You know how in D&D-style fantasy settings, elves’ appearances and abilities always seem to be reflected in their dwellings?

Like, high elves live in tall towers, and wood elves live inside hollow trees, and dark elves live in caves, and whatnot.

A funny notion just occurred to me: what if that reflection goes the other way?

That is, rather than favouring dwellings that match their idiom, elves actually transform - physical appearance, personality, magical talents and all - to reflect the aesthetics and attributes of whatever they happen to live in.

So you’d also have, like, one-room apartment elves, and bungalow elves, and mobile home elves, and lakefront cabin elves, and tin-roofed-shack-in-the-woods elves, and so forth.

What would those elves be like?

*slides Bioware $20*

hey so can we play as city elves again in the next dragon age game?

Things I Love to See:

- Elves of different cultures, in saris, and African Garb, Egyptian. 

- Elves of Color with natural hair, dreadlocks, cornrows. 

- Elves with disabilities, and realism. 

- Imperfect elves with things that break the stereotype of otherworldly perfection.

- Elves with personality flaws other than arrogance

- Elves with disfiguring battle scars