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Well I like to design myself as a viking. She’s (okay me :P) from the Haddock family. But I haven’t yet decided on her role hehe (Twin -yes my eyes are brown-, sisters, cousin etc.) I can’t say I’m very good in my digital drawing but I hope you like it. Maybe I can design a dress for you and find you a role. Because I love to do this haha. :)


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I am more or less unofficially creating the Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge!! Starting on the day Season 4′s release date is announced (whenever that will be, but I’m assuming it will be very soon), the participants will draw a RTTE themed drawing every day for 30 days and post it, tagging it #rttechallenge

Here’s the prompt list I created, but don’t feel like you have to stick with this list!

  1. Favorite episode
  2. Favorite rider
  3. Favorite villain
  4. Favorite canon ship
  5. Favorite noncanon ship
  6. Favorite location
  7. Favorite dragon
  8. Favorite new dragon breed
  9. Favorite new character
  10. Favorite funny moment
  11. Favorite dark moment
  12. Favorite epic moment
  13. Favorite prediction
  14. Alternate outfit(s)
  15. Make up a dragon breed
  16. Random headcanon
  17. Summer on Dragon’s Edge
  18. Snoggletog/winter on Dragon’s Edge
  19. Your HTTYD OC
  20. Hiccstrid becoming canon
  21. Random AU
  22. Random crossover
  23. Make up another tribe
  24. Romantic flight
  25. Make up a new island
  26. New redemption arc
  27. Tuffnut being dramatic
  28. Hiccup as a damsel in distress
  29. Someone holding a kitten
  30. Screencap redraw

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate! I won’t be keeping track of everything that’s posted (cos I’m not all that great at organizing things lol), so I’ll be leaving it to you guys! Happy drawing!


oki doki this took me like two days lol
theres only ten for each category ( gender, class, element, weapon, race, and animal) so im sorry if i didnt cover a gender or race ect you were hoping to see

example: i got warhammer, orc, house cat, genderfluid, warrior, blood so my character would be a genderfluid orc warrior with some connection to house cats (like whatever i want it to be, it could be the animal travel companion or spirit animal or like whatever you want yeah man?)

have fun creating owo

No one tried?

You know guys, i’m very disapointed….so disapointed that no one tried to guess who this mutherfucker is.

I was so nervous but so anxious and eager to see your responses towards this character(who’s very important in this AU btw) but then no one said anything. I’m sad guys 8(

C’mon people, can’t anyone guess? There’s hints everywhere.

CarRace AU, Philip Garden © Me