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Archaeology or geology?

Hoary with age, these patterns look like fields separated by dry stone walls submitting to a rising ocean. They are however an entirely geological phenomenon called tessellated pavement, caused by the interaction between erosion and the joints that form naturally in rocks as they are slowly uncovered and the pressure from the disappeared overlying rocks releases. The lower rocks then expand and split, sometimes in amazing geometrical forms like these orthogonal joint patterns.

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Hey, everyone! My name’s Erinn. I’m just an Aussie girl with a love of philosophy, science guitar and the gym. I spend most of my time studying but I’ll sacrifice my sleep to talk to someone interesting haha. I’m an ambitious and motivated person with plans to join the Australian Army. Feel free to hit me up!

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ID #10263

Name: Elle
Age: 24
Country: Australia

I used to have a few pen pals a few years ago and im keen to get back into some snail mail. Im also fine with online chatting if you prefer!

I work as a chef and i am highly passionate about food and cooking. I am a cat lover and i always find time to read a book.

I thoroughly enjoy in depth conversations about anything but i would love to talk about each others culture, day to day life, beliefs, traditions etc.

When i am not at work i am reading, cooking, watching tv series, or going for a walk to enjoy nature.

I love learning new things and getting to know people and i look forward to hearing from you soon!

Preferences: No gender or country preferences but 20+ years old only please