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I once read a report that said over 50% of Afro-Caribbean men have a non-black partner. Over 50%. There are twice as many biracial Afro-Caribbean children in the uk than there are mono-racial Afro-Caribbean kids. At first, I was like that’s not possible, I lived in a different country then but moved to the UK last year. But I was seriously wrong. I live like an hour or two away from London, but I find it hard to spot fully black kids and when I do they’re usually African. All I see are biracial kids running around the place. And obviously since the men aren’t dating the women the women date outside their race too. The same report said Africans in the U.K. also date outside their race but overall they usually marry their own people or within their race at least (think it said due to culture & because of parents, traditions etc).

There’s nothing wrong with biracial kids or interracial dating, if you find someone you love, race shouldn’t be a barrier at all. But just looking at that statistic alone, I can’t help but feel other factors are playing into it. Self-hate, colourism & anti-blackness. I watched this Jamaican youtuber, she has a white boyfriend, and said she loved black boys so much but they would always tell her she’s ugly, she’s too black (she’s dark skinned and so beautiful) , they only date white girls etc, so she had to expand on who she dates which is understandable. Some black people are literally dying to not be with another black person and that says a lot.

How about Mixed Hogwarts House Friends…

When someone is picking on the Slytherin, the Gryffindor stands up and tells the person to back off, and guides the Slytherin away from the fight.

When the Gryffindor is all sad and depressed, the Ravenclaw brings them a warm drink, and sits with them as they talk about what’s going on. 

When the Ravenclaw is picked on for not having the highest marks, the Hufflepuff reminds them there are different types of intelligence, and paper doesn’t prove anything.

When the Hufflepuff is sitting on the sidelines watching the others play, the Slytherin is the one to jog over to tell them to get their butts in gear because they are playing on their team, and together they are gonna beat Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. 

C:i don’t know if it’s just me but usually when i meet a mixed kid i can often find it easy to tell whether it’s their mother or father who is black depending on the dumb shit they may say or how they treat other black people and even other mixed kids. I’m purely basing this on the mixed people that i’ve come across in the UK where I live live so this probably sounds like a very ignorant and biased statement to some of you. I’d expand on what i mean but i’ve hit the limit on mobile lmao

Today is @mellorad‘s birthday and for this special day I drew a comic featuring her lovely OCs!! Rhi is hopelessly in love with the cute waitress Annie, and Gareth is there to cheer her up when she’s a little self-conscious ;)

I felt like drawing a comic was the best way to respond to the super wonderful cool and dramatic comic she drew for my last birthday!!! Go check it out!

I had a great time drawing your characters uvu you should draw them more yourself!!! I wish you an amazing birthday with lots of great cake (you know which one) and plenty of warm hugs <3