raced in anger

When unkind and hateful rulers come into power, overthrow them.

Do not be silent. Do not be malleable. 

Burn this shit to the ground and then rebuild it better than before.

EXO Reaction to you flinching during a fight

Anon Requested:  Can you do the reactions for Exo like you did for bts where (y/n) flinches when they’re fighting?

Exo version! Here’s the BTS Version if you wanted to check it out!

Kai: The slap of his hand smacking against the kitchen counter is all it took for you to jolt back and cower into the corner of the room. Jongin’s head would be racing with anger and thoughts that he hadn’t really realized that you moved until he turned around to see you shaking in the corner of the kitchen. His face would immediately soften while the anger fizzled out of him. He’d slowly raise his hands and walk to you, he was showing you that he wasn’t going to hurt you and wanted you to see that. He had a frown forming on his face while you just stayed there staring at him with big, scared eyes. Jongin just shook his head and soon pulled you into him, when your body hit his the tears left both your eyes and his. Your body was wracked with quiet sobs while your body still shook. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you.” Jongin whispered, his voice shook while holding onto you. “Please know that Jagi, I’d never hurt you.”

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Sehun: He couldn’t help but freeze when he saw you raise your hands covering your face in defense. Fear filled up your whole body as you saw your boyfriends face redden and muscles tense when he raised his hand to brush through his hair, you knew it was just a simple movement but the intensity of the fight you two were having didn’t help and made you think that his hand was going to connect with you and not just run through his hair. “Jagi…” Sehun would say and you’d immediately turn away from him and try your best to run to the bathroom that was connected to your bedroom. You were inches away from the doorknob when you felt his hands grip your waist and you being pulled back. Your feet left the ground and your back hit his chest. You cried out, hands trying to pry his off of you and get away. “Jagi stop.” Sehun groaned sitting down on your bed and placing you on his lap, his arms wrapped around you while he buried his head into you. You continued to try and get away from him while tears fell down your face, you groaned when you realized nothing was working and Sehun was much stronger than you. Your body slumped and shook with silent sobs leaving you. “Don’t hurt me.” You whimpered, your hands were shaking and you felt your boyfriend tense under you, his grip around you loosened and almost instantly the tears began falling down his face.

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D.O: You and Kyungsoo would be arguing over something that honestly didn’t matter, but the more you nagged and the more attitude that was given from him ended up in a screaming match between the both of you. Your boyfriend never raised his voice at you, he’d always try to talk it out and stay calm but today you pushed every single one of his buttons and he couldn’t take it anymore. Your voice broke as you screamed at him once again and that was the last straw for Kyungsoo. He was pacing around the living room when all of a sudden he was making his way towards you, he was only a foot away from you when you had realized he was making his way towards you. You automatically flinched bringing your arms up, you stumbled back a few steps trying to gain as much space between you and Kyungsoo as you could. He immediately froze in his place when he saw the way you had reacted to him, all the anger leaving his body and soon being replaced with worry. His eyes softened and the red left his face and was replaced with his face paling out. “(Y/N)…” He mumbled taking a step toward you but instinctively you took one back. He tried to take another but yet again you stepped back. “Y-You’re scared of me? Oh God…Oh God, you’re afraid of me.” He’d drop his head in his hands while shaking his head, his head would raise to look at you and in his eyes were quite noticeable tears forming. “I’d never hurt you Jagi.”

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Baekhyun:  You and Baekhyun would be arguing, both of you yelling things. At some point in the argument his hand would get to close to your face. The wind that was created from the whip of his hand would brush back your bangs that fell along your forehead. Your head would quickly jerk back but your feet stood still, Baekhyun would have noticed the flinch from you but he only thought that it was from just how close the proximity his hand came to you. Baekhyun’s voice would still be loud that he hadn’t even noticed that your eyes were squeezed shut along with your hands. He hadn’t even seen how scared you actually were until you let the sob you were desperately holding back out. He saw how you were shaking, the tears that were slipping out from your closed eyes and how shaky your breaths were. “Ja-”

“Don’t hurt me.” You immediately said, you took a step back but only whimpered out once your back hit the wall of his bedroom. Baekhyun would ignore your cries and immediately pull you into him wrapping you in his arms. You’d let all the sobs out mumbling how you thought he was going to hit you and how scared you were. Baekhyun couldn’t help but mutter multiple ‘I’m sorrys’ and rock you back and forth. He wouldn’t be able to say anything else but “I’m sorry.” & “I love you.” until you knew that he would never lay a hand on you.

