. All he could mutter was apologies, he wouldn’t touch you in cause you’d flinch again and it absolutely killed him. All he wanted to do was hold you in his arms yet he was terrified to touch you now. The only thing he was able to say was “I’m sorry.”“I’d never hurt you.” He’d stay by your side until you were ready to talk again, no matter how long that took.

Originally posted by karldc

anonymous asked:

can I get a #13 from the march prompt list with derek hale please?

Derek Hale - “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk”

“Are you even listening when I say something?” You had your hands in your hair and you threw your head in your neck. You loved him. You loved him more than anything, but sometimes he could push all your buttons at once, making you angrier than you had ever thought you could be.

No, my hobby is making fun of you when you talk.” Derek rolled his eyes and he had his arms crossed over his chest. “Of course I’m listening, you just don’t think I’m listening because I don’t answer with that what you want to hear.” He raised his eyebrows and he locked his glance with yours. “Do you want me to lie to you? Is that what you think a boyfriend should do? Because in that case I’m the wrong boyfriend. Maybe I’m the wrong boyfriend anyway.” Derek shrugged his shoulders and you let out a deep sigh.

“Seriously? Are you now going to play that card again?” You shook your head. “Do you think I’d waste my time on fighting with you if you were the wrong boyfriend? If I believed that this thing between you and I doesn’t work?” You stared back at him and you felt a certain kind of fire burning in your eyes. “I love you idiot and it’s because I love you that I’m fighting, because I want to make sure that I keep on loving you and that you keep on loving me!”

“So all this yelling and shouting is because you love me?” Derek calmed down a little and he relaxed the muscles in his shoulders. “Because I know more pleasant ways to express love than shouting and yelling.” He curled his lips up into a little smile, but instead of smiling back you felt the anger race through your veins again.

“And that’s what I mean! You’re not listening to me!” You raised your voice and shifted your weight from one leg to the other. “I’m trying to talk about something serious right now!” You fell down in the couch and crossed your legs. “But fine, if you only want to talk in vague innuendos you can go do so somewhere else. I don’t think I like your company right now.”

“You don’t mean that.” Derek frowned his eyebrows and he stepped closer towards you. He was now softening his voice and he stretched out his arm, but you quickly moved to the side so he couldn’t touch you. “I don’t leave this house while we’re in the middle of a fight.” He shook his head. “Maybe normal people can take that risk and maybe normal people can make up a few hours later, but there are so many things that can happen between now and a few hours.”

“Well, if you’re not leaving me alone, there won’t be much happening in the next few hours, because I think in that case I’m simply gonna ignore you.” You grabbed your book and opened it on a random page. Even though your eyes started to scan the words, you were not actually reading them and you were for sure not realizing what they actually meant. You already knew that in a few minutes you would forgive Derek, would wrap your arms around his neck and would kiss his lips.

That’s how your fights usually ended and this one wouldn’t be any different.

He just didn’t need to know that, yet.

My response to racism is anger. I have lived with that anger, ignoring it, feeding it, learning to use it, before it laid my visions to waste, for most of my life. Once I did it in silence, afraid of the weight. My fear of anger taught me nothing … anger expressed and translated into action in the service of our vision and our future is a liberating and strengthening act of clarification. […] Anger is loaded with information and energy.
—  Audre Lorde

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¡Felices 10 años An End Has A Start!

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