The Struggle Part Two:
  • Blacks in the 1800's: I know first hand what racism is. I am a victim of a violent diaspora and genocide, like many non-european whites around the world.
  • Blacks in the early 1900: I know first hand what racism is. Reconstruction of the South only led to the KKK, who stalk, torture and humiliate my family for no reason, other than or skin color. They bomb our churches, they kidnap and rape our children, they harass us to no end, even though we are a peaceful people who just want equality.
  • Blacks in the 1930s: I know first hand what racism is. I have seen my family members lynched and killed for trying to vote (cough my great Uncle). I have been denied the right to education since my ancestors arrival. Ethnic Cleansing/Lynching/Genocide occurs in the south everyday at this point. I fear for my life.
  • Blacks in the 1950s: I know first hand what racism is. Jim Crow laws. Segregation created by whites. Without Brown vs. Board of Eduction, I would not have any access to real schools. And they continue to lynch our people. Police invade our houses and kill our unarmed sons for no reason, and get away with it. The KKK has infiltrated our justice and legal system for hundreds of years now, ensuring that there is no legal justice for Blacks in America, ever.
  • Blacks in the 60s & and 70s: I know first hand what racism is. I have been denied equal access to Colleges despite Brown vs. Board of education. I have been denied access to equal housing even if I do have the money to buy a house in the "white" part of town. I have witnessed my leaders (Martin, Malcolm, Medgar) murdered in cold blood.... simply for fighting for whats right in this world... civil rights.
  • Blacks in in the 80s and 90s: I know first hand what racism is. I have witnessed the governments (Reagan) direct tactics against Black people; the contra deal, placing drugs in Black and Mexican communities. then changing laws to make sure they are placed in jail for disproportionate amounts of time. We still need to bus our children into white areas to ensure they have equal access to education. And still they will experience racism. I am denied equal access to bank loans, house loans and credit cards because of my race.
  • Modern era Blacks: We experience racism til this day. We are still denied equal access to schools with the removal of Affirmative Action, we are still harassed by police frequently via racial profiling, and blacks are twice as likely to be unemployed not because of skill... but because no one will hire us. We deal with the onset of White Privilege everyday with psychotic terms as "reverse racism." Even if we are college educated, the average white person believes we are a part of gangs, on welfare or live in the "ghetto" (a jewish term). We are still discriminated against by banks, police and the government as a whole. When will this end?
  • White People: I know what racism is. A black person was mean to me once. I once lost a job to a minority. I have to hear Blacks complain about racism all the time. Its not real. Its all about class now. I totally voted for Obama. Racism is over.
  • Black People: .....................................................
My heart goes out to every black and brown college student right now who have to defend their intelligence and right to learn *more than they do already* thanks to Jeff Sessions & the Trump Admin rehashing this bullshit “Affirmative Action hurts white people” discussion.

Being black at a PWI is already painful enough without this issue being imposed on campuses across the country

About Sexiest Man Alive...

I already know I am going to offend some people out there when I make this post, but this whole thing with Blake Shelton getting sexiest man alive has made me really mad. You pick this baked chicken over all these men of color? Like literally there are so many beautiful men of color out there! “The Sexiest Man Alive” is a scam that is mostly dominated by white men! Denzel is the only African-American male I know of that has got this ridiculous title. Like what the hell? So I have made a small list of some men of color that I think could bless a cover of Peoples magazine: 

(I picked people in my opinion that I thought fit the bill better than Blake Shelton)

(Ps. Peoples Magazine, you are a joke :))

  • Idris Elba

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  • Rami Malek

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  • Isaiah Mustafa

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  • Jason Momoa

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  • Chadwick Boseman

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  • Steven Yeun

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  • Jesse Williams

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  • Harry Shum Jr.

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All of these are in my opinion. I am just tired of American Media being mainly “white“. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” but it’s not. White ran media is over everything. There are multiple people of color out there and giving Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive in my opinion was brainless and stupid. There are so many other celebrities they could have chosen. 

Opinion | Black people aren’t keeping white Americans out of college. Rich people are.
But the point of this new Justice Department initiative isn’t to address the problems of college admissions at all.

from the article:

Affirmative action is a consistent hobbyhorse on the right because it combines real anxieties with compelling falsehoods. College admission — especially to the elite institutions most often hit with affirmative action lawsuits — has become more selective and is an increasingly important factor in the creation and perpetuation of wealth and opportunity. Elite colleges serve as steppingstones into politics, finance, law and Silicon Valley; higher incomes tend to follow. Even so, 80 percent of top students who apply are accepted into at least one elite school, if not their No. 1 choice. But measures that help historically disadvantaged populations to take advantage of the same opportunity are nonetheless characterized as zero-sum.