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Chen: You and Jongdae would be an angry, loud mess. Both of you would be screaming and there would be a few tears that left both your eyes and his. Usually when you two argued it was never this bad, maybe a yell from both of you but you both would be able to calm down quick enough to not let the argument turn into what it already was, you both never thought that you’d be in each others faces screaming violent words that were only meant to heart the other. Jongdae would turn away from you, pacing away until he’d mutter something then turn around quickly. You didn’t need another second to react and before he knew it you were backed up into the corner of the room, hands up shielding yourself and more tears falling down your face. His eyes would widen as he froze in place seeing his shaking girlfriend cower in the corner of the room.  He’d start tearing up and shaking his head, he wouldn’t be apologizing, but instead repeating about how much he loves you. He’d be scared because the thought of ever hurting you terrified him, he would never lay a hand on you and the fact that you thought that nearly broke him. He’d take each step towards you very slowly but once you lowered your hands and looked up at him through tear filled eyes he’d finally pull you into him, hugging you tightly uttering ‘I love you’s every second your cries died down.

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Chanyeol: The fight was long gone in a matter of seconds. Chanyeol’s eyes widened and heart broke as he saw you flinch back from him. You two had been arguing, that much was true, but it wasn’t an explosive, in your face, screaming match. You two never fight like that, the argument was over something stupid that the both of you couldn’t even remember now. Your eyes were down at your feet, your fingers were fumbling around with each other until they were halted by your boyfriends hands enveloping them in his. Your eyes squeezed shut but soon opened back up letting the few tears that were welling up fall out. Your head snapped up to meet your boyfriend’s eyes, they weren’t meeting yours. His eyes were focused down on your hands in his, you could easily tell he had tears in his eyes that he tried blinking back but they kept returning. “Chan?” You spoke, voice quiet but loud enough in the silent room. “Hey look at me.” You tried pulling your hands back but Chanyeol’s grip only tightened. “Chanyeol, I’m okay. Please look at me.” You stared up at him waiting for his eyes to meet yours, only when you tugged back again did his eyes meet yours. His eyes were big but were still filled with worry. “I’d never hurt you.” He immediately said. All you could do is nod and smile up at him. “I know.”

“I love you. I would never hurt you, I need you to know that Jagi, please know that. I love you (Y/N).” Chanyeol would keep the hold on your hands until you knew that his words were true, you knew this already but you had to make sure that you told him that.

“I know, I love you too.”

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Suho: Junmyeon hated fighting, if it was with the boys or if it was with you he hated it. He also hated whenever he was stressed out, he hated the fact that he couldn’t get a grip onto things whenever he was busy and the stress just made him more frustrated by the minute. It also didn’t help that when he got to your apartment you started nagging him the moment he stepped foot inside, his patience was already spread thin the moment he left the studio and with you raising your voice it was completely gone. You’d be standing in front of him clearly annoyed, arms crossed over your chest when his hand came up quickly to brush through his hair as he let out a huff. He hadn’t realized you flinched until he focused back on you to see your hands up and covering your face, you slowly lowered your hands when no hit came to you. Your eyes were full of fear and were three times their original size. “I-I thought…” Your voice trailed off when Junmyeon pulled you into him. “I would never…Please don’t ever think I’d hit you. I’d never harm you, please know that.”

