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Marauders Era Fancast

Suraj Sharma as James Potter, Tina Desai as Lily Evans, Avan Jogia as Sirius Black, Eka Darville as Remus Lupin, and Luke Newberry as Peter Pettigrew

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”


harry potter re-cast: james and lily potter [x]

there was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair harry had inherited standing up in all directions. there was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad.

anonymous asked:

why do almost all your harry potter reblogs show harry and hermoine as black? what did I miss?

I’m glad you asked.

First off, let me get out of the way that it is not explicitly stated anywhere in the books that Harry or Hermione are people of color. However it is also not stated ANYWHERE IN THE BOOKS that they are white, and both of them are coded much more as people of color than they are as white, yet people always assume that white is default and the movies made them white, and therefore pretty much everyone assumes they are meant to be white. 

Hermione more than Harry, is fairly undeniably a black woman. It’s pretty difficult to deny it without your reasoning being racist, when one of her main physical features referenced repeatedly in the books is her big bushy curly hair, AND the only descriptor for her skin tone in the entire series is this quote:

“They were there, both of them, sitting outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor — Ron looking incredibly freckly, Hermione very brown, both waving frantically at him.” [x, x]

[EDIT: a friend is doing a reread through the series and found a couple descriptors of her that describe her as pale/white to convey emotion: horror, shock, fear conveyed through “going pale” and that sort of thing– so it’s more debatable than I’d thought, but even if JKR had said “she’s white” that wouldn’t make headcanoning her as black invalid or without merit or value]

and JKR herself has favorited that article on Twitter as well as at least one piece of fanart involving Hermione being black (I did a quick skim through of her favorites and found zero fanart of Hermione being white, but I did find this): 

Hermione’s blood status in the books is used as a lens through which the young target audience of the HP series gets to see racism for what it is: horrible, unfounded, bigotry. Having Hermione be white while telling a story of racism is actually pretty shitty, since it implies that white people can only understand and relate to the plight of PoC if it’s shown to them through the lens of a white character– which is to say, it actually further enforces racism by othering PoC. 

It doesn’t actually teach white kids to empathize with brown kids, it teaches them to empathize with less well-off white kids. Many kids will make the mental jump, but they honestly shouldn’t have to. So having Hermione be white does a disservice to white kids and kids of color alike.

Representation is unbelievably important, ESPECIALLY for marginalized groups. This link is to a post about the importance of diversity in writing, with a ton of great links if you’d like more information on the subject.

As for Harry, I’ve got a bunch of posts [here, here, here, and here] addressing why him being specifically black or otherwise being a character of color is a great headcanon and why various people love it. Important details from those links include (but are not limited to):

  • “the fact that he was never mistaken for an actual relative of the Dursley’s in public”
  • “His black uncontrollable hair that his white family had NO IDEA how to deal with”
  • “Harry and James both have canonically jet-black untidy hair but no canon ethnicity” and the only descriptor in the books for Harry’s skin is that he has “great skin”
  • Harry having mixed blood status AND being mixed race makes for a very interesting literary parallel
  • “racism would/could have influenced people’s perceptions of him and his actions” growing up, explaining why no one stepped in to protect him from the Dursley’s

And beyond all of that, it’s taken me a while to realize that I’ve ALWAYS imagined Harry with brown skin. When I’ve drawn him I’ve always colored his skin darker than I did the characters around him, and when I didn’t he looked weird to me. Now, subtle racism made child me think “he’s tan :)” instead of “white isn’t default, Harry Potter isn’t necessarily white :)” but in hindsight I always thought of him as having darker skin and just hadn’t made the mental leap, which means he always READ as a character of color to me, and I was just too much of an oblivious white kid to register.

My personal favorite headcanon for Harry is that the Potter family is originally from India. This came about because I’ve spent hours upon hours looking at actors and models and performers from all over the world trying to find someone who looked at least sort of like my mental image of Harry Potter (so I could use someone as a reference for when I draw him) and the person I finally landed on is THIS adorable dork:

who’s name is Indraneil Senguptas. This is what I think Harry Potter would look like as an adult. This is also pretty much exactly how I imagine James.

