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The West Wing | 1x18 | Six Meetings Before Lunch

JEFF: You got a dollar?
JOSH: Yeah.
JEFF: Take it out. Look at the back.
Josh does.
JEFF: The seal, the pyramid - it’s unfinished. With the eye of God looking over it. And the words Annuit Coeptis. He, God, Favors our Undertaking. The seal is meant to be unfinished, because this country’s meant to be unfinished. We’re meant to keep doing better. We’re meant to keep discussing and debating and we’re meant to read books by great historical scholars and then talk about them.


From the moment I started drag I was in drag every weekend from like age 16 to 19. Julia’s Lafo the number one celebrity impersonation show in the Northwest they approached me to be their host of their show and that is when my drag kicked up a notch you know I went from just being the cookie obscure Cabaret Queen to trying to be a bit more of a showgirl. — Jinkx Monsoon in the documental “drag becomes him”

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"Trump acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is literally Nazism!" cry the people performing acts that sound like they were ripped out of a WWII history book

Right? And Tumblr has been eerily silent about all of the antisemitic incidents that have occurred in the aftermath of this. People on Twitter are straight up victim blaming. All of this because Trump merely RECOGNIZED Jerusalem as the capital. He didn’t actually designate or officially name it the capital. He doesn’t have the power to do that.