Too sleepy to keep writing my RPG but too energetic to sleep (read: my butt hurts so I’m awake until it stops.  i wouldn’t mind the butt pain if it was from something fun at least, no such luck).

So instead I’ll theorise on what race/class combination some people might enjoy playing in my RPG when they do the right thing and agree to play it with me!

stormingtheivory I wanna say a Dragon Erudite, but Dragon’s aren’t a player race in the draft I’m working on.  So Beastfolk (Mascot subrace) Erudite.  You’re like a sciency wizard who may or may not be a Pony.

hexmeridian Hmm… you can be Vampire Shaman.   You control ice and darkness.

sergiorex and chesca-mutha-ucker Easy.  Projection Persona, so you to can fuse and be adorable together.

nikki-tung Ummm.  Beastfolk Warrior.  Because it’s a fairly efficient class/race combination for beating things down with just your fists.

tinker-tanner I’mma go with Spacer Operative.  You steal from the mega rich and give to the poor.  Also you get to pretend you’re solid snake sometimes.

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Hi. I noticed your friends are cub like. You as well are cub like. That would mean that you are in the bear spectrum of gay culture, am I right? Maybe I´m being naive but I think bears focus less in race and more on body type. The twink gays would be more face and race oriented, no? I am a latino cub/chub. I was Grindr´s garbage tbh. But I was very very popular on Growlr and I got my last 2 boyfriends there, and one of them was black. And he is very popular as well (he is handsome as hell)

To say that bears don’t focus on race is extremely naive. Have you noticed the people that use apps like growlr or scruff? Have you noticed the “most popular” or “most woof’d”. Think about it… My friends have pointed it out as well. The bear community is just as bad if not worse about the whole race thing. If you aren’t Latino or white and bearded/chubby, good luck. That’s not to say that there aren’t individuals who are open to all races. But seriously. The community itself isn’t known for being the most open and welcoming community. Or the biggest racial melting pot.

Now this isn’t saying bears and cubs are bad, or bad people. Or that you are bad. Or that everyone in the community is. But as a whole, black guys don’t fit in.

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I think its a bit hard to categorize Malaysia because there are too many races and multicultural things going on. We have public holidays on Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Wesak Day, Deepavali and etc. Like non malays can choose to wear baju kurung to school instead of the pinafore and things like that

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why white people always gotta be like "it's not always about race!" like seriously when you look at us, is skin color not the first thing you notice?? "you guys make everything about race" my ass

Because not everything is about race? Nicki saying she didnt get it cause of her race was an absurd thing to say and does make her look selfish
Dont bring in an issue like racism when your just having a sook your video wasnt good enough

IDK how casting Bagels Cucumbers as Khan isn’t disrespectful to Gene Roddenberry tbh. 

That man fought networks tooth and nail to have people of different races on his show. He fought long and hard to have an interracial kiss on TV. 

My grandmother does not like Sci-Fi, but you better believe her ass was watching Star Trek, you know why? Because it was one of the few places you could see a black woman on TV. And she had an important job! She was important! She wasn’t just in the background. 

Shit, as fake and hokey as Chekov’s accent was, he made sure there was a russian on the show, why? BECAUSE HIS VERSION OF THE FUTURE WAS ONE OF DIVERSITY AND PEOPLE GETTING ALONG KINDA SORTA. 






(No I don’t know about the dude doing the Blue Steel back there, I barely remember Enterprise it’s boring)

“It’s about the actors performance.”

MAAAN, fuck that noise.

No, it’s not, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of actors out there of Indian descent. You’re telling me that Binglebangle Coochiebutt was better than all of them? Show me the tapes, I gotta see that. Show me them auditions that I’m pretty sure they didn’t even do because casting a white dude is easier than being not a bastard.

People of color already struggle when it comes to seeing ourselves in the media, and before you go “But he’s a baaaad guy.” No one is saying that PoC can’t be cast as bad guys. It’s that we’re cast as the same kind of bad guys each and every fucking time. Mindless, one note, stereotypical. 

Khan was different, he was smart, he was strong, he was cunning, he was layered. He garnered the respect of his enemies he was that fucking great. AND HE WAS BROWN. AWESOME SAUCE YEEEEEAAAAAH. 

But nope, let’s cast a white dude because who gives a shit about diversity. HAHAHAA WE HONOR U GENE RODDENBERRY BY WHITEWASHING. 

P.S I’m just gonna link this cause shut up I do what i want. 



there is a particularly racist and transphobic fan of Steven Universe that is making edits of every character of color and basically making them light-skinned and blue-eyed. There have been several messages that have been replied to on their blog regarding their white-washing of these characters and sometimes recoloring of fanart without any regards to the original artists. They usually reply with something along the lines of “This is how they should be and I can do what i want”, even though this is creating a dangerous enviorment in the fandom because they also start to talk about their blatant hatred for people that aren’t white, straight, cis, or skinny. 

I already reported them on the grounds of malicious speech, which on the tumblr guidelines is described as, “ Don’t encourage violence or hatred on the basis of things like race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation. We encourage you to dismantle negative speech through argument rather than censorship. We will, however, remove anything that is overtly malicious”. I made the liberty of bolding all that applied so far, along with fatshaming.

i encourage anyone that is to report steven-universe-edits and help make the fandom a little less dangerous and more accepting.

i have some screenshots of replies they’ve had to anons and people who are trying to explain to this person just how damaging their edits are

I stopped at this reply because i was feeling physically sick scrolling through their blog.

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can you explain what happened with the Oreo lick race thing that was on TV or something

Okay so like Phil and other youtubers made a lick race that was sponsored by oreo but I guess Phil didn’t flat out say he was being sponsored (it was obvious but w/e) so new laws were made and enforced on uk vloggers saying they HAVE to explicitly state that the video is sponsored and phil ended up having to delete the lick race but today the laws went into full effect so itv and the bbc did stories on them but only showed footage of phil and just kinda treated him like he’d committed this huge crime it’s messy and over the top and everyone is pissed but this is old news and traditional media is just blowing it up again blech