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Lay: Yixing would be extremely stressed out due to upcoming tours and preparing solo projects so coming home to an overly irritated and attitude ridden girlfriend he honestly just couldn’t handle it. When you made a smart ass remark to him when he was walking away he all of a sudden threw his hands up in anger and turning around, you suddenly got very scared. In fear, you’d step back, raising your arms in protection and letting out a cry. Yixing wouldn’t stop for another second and immediately pull you in his arms. He’d feel absolutely horrible about scaring you that much and shake his head, he’d feel you crying into his chest and he’d only tighten his hold, promising you that he would never lay a hand on you to hurt you. He would repeat how much he loved you and how he’d never hurt you.

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Xiumin: Minseok wouldn’t understand it at first, one moment he’d be arguing with you and then the next moment you were sliding down the bedroom wall, hand covering your mouth and tears rolling down your face. Once he saw the tears roll down your face he stood there shocked, the realization setting in quickly as he ushered towards you. Your eyes shot open and you quickly shrunk into the corner of the room, hand flying up as if you were protecting yourself from him. You croaked out a “Don’t hurt me.” as you continued to cry again. Minseok slowly rose his hands as if to show you that he means no harm, he’d take one slow step towards you and saw you drop your head in between your knees, your arms wrapped around your legs while you brought your knees closer to your chest. Minseok took his time making his way to you, each step he took he made sure to take at least fifteen seconds to take the other. Within time he had made his way to you, you felt his presence as he sat beside you. All he could mutter was apologies, he wouldn’t touch you in cause you’d flinch again and it absolutely killed him. All he wanted to do was hold you in his arms yet he was terrified to touch you now. The only thing he was able to say was “I’m sorry.”“I’d never hurt you.” He’d stay by your side until you were ready to talk again, no matter how long that took.

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“Don’t swear at a possibly pregnant lady!” Shelley snapped out of instant defensive.
“I’m sorry but-” Salim tried to defend himself as Shelley placed her hands on her hips.
“But what?” 
“You looked tense,” he whispered, pulling her against him. “When there isn’t a reason to be.”
“Like I know that…” 

Her mind was still racing in half anger and half worry. Her thoughts kept going to how she doesn’t have enough room for her and the bean inside of her or if Salim would stick around, even if he did look calm. After all, they weren’t even actually together.
Maybe it hasn’t even processed through his brain yet,” she thought.

Please Be Okay (Spencer Reid x Reader)

word count: 1200

               “He’ll listen to me, Hotch. Let me go in there.” You were standing outside the suspects house. Inside with him were his two kids and his ex-wife, who were being held hostage. The team had tried negotiating with the murderer, but he didn’t want anything but revenge. “He’ll listen to me! He’s not use to a female being in a place of authority- “

               “No, you’re not going in.” Spencer grabbed your arm, making you look over at him. He could feel his heart racing, and the anger inside him growing. “We are not about to throw you in there! You are not dispensable!”

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Okkkkkk, so Raja and Raven are apparently receiving lots of death threaths and hate mail right now just because they booted ONE of Kim chi’s looks in the Photo Ruview video and because they tooted Derrick’s looks. 

This is why i hate this whiny ass fandom, i mean it’s just their opinion, it’s not like they killed Kim or something.. i meann… jesus…grow tf up tbh. They’re just doing their job. Kim won the challege so why are you even bitching about it? I feel so bad for the queens who have to put up with all of these whiny kids acting like immature and hateful 12 y/o’s. No wonder the queens are being ‘’rude’’ sometimes to their fans when 80% of their fans behave like this. 

Why do yall always gotta find something to complain about just so you can feel like it’s okay to be hateful towards somebody over the internet? Just be grateful that we actually have this amazing show and focus on the things you love about it & focus on the queens that you love, it actually aint that hard.

It’s actually gotten so messed up and gone so far, that almost every rpdr queen at some point have had to call out their fans out on twitter and tell them to behave, Especially this last year, the hate and negativity of this fandom is growing and it’s going to kill the whole show, especially for all of the queens who wish to be on the show in the future, or for those who have already been on it. I left a few nice messages to them, a few nice comments and called some hateful bitches out, yall better help out to show some positivity and love up in this fandom. 

Honestly just props to all the queens for having to put up with all of this BS & negativity from this hateful fandom.

