Hey fellow white people! If you feel defensive and uncomfortable about being called out by people of color, and/or other white people about racism, including your own racist tendencies- just take a moment to stop talking and listen. ESPECIALLY to people of color!!!! If you feel the need to get defensive in conversations about racism because you have been called out- sit with that. We are ALL socialized in a white supremacist society. The rise of blatant racism and nazis over the past few years is nothing new. These people have always been around. America has always been racist.

Furthermore, if you need to process your own internalized racism and white fragility, do so with other white people. People of color do not need to support you and help you with your discomfort and white guilt.

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I have a pretty big concern with my urban fantasy world I'm trying to make. I have the idea that mythological creatures such as dragons, fae, basilisks, etc. have the ability to change their shape to appear human and blend in. However, naturally, some of them would likely want (for whatever reason) to appear as poc. But isn't this kind of fantasy blackface? I'm trying hard to include diversity of many types in my writing but as a white person im unsure if this is ok.

Hi Anon, I’m afraid we’re not very qualified to answer this question, not being POC ourselves.

Werew points out:  I see no reason it would be wrong unless they by default look white. But I would think that they would craft their appearance, because having a default doesn’t make sense?

Constable writes says: The single biggest question here: do you have human characters of color? If your only representation of POC are inhuman, I’m sure you can see the implications of that. Having human POC, both in your main cast and in the background, will go a long way toward alleviating those issues. It can also help to search for “how not to write X character” to acquaint yourself with major pitfalls associated with specific identities.

General consensus was to refer you over to  Writingwithcolor, who is currently closed to asks for a summer break, but they’ve got extensive and very useful archives. Specifically read through their tags for fantasy and coding.

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I'm wondering how you feel about the confederate statues being taken down. Personally, I am against the confederate flags (sorry for the poor word choices: I am having terrible brain fog right now) being flown, but I have mixed feelings about the statues. On one hand they symbolize a disgraceful part of our history...but on the other hand we can't blot out the parts of history we don't like. What do you think?

I think that these statues belong in museums. They have no place on government property.

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a makeup blogger from russia performed an experiment on ig, where she'd "turn black" she was from russia(and locals don't know what blackface is) and instead of actually educating her and telling her why it's wrong to do so, they harrassed tf out of her and in the end, she deleted her IG

Of course they did. People need to learn that you can’t be an activist if you’re not willing to educate.

Last week when getting of the city bus to go to work, a random older man starting yelling “F****** n*****!” repeatedly as we both got off. I was shocked. Two people stood at the corner just watching. (Editors’ note: racial slurs are not really microaggressions, but harassment in everyday places and apathetic bystanders are definitely part and parcel of microaggressions and their contexts).

Listen to the audiobook for it by Stephen King

And I have a love hate relationship with Richie Tozier. He does his racist pickaninny impression, that no one finds funny, all the time and it annoys me. I know it’s set in 50s (though honestly he’d be right at home on the internet with that kind of humor these days) and he’s a kid (even though he’d occasionally do it as an adult as well) and he makes tasteless jokes about Stan as well but it just annoying especially because it’s not funny at all. Then again it shows how even when a person wasn’t a raging white supremacist like Henry Bower, they’d still unwittingly be casual racist.

That being highlighted when the only black teen in Derry, Mike Hanlon, was having a conversation with some white kid in his class who was telling him not to be offended by the word nigger and in fact to take it as a compliment (because he’d heard white adults say things like a boxer who could take a beating and keep going was “strong and hard headed as a nigger” or when someone worked extremely hard they “worked like a nigger.”) And Mike feeling downtrodden because didn’t understand what it was like to black back then. I guess it bothers me because unsympathetic jokes at the expense of black people is very prevalent even it’s not malicious. I can deal with Bowers because he’s supposed to be an asshole but Ritchie’s a good person who’s fall back joke is pretending to be black servant/slave child who’s either jive talking or is begging not to be beaten when his friends scold him.

Tldr: Stephen King wrote in Richie doing one too many racist impressions for me to be comfortable with and I’m bitter because I enjoy everything about Richie except that.


Baltimore removes four Confederate statues overnight

  • City officials in Baltimore, Maryland, removed four Confederate monuments early in the morning on Wednesday, August 16.
  • Mic has identified more than 140 Confederate monuments across 17 states that are on public land, often in proximity to county courthouses or in city parks. 
  • We’ve compiled a list of local efforts to take down Confederate monuments across the country. Read more (8/16/17 9 AM)

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A Black WOMAN roped the Confederate statue to be pulled down in Durham yesterday.

A Black WOMAN climbed a flagpole in Columbia to take down the Confederate flag.

Three Black WOMEN brought us Black Lives Matter and jumpstarted a movement.

A Black WOMAN was the first African-American to put themselves in the running for a major party nomination for President.

A Black WOMAN refused to give up her seat on a bus.

A Black WOMAN made some 13 trips back to the South to shuttle slaves north to Freedom.

Are y'all hearing me this morning?


Nursing textbook claims direct eye contact with African-Americans is “aggressive behavior”

  • A nursing textbook is causing a stir online for the startlingly racist and xenophobic claims it makes about many racial and ethnic groups. 
  • The book, Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion, was written by Elaine Polan and Daphne Taylor and published by F.A. Davis Company in January 2015.
  • The controversial passages grabbed public attention Thursday after Jazmine Lattimore, a student at Galen College of Nursing, posted photos on Facebook from a section on giving medical care to African-Americans.
  • Direct eye contact in this culture can be considered a form of aggression,” the passage reads. 
  • The rest of the book reads like a travel guide for racist aliens interested in visiting planet Earth. It offers a chapter on Hispanic Americans claiming nurses should avoid eye contact with them, too, since it’s interpreted as giving the “evil eye.” 
  • The book inaccurately claims Arab-Americans believe “illness is seen as a punishment for sin, and death is seen as God’s will.”
  •  This claim is equally off-base when it comes to Muslims. According to Islamic tradition, illness is often seen as a trial or an opportunity to forgive one’s sins — not a punishment for committing sins. Read more (8/11/17)

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NAACP Warns Black Travelers To Use 'Extreme Caution' When Visiting Missouri
For the first time, the national civil rights organization has issued a travel warning for a state. The NAACP cites "racist incidents" and legislation it says "legalizes individual discrimination."

The NAACP has issued a travel advisory for the state of Missouri, citing recent “race-based incidents” and new state legislation that makes it harder for fired employees to prove racial discrimination.

It’s the first time the national civil rights organization has issued a travel warning for an entire state, the Kansas City Star reports.

The group warns “African American travelers, visitors and Missourians” to “exercise extreme caution” in the state.