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Yeah because tanned white people isn't a thing? How many pale cowboys are there in New Mexico? Having visited the place I'd say relatively few. By all means have your head canon if it makes you happy, but don't accuse people who don't share it of "racism".

boi!! mccree is heavily mexican coded!! not just his skin color, but his fashion (the serape?? mexican) and his entire theme of being a cowboy (most real cowboys were mexican, native american, and/or black!). like, the whole cowboy thing was started by mexicans–we get the word “buckaroo” from vaquero because white americans couldnt (wouldnt?) pronounce spanish properly. he’s also FROM new mexico, which, guess what, once was actually mexico! america took the territory from mexico during the mexican american war. today nm has the highest percentage population of hispanic people out of all the other states. “ The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 48% of the total 2015 population was Hispanic or Latino of any race, the highest of any state.” literally quoted there, for you. 

i could just as easily for navajo mccree, or mixed mccree! new mexico has the highest population of native americans in the continental US at just under 10%, and 4% of the population of nm speaks navajo. mccree has more hispanic coding than navajo, but why couldn’t he be mixed? it’s the fuckin’ future. he could be navajo and mexican. 

i called that person racist for saying /mccree is white/ when he is HEAVILY coded to be NOT WHITE and doesnt even LOOK like a white guy outside of his legendary skins (but we all know how blizzard is with the whitewashing so)

sure, tanned white people exist. mccree’s not one of ‘em, though. at the VERY LEAST, he’s coded to be hispanic. and why would it be a big deal if he IS not white? if he is mexican or navajo or both? that’s more representation! why would that be bad, ever????

Bless Doc Hudson.

Bless Lightning McQueen doing a good job on fixing the road out of SPITE.

But most importantly, I love how hard McQueen works at racing.

Even with the egomania and the selfishness, he’s out there desperately trying to practice the turns on the dirt road to get better. He loves this sport. He wants to be the best. And he’s out there working all the same, even when he’s got a bad attitude about it.

Lightning McQueen loves racing.

Ug. Cars 3 is going to destroy me when Lightning has the moment where he believes he can’t race any more.



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We got a new manager who moved from scheduling 14 people to 50 people. She made mistakes. A way to cover this mistake was add me into a 5pm shift last minute without telling me... and then call me into work asking why I'm not in. The last time I had a night to myself was 7 days before when I ran a 10km race. I'm tired. Another manager walks by and goes "HAHA you read your schedule wrong!" This is a manager who enjoys seeing me make mistakes... I had plans that night with friends.

Tell me how Baby Boomers who lived in absolute poverty and couldn’t even vote are the ones responsible for disenfranchising Millenials who have the same privileges as their Baby Boomer grandparents?

Also, the assumption that Baby Boomers are all unskilled and scared of technology needs to go, because I know plenty who have more qualifications than most millennials and still get paid less than them because of their age and other factors (like race). 

I’m so tired of Baby Boomers being blamed for things Millennials were perfectly willing to support (like white supremacy). 

I'm tired of the Cucu

Okay so it’s sad that Cynthia had cancer and I’m glad she recovered…but out of ALL the previous queens why did they bring her back? She’s Miss Congeniality so she already has a Drag Race title.

Tbh I don’t think anything she did on the show warrants her coming back either. I don’t think any of her runway looks or performances in the challenges showed that she should be brought back either. She was kind of a filler queen.

After experiencing some auditory hallucinations yesterday I’m a lil paranoid about music in general