racecourse road

DAY 2795

Of great times gone by,  Cut yesterday    Nov  29,  2015    Sun 11:52 pm

Birthday - EF Hemant Binani

Monday, November 30, 2015

The wishes for the 30th of Nove to our Ef .. they are sincere and filled with love and affection .. may all the wishes you dream of be true ..

In these ‘mounted police’ security do we live our lives .. working on the roads of Kolkata, by the Maidan, by the Park Street, by Ballygunj, by the RaceCourse and Red Road .. and such nostalgia !!

So we travelled in one pair of jacket and pant to search for jobs in this city, moving from Tollygunj to the Esplanade in the wonderful Tram service .. at times hanging out of the doors for lack of space .. but somehow enjoying the experience of the first struggle ..

The Victoria Memorial our final destination by the evening to fill our starched stomachs with the delicious ‘puchka pani’, the ‘gol gappa’ of the North and the ‘pani puri’ of middle India .. not venturing onto the South at all for want of better linguistic talent ..

What times really .. retrospectively all those times seem and feel so exciting .. while in it .. there was always complain and complaint .. but by and large , more large , a settled and exhilarating existence ..

The passionate Kolkata masses .. filled with compassion and praise .. distinct in their choices and in their taste .. they are the epitome of the correct and the wise decisions as far as their opinion of talent is on the anvil ..

Equally are they dismissive of that which does not occupy their fancy .. masters at all games and in the knowledge of what is worth and what not ..

Such universal presence in opinion is rare and exemplary .. and so are the Kolkatans .. rare, passionate, wise and filled with the senses of all that is of value and tradition ..

But satisfaction has been equally in the passion and love and concern and the shear strength of our Ef from Egypt .. the warmth of their love can never be forgotten, and neither can one forget the emotions that run in them as they spend a day with us .. us as in all of us together .. 

They are a joy .. and a pity they leave tomorrow ..

But nights must end for the sun to rise and so must all events and meets ..

So good night 

Amitabh Bachchan