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Dear perplexed non-Australians: avocado toast in Australian cafes isn’t usually just avocado + bread. 

Often it’s served on fancy bread and includes spices, eggs, cheese, salad veges, all kinds of other things.

$19-$22 (as quoted by grumpy rich white men) is a bit on the high side but it’s not uncommon given the fancy hipster nature of it. Still not nearly enough to afford a deposit on a home though.

(Also avocados aren’t all that cheap here. I saw some in a supermarket the other day go for like $2.50/piece.)

australian gothic

- we all refer to the prime minister by their first name. we know them well, and they know us. all of us.

- there’s a man on the street corner who never leaves. “just waiting for a mate,” he says. you realise he is on every corner, of every street.

- you are swooped by a magpie in the same place, at the same time, every single day. “it’s swooping season!” says your neighbour. it has always been swooping season.

- sometimes you hear a woman whispering late at night - or early in the morning. “rage” she hisses. “rage”.

- the prime minister never seems to last long and often disappears through no discernible democratic process. one of them eats a raw onion in an attempt to assimilate. he is gone by morning, replaced by another.