“omg i love gay people, they’re like girl friends :)”

“you’re not like other gays”

“omg i have a gay friend, you two should totally go out!”

“i could totally turn you straight tho ;)”

“you’re too cute to be gay”

“have you ever tried not being gay?”

legally-mexican  asked:

Your friend crying about Valentina's elimination had me dying😂. ( even though thats how I reacted also)

all latinx gay/bi men had the same reaction lmao. i was at the bar like “so is this what its like for straight people when their team loses the superbowl?” unfortunately that made my best friend cry harder. “yup. ill take that as a yes”

Edward Albee estate says “no” to black actor being cast as lead in ‘Virginia Woolf’ play

  • A planned production of one the most famous plays in American history is dead on arrival after an ugly racial controversy.
  • The estate of legendary playwright Edward Albee has denied the Portland, Oregon, based Shoe Box Theater’s rights to perform Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? because the producers wanted to cast a black actor in a leading role.
  • One of the producers, Michael Streeter, broke the news on Facebook.
  • “I am furious and dumbfounded,” Streeter wrote. “The Edward Albee Estate needs to join the 21st Century. I cast a black actor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The Albee Estate called and said I need to fire the black actor and replace him with a white one. I refused, of course. They have withdrawn the rights.” Read more (5/22/17)

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