1) You Snapping on another member

2) Doing aegyo for them cause they’re sad

3) Them seeing your tattoo for the first time

4) When Exo catches you jamming to them

5) You calling them Oppa for the first time

6) You being shipped with another member

7) Exo’s reaction to you telling a bad joke

8) Teasing them when they want a kiss

9) When you refuse to call them Oppa

10) Exo’s reaction to you scaring them

11) When you’re a YouTube Gamer

12) You falling asleep on their lap

13) Exo’s reaction to meeting your ex

14) When you ask them for a kiss

15) Exo’s reaction to you filming them

16) When you’re super cuddly with them

17) You asking them to sing

18) Exo’s Reaction to their girlfriend being allergic to makeup

19) When the girl they like is older than them

20) When you ask them to sing you to sleep

21) When you aren’t by his side when they wake up

22) To you being their love at first sight

23) Exo’s Reaction to when their Girlfriend has her period

24) When their Girlfriend gets made because she’s mistaked for a different race

25) To their Girlfriend singing “I Don’t Fuck With You” to them when they’re in the mood

26) Going off on them in Spanish when they make you mad

27) Their reaction to another member squishing your cheeks

28) Walking in on you showering

29) Finding out you’re working with them

30) When you ask them to teach you one of their dances

31) When they’re not your bias

32) Their reaction to you crying

33) When you say “Damn Daniel…” to them when they’re wearing white vans

34) Exo K’s reaction to their sister not liking his past girlfriends but is fine with you

35) Meeting your hispanic parents

36) When you get hurt and have to go to the hospital while they’re at practice

37) When you get hurt and have to go to the hospital while they’re on tour

38) You having to wear glasses and they make fun of you, but you actually look lie a secretary from a porn movie (Double Reaction)

39) When they find out you’re related to other member

40) When you grop/grab their ass

41) When they catch you masturbating

42) When they give you a birthday present

43) Watching Hachiko

44) When another member walks in on you guys having sex (Gif Reaction)

45) When you (best friend they like) likes another member

46) When you wear short shorts

47) Exo being left alone with a baby

48) Their reaction when you take of your hoodie and you boobs bounce in your tank top in front of the boys (Gif Reaction)

49) Exo’s reaction to you grabbing the back of their shirt/ looping your finger in their pant loop when you become shy/scared while in public (Gif Reaction)

50) When they are stressed about an exam/ or meeting a deadline that they haven’t completed the work for

51) Exo’s reaction to you making the best Mexican food

52) When another member is “getting too close” (Gif Reaction)

53) When you fake being happy and pretending everything is okay but you’re actually very depressed

54) Exo as daddy (Gif Reaction)

55) When their your friend but realize they want to be more than friends after they see you do something stupid (Gif Reaction)

56)  Exo’s Reaction to you being scared and squeezing their arm because you have surgery later

57) Exo’s reaction to them knowing you like them but you deny it

58) Exo’s Reaction to another member flirting with you (Exo as your brother)

59)  When you purposely flirt with other boys

60) Exo’s reaction to you asking him for a threesome with another member

61)  Exo M & Baekhyun Reaction to you being a B.A.P fan

62) Them seducing the girl they like (Gif Reaction)

63) Them realizing that they want to be more than friends with benefits

64) When you’re diabetic and feel uncomfortable to put on insulin in front of them

65) You being scared of ghosts and monsters

66) When you tell him you have an imaginary friend (like a ghost)

67) When they’re tired and you tell them they can sleep on your boobs

68) Having a one night stand with them and when seeing you again, you have their 1 year old child

69) Dating their best friend

70) Teasing you about your height

71) When you join an all girl roller derby team

72) Them being really jealous

73) You having lots of curves

74) Them seeing you at an awards show years after you guys broke up

75) Them telling their GF “take a picture, it’ll last longer” and they actually do

76) You getting bullied

77) When you suddenly begin teasing them while they have an important phone call

78)  When your group members “friendly” pick on you

79)  Their GF and her sister making little noises while rubbing hands (Gif Reaction)

80)  When you’re able to dance like Shakira










Celebrating The End Of Finals | Yes (Coming soon) | No (Coming soon)






Naughty One (Smut)

Exo Text




Kai - Getting you something at the store


Lay - Late night text

Exo Snapchat


Kai - Update to his GF


1) Seeing your pink bra through your wet white shirt

2) When another member teaches their foreign GF a swear word in Korean

3) When you cry out in pleasure

4) Them coming home to a mess that you and another member made


1)  When they find out their crush is a 00 Liner