race: caucasian


★ ·.·´¯`·.·★ [ Anthony Hopkins ] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

✴ Weight: Unknown
✴ Height: 5ft 8in or 173 cm
✴ Hair Colour: Grey
✴ Eye Colour: Blue
✴ Birth Place: Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
✴ Date Of Birth: December 31, 1937
✴ Occupation: Actor, composer, painter
✴ Notable Works: The Hannibal Lecter trilogy, Thor, The Elephant Man, Remains of the Day, Howards End, Magic, The World’s Fastest Indian, A Bridge Too Far, The Mask of Zorro, Nixon, Instinct, Fracture, The Dresser, Westworld, Legends of the Fall, Amistad, 84 Charing Cross Road, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Bounty, Meet Joe Black

A witch is a witch.

A witch is a witch, regardless of gender.

  • There are female witches
  • There are male witches
  • There are cis witches
  • There are transgender witches
  • There are nonbinary witches
  • There are agender and genderless witches
  • There are bigender and trigender witches
  • There are genderfluid witches
  • There are gender nonconforming witches
  • There are witches of all genders.

A witch is a witch, regardless of sexuality.

  • There are straight witches
  • There are gay/mlm and lesbian/wlw witches
  • There are queer witches
  • There are bisexual/biromantic and pansexual/panromantic witches
  • There are asexual and aromantic witches
  • There are questioning witches
  • There are polyamorous witches
  • There are monogamous witches
  • There are lgbtq+ witches
  • There are witches of all sexualities.

A witch is a witch, regardless of race.

  • There are caucasian witches
  • There are indigenous witches
  • There are black witches
  • There are latinxs witches
  • There are asian witches
  • There are polynesian witches
  • There are biracial and mixed witches
  • There are witches of all races.

A witch is a witch, regardless of belief.

  • There are atheist witches
  • There are christian witches
  • There are hindu witches
  • There are jewish witches
  • There are muslim witches
  • There are shinto witches
  • There are kemetic witches
  • There are hellenic witches
  • There are wiccan witches
  • There are satanic witches
  • There are monotheistic witches
  • There are polytheistic witches
  • There are witches of all beliefs.

A witch is a witch if they say they’re a witch.

  • There are neurotypical witches
  • There are autistic witches
  • There are spoonie witches
  • There are mentally handicapped witches
  • There are able-bodied witches
  • There are physically handicapped witches
  • There are openly practicing witches
  • There are closeted witches
  • There are curse-negative witches
  • There are curse-positive witches
  • There are heavily devoted witches
  • There are hobbyist witches
  • There are thin witches
  • There are big witches
  • There are tall witches
  • There are short witches
  • There are rich witches
  • There are poor witches
  • There are old witches
  • There are young witches
  • There are beginning witches
  • There are veteran witches
  • There are so many different kinds of people who identify as witches.

A witch is a witch, period, bitch.

a beginner’s guide to seventeen

a bunch of new fans have joined because of don’t wanna cry and the subsequent choreos, so here’s a short guide to seventeen!

the hip hop unit

choi seungcheol: stage name - s.coups. he’s the oldest, the leader, and basically the father. most often shipped with jeonghan or jihoon. acts cool but is really just an enormous meme. (this also applies to the rest of seventeen - except seokmin and seungkwan. they don’t even try.)

kim mingyu: stage name - also mingyu. the tallest (185 cm! how is that real!). essentially a giant puppy. he’s a visual and deserves the title (goddamn). most often shipped with wonwoo. super clumsy and super adorable.

jeon wonwoo: stage name - also wonwoo. complete tsundere - has an extreme resting bitch face and a deep as hell voice. most often shipped with mingyu. very quiet compared to the others but that might just be because they’re so loud. actually a sweetheart.

chwe hansol: stage name - vernon. most popular member and total meme. mixed race (½ korean, ½ caucasian) and used to be bullied for it even though he’s beautiful. most often shipped with seungkwan. really sweet, picked as the shyest by the members.

the vocal unit

lee jihoon: stage name - woozi. leader of the vocal unit + main composer/writer of the group. he looks cute but he’s actually the devil. short (164 cm) but definitely the most intimidating. most often shipped with soonyoung or seungcheol. hates aegyo + fanservice even though he has “”natural aegyo””.

hong jisoo: stage name - joshua. known as the gentleman of the group because he’s soft-spoken and very kind. he’s a visual. christian (hence the meme jisoos), loves food, from california and plays the guitar. most often shipped with jeonghan.

boo seungkwan: stage name - also seungkwan. really, really loud and sassy (nickname: divaboo). main vocal, has the voice of an angel. very talkative and friendly, total momma’s boy but it’s sweet. most often shipped with hansol.

yoon jeonghan: stage name - also jeonghan. nicknamed angel because of his birthday (october 4th). visual, super pretty. mom of the group (literally he calls poor chan his child all the time. all the time.) most often shipped with jisoo or seungcheol. voted as having the best personality by the other members.

lee seokmin: stage name - dk. wants to be called dokyeom but nobody calls him dokyeom. another main vocal, beautiful voice (esp high notes!!). also a giant meme. has a famous horse dance and is constantly smiley and cute. enormous softie. most often shipped with soonyoung.

the performance unit

kwon soonyoung: stage name - hoshi. leader of the performance unit and main choreographer. very energetic and caring. also extremely patient and hardworking. very affectionate but also the personification of 0-100 real quick. most often shipped with jihoon and seokmin.

wen junhui: stage name - jun. used to be a child actor in china. super super pretty and knows it. doesn’t seem super talkative but has a hyperactive side. his facial expressions are consistently memey. most often shipped with minghao.

xu minghao: stage name - the8. did bboy + martial arts in china. imo the cutest member in seventeen (esp with the rainbow hair. look up the rainbow hair.) has a very cute voice when speaking korean and often stutters. aMAZING dancer. most often shipped with junhui.

lee chan: stage name - dino. the maknae (poor kid gets pushed around by the other members so much). had a huge glo up recently. famous for his michael jackson dances (he’s a huge mj fan). likes to act tough but is actually adorable. most often shipped with - i actually don’t know most people just think of him as A Child.

if you have any other questions, you can go ahead and shoot me a message or ask because i am glad to spread my trashiness to others! i hope this was helpful!