My response to racism is anger. I have lived with that anger, ignoring it, feeding it, learning to use it, before it laid my visions to waste, for most of my life. Once I did it in silence, afraid of the weight. My fear of anger taught me nothing … anger expressed and translated into action in the service of our vision and our future is a liberating and strengthening act of clarification. […] Anger is loaded with information and energy.
—  Audre Lorde
Riots aren't happening because cops just started killing people. It's not because these things are being caught on camera and we're seeing them for the first time. Black people are tired. We are tired. I am sick and tired of hearing about another man who could be me shot and beaten and killed by the people who are put in their positions to protect us. I am tired of seeing a new hashtag every few days and saying "Another one?" This goes back before hashtags. Sean Bell. This goes back before the world wide web. Emmett Till. This goes back before we were "granted" the right to be free in a country that we never signed up for. We are tired of our lives mattering less than the dogs you buy from animal shelters. A 60 second commercial will make you pick up the phone to find out how you can volunteer at your nearest kennel but a video of a man getting shot while running away, a man being choked to death, a man being thrown into a van with his body limp isn't enough for you in America to realize that something is wrong. We're viewed less than animals. Even people who are amateurs know not to corner a wounded animal. We are no animal but we have been wounded. We have been wounded and cornered for the past for hundred years and it's only so long until we retaliate
When women are angry, we are wanting too much or complaining or wasting time or focusing on the wrong things or we are petty or shrill or strident or unbalanced or crazy or overly emotional. Race complicates anger. Black women are often characterized as angry simply for existing, as if anger is woven into our breath and our skin.

Black men, like black women, are judged harshly for their anger. The angry black man is seen as a danger, a threat, uncontrollable.

Feminists are regularly characterized as angry. At many events where I am speaking about feminism, young women ask how they can comport themselves so they aren’t perceived as angry while they practice their feminism. They ask this question as if anger is an unreasonable emotion when considering the inequalities, challenges, violence and oppression women the world over face. I want to tell these young women to embrace their anger, sharpen themselves against it.
woman, meet child

Me grown woman,
you, just a young man.
me. grown woman and sexualized age 14,
you, young man with his whole life ahead of him at the age of 25, 30…40.
me, hands up don’t shoot.
you, clenched jaw, hand on gun, releasing rounds,
me, being lowered into the ground before i even had a real chance.
you being on paid leave.
me, maybe she disturbed the peace, me maybe she disrespectd the police, me too dark for this world.
you, just the right amount of slave owner in your ancestry, you with all the privledge the founding fathers never intended to be for me you with your post-racial society.
me with too much of a burden to bare before i even have a basic understanding of the way this system is set up, because me, “grown woman, savage and uneducated” at 14, me still learning false history, me facing a society that is so against me that i cannot breathe…me.
you, police, you judge, you jury. you church. you state, you senate, you army, “you intrllrct you intelligence” but you young man, whole world in your hands, you little boy too young to think like a man.
me grown woman with nothing but my voice and these hands, trying to lift myself up, pat myself on the back, carry on a legacy so much bigger than me i can hardly stand and lift these chains.
me grown woman.

“Michael, you are the tenth plague of this doomed city, you know this,” Gabriel reminds him, holding out a hand in a gesture of attempted understanding. “Books will hold a warning to all other races and times to not anger Father as this man has and you will be remembered for dustbathing through the carnage.” Common Sparrow by drinkbloodlikewine and suntosirius

dsha2127, Told you I’d do it. Because this is my new thing. And that fic is just too good not to demand you to read it :3

Bobby - Different (requested)

Song: Winner - Different

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You exited the car and slammed the passenger door shut with a loud bang, walking away into the darkness of the night. Your chest was racing up and down with anger and you clenched your fist together into tight balls. You could feel the tears shooting up into your eyes, so you closed them, trying your best to hold back your tears. You slowed down your pace, secretly hoping he would follow you.

Like always, the day ended with the two of you getting into a fight. And like always you were the only one who got hurt.

You let out a deep sigh, pressing your lips together, when you heard footsteps from behind.

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