The actress I landed on for Hermione (though this would be how she’d look as a young teen) is Amandla Stenberg:

And adult Hermione would have some Jessica Sula, Gina Torrez, and Antonia Thomas influences.

While I’m talking about Harry Potter characters of color, I’m just going to take this opportunity to add a link to this post, detailing why Beauxbatons is probably primarily a Muslim wizarding school.

And one more link to some cool art, and some discussion about how the movies shape our perceptions of characters, even when they probably shouldn’t.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing canon saying that they’re NOT people of color… but even if there WERE, there’s nothing wrong with headcanoning them as people of color. There are plenty of reasons to do so, from a need for representation, to a thirst for more diversity and fewer white-bread cardboard-cut-out characters, to finding literary parallels and significance in a CoC that aren’t there with white characters, to just plain feeling like it. There’s no good reason NOT to and there’s plenty of good reasons TO racebend the heck out of your favorite media.

Jyn Erso —> WOC Fancast 4/? : Amber Rose Revah

Representation matters. If there truly is no reason (Jyn as Rey’s mother) for this character to be a conventionally attractive white woman, then there’s also no reason she could not be a woman of color.

[LA!Racebent!Frozen Fancast] Aesthetic

Janelle Monae as Elsa

Kiersey Clemons as Anna

John Boyega as Kristoff

Khylin Rhambo as Hans

Now that Ghostbusters is getting a ladies-only reboot...

I, tumblr user khaleesi, had an idea for for another cast that keeps getting frigging rebooted. Because I have like basically no Photoshop skills and also I am lazy, this is fully text-based sorry 2 make u read (only not rly).

BATMAN. BATMAN AS ALL WOMEN. I know Batwoman is already a thing and she should have her own movie but just FOLLOW ALONG CHILDREN. TRUST IN ME.

Batwoman: Viola Davis OR Laverne Cox. I am not picky and think they would both bring something different and much more interesting to a role that is, tbh, really fucking boring overall. (Sad rich white dude gets mad, seeks justice through money! I FELL ASLEEP HALFWAY THROUGH THIS SENTENCE.) Tbh I am envisioning this as a Bruce Wayne thing and not a Kate Kane thing, though I also want Kate Kane around. Viola can be one and Laverne can be the other. There.

Robin: Stephanie Beatriz. I’m thinking a Jason Todd Robin here – equal parts sheer badass and surprising vulnerability. We’ve seen that Beatriz can do both in spades in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Nightwing: Lupita Nyong'o. I will hear nothing else. Preternaturally beautiful and an eternal optimist? I would LOVE to see this goddess in this role.

Alfred(a): Maggie Smith. Just the right level of gravitas, snark, and innate competence.

Comissioner Gordon:Lucy Liu. I think she does soooort of a similar role as Watson on Elementary, but imagine Lucy Liu and Laverne Cox or Viola Davis working together to take down the forces of evil. You’re welcome.

The Joker: Rosamund Pike. End of discussion. Did you see Gone Girl? That’s what I thought.

Catwoman:Rosario Dawson. I am in no mood for making Catwoman a dude and in every mood for villain/hero lesbian relationships bye.

Harvey Dent: Yo, this is a Gina Torres role if ever there was one. Dent’s a tragedy – I think she would be very, very capable of bringing that edge of desperation and heartbreak to Dent’s villainy. I kinda like keeping Harvey as her name, too. Why the hell not. Gender is a construct anyway.

The Riddler: Rachel Weisz. I actually have no idea why, I just think it would be amazing.

Harley Quinn: Jesse Williams. Again I don’t have a justification for this, just a deep-set surety that it is Right.

Poison Ivy: Idris Elba. Unexpected but again PRETTY PERF. Also I think he would like fantastic in a lot of green.

Oracle: Sebastian Stan. Just imagine it with me for a minute. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. No, look, I know that would mean Sebastian Stan would have to be Lucy Liu’s child and also somehow exist as people in both DC and Marvel universes. The obstacles are many, but the chin dimple is worth it. Just let me have this. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, INTERNET.

Jyn Erso —> WOC Fancast 3/? : Melanie Liburn

Representation matters. If there truly is no reason (Jyn as Rey’s mother) for this character to be a conventionally attractive white woman, then there’s also no reason she could not be a woman of color.