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We may not look the same, speak the same or have the same culture but everyone bleeds the same blood. We are all here on this planet with each other until our journey is over. We are all equal and allowed the same treatment and opportunities (Black, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian etc.) We need to unite and support each other. Stop the hate, discrimination and racism. Spread love and positivity because we’re all stuck on this planet called Earth and we might as well support each other while we are here. ❤️🌎


Bomani Jones wore a shirt mocking the Cleveland Indians live on ESPN

On Thursday morning, Bomani filled in for Mike Golic on Mike & Mike wearing a T-shirt that imitated the highly contentious Cleveland Indians mascot — but with a white figure and the word “Caucasians.” The white outrage rolled in, with Bomani taking the time to expertly shut down one troll.

“White” people are not a race. CAUCASIAN is a race. not all Caucasians have white skin. Not all Caucasian think or act the same way. Like every race, Caucasians have different skin colours, nationalities, ethnicities, appearances, views. Please remember this next time you decide it would make you feel better to hate on innocent people because you have had a bad experience with a few people of the same “race”.


The Surprisingly Racist History of the word “Caucasian" | MTV Decoded

Why do we call White People Caucasian? It’s an interesting question considering that outside America, Caucasian simply refers to the people from the region around Caucasus Mountains.  Not only that, but there’s actually a pretty messed up history to what seems like a pretty innocuous word. What is that history? Watch this week’s episode of Decoded to find out!!!

Can I just talk for a minute about how much I hate the term PoC? It literally ignores all the thousands of non-Caucasian cultures and peoples and just puts them in a giant box. It’s meant to be politically correct, but really isn’t. It also creates an “us vs. them” mentality between whites and non-white people. It’s just annoying as fuck.

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I was wondering if you could explain the difference between being white and Caucasian? In an ask, you said they were different. I would check the FAQ but I'm on mobile(p.s. I love this blog so much! I don't mind disrespect if this was rude!)

These posts have some great explanation and examples:

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*gentle reminder* being caucasian isn't the same thing as being white. like, caucasian is a larger group, consisting of some asian and african peoples, and yes, white people can be caucasian (but a caucasian person isn't necessarily white) idk, google "caucasian vs white" or smth this is relatively new to me too... i absolutely LOVE your blog, keep up the good work

OK, dully noted, but I think in the context of the post and this blog people kind of get (I hope) what I’m referring to.

I’ll not go too deep into it but I hope it’s understood what I’m reffering to when talking about  "archetypical hero stock character from 1930s American comics, aka Caucasian, American middle- or upper- class, athletic, tall, attractive, heterosexual, educated, young adult male.“

But to be fair you got a point there.

 AS a racial classification, the term Caucasian has many flaws, dating as it does from a time when the study of race was based on skull measurements and travel diaries. It has long been entirely unmoored from its geographical reference point, the Caucasus region. Its equivalents from that era are obsolete — nobody refers to Asians as “Mongolian” or blacks as “Negroid.” x

Thanks for writing.

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i'm south asian and i'm curious. i've never heard of the aryan theory?

The Aryan Invasion? The theory, very briefly, states that the South Asian continent was populated by Dravidians, aka, people from Africa who were now evolving features separately from the “root” population. Sometime during the development of the Indo-Aryan culture (which includes languages, religions, physical features now present in European populations), people from West Asia/Middle East migrated east into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North India. These people with relatively light skin and an entirely separate way of life, once they crossed the Himalayan border, were then referred to as Aryan. The Aryans “invaded” Dravidian land, driving the darker-skinned population farther south, and settled the land. This is why Indo-Aryan languages have a completely separate root from Dravidian languages and more closely related to Central Asian/European languages, and this is why their DNA markers more closely resemble Caucasian DNA markers. Alternately, Dravidian DNA markers more closely resemble DNA markers from east Africa and the Polynesian islands, implying emigration from Africa helped settle these places.

Reasons this theory is disputed: mostly because nationalists say the Indo-Aryan culture evolved from India itself and then spread north/west. The theory was presented and posited by white people, which is a good reason to be skeptical of it, to be fair. But also, those people who first proposed the theory claimed that the Aryans were some great pure race of white people who civilized the savage Dravidians, which is inaccurate because if they were migrants from West Asia, they would’ve been closer to resembling modern day north African people (eg, Egyptian or Moroccan) and not to mention it would’ve been the Dravidian populations who were responsible for the amazing prehistoric civilizations of Mohenjo Darro and Harrapa so they were in no way some kind of “savage” folk. Also some people say this theory is being used to “separate” the country and divide us, but also, racism, casteism, and shadeism is also being used to separate the country and you don’t see people doing shit about that lmao.