Zero-sum can be defined as a situation “in which whatever is gained by one side is lost by the other.” As the author points out in that snippet, the dangers in a lot of the affirmative action discourse is the assumption that any and all minorities at selective colleges are in possession of a seat that was unfairly stolen from a hardworking innocent wiz kid who is now robbed from any and all opportunities that THEY’VE earned.

Ignoring the fact that students like ME who **also** worked their assess off attended schools in the hood that didn’t have the resources, and weren’t set them to give us Ivy League ready resumes. Or school staff that even understood, or were able to help with, the college application  process. They were busy making sure students were able to G R A D U A T E. 

Let’s also ignore the legacy students and rich kids who spent 300% of their time in college drinking, doing hard ass expensive drugs, and still gaining access to amazing educational opportunities and dope internships that set them up for life.

The most hardworking, driven, brilliant people I’ve ever known were the people of color I went to college with. Conversely some the most entitled, close-minded and self destructive individuals I’ve met were rich white classmates. But let’s go ahead and use WHITE HOUSE RESOURCES to sue colleges for having to many black and brown faces.

You know what? People need to understand WHY movements like Black Lives Matter even came into existence. These white supremacists chanting “WHITE LIVES MATTER” look like fools and whiny babies. Everyone knows that white lives matter. Crack open an American history book. White people have always been in power, and white people have always had it easier. Minorities are simply speaking up and saying “Um, hi. We matter TOO.” But the mere thought of treating Black people/minorities equally sends these white supremacists into a fiery rage, therefore the left gets upset because no one is truly LISTENING. Their pleas continue to be ignored, belittled, or in this case… literally put on par with nazi terrorism. The stuff the “alt-right” were chanting/saying/preaching in Charlottesville is beyond the realm of free speech. THEY WERE WAVING NAZI FLAGS FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!! Ever heard of World War II? Yeah we fought to end this crap, and now… in freaking 2017 – “their right to speak” is being defended by the president. It is hate speech, it is flat out bigotry. It shouldn’t be defended or sympathized with, and neither should their actions. Counter protesters coming out to stand up against what is obviously morally wrong, are not to blame here. I can’t believe people are even debating this.


NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Teams Boycotting Trump Hotels

“The president has seemingly made a point of dividing us as best he can. He continually offends people, and so people don’t want to stay at his hotel. It’s pretty simple.”,  Steve Kerr,  Warriors coach  #GrabYourWallet

The majority of Trump’s pro sports customers came from the National Basketball Association.

For Trump’s business, those visits meant money. Teams paid about $20,000 per night for rooms and food, according to one team official’s estimate.

The loss of pro sports clients at Trump’s hotels is part of a larger trend at his businesses, which appear to be pulled in opposite directions by his polarizing presidency.

#ProSports #AthletesUnited #TeamUnited #BoycottTrump #TrumpProperties

People say all the time, ‘I don’t understand how people could have tolerated slavery. How could they have made peace with that? How could have people gone to a lynching and make sense of that? How did people make sense of the segregation of white- and colored-only. That’s so crazy. If I was living at that time, I would never have tolerated anything like that’

And the truth is, we are living in this time, and we are tolerating it.

—  Bryan Stevenson, on mass incarceration, for the documentary 13th
August 1

In 1842, a parade of Black men in Philadelphia celebrating Jamaican Emancipation Day came to a festive yet orderly conclusion. Oh, wait. I mean they were attacked by a mob of Irish Catholics who started a huge riot in the city of brotherly love. Yeah, that’s it.

This riot was part of a larger struggle among Irish immigrants and Black Americans during which the Irish, to borrow a phrase from Noel Ignatiev, “became white.” It’s a fascinating history, and it illuminates a lot about just how arbitrary and fluid the concept of race is.

DARWIN’S ATHLETES focuses on society’s fixation with black athletic achievement. Hoberman argues that this obsession has come to play a troubling role in African American life and our country’s race relations. Rich, flamboyant superstars lend credence to age-old prejudices, recycled “scientific” theories denigrating black intelligence, and stereotypes of black violence. This portrayal of black identity encourages a disdain for academic achievement already too widespread among black males. Darwin’s Athletes is a powerful indictment of modern sport’s racial spectacle.