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hey there, i want to incorporate different cultures, children of immigrants, languages, etc, in my story. Maybe have their friends interact with their families and sort of get the culture's experience, any ideas or tips to avoid clichés or any sort of offence?


Writing-with-color is a great blog on tumblr that has a lot in their archives. You should check them out.

Here’s posts on being bilingual if that helps:

My advice:
• Do your research. A lot of it.
• Ask people of different cultures and backgrounds to beta your work or simply ask them questions
• Be sensitive to controversial topics
• Be willing to rewrite if someone (with good authority) says your work is inaccurate or offensive
• Post your work somewhere and say you encourage concrit

5 Things Maggie Stiefvater Taught Me About Writing

Some things @maggie-stiefvater​ taught me THROUGH THE POWER OF LITERATURE.

1. Write About What You Love.

Maggie’s love of vintage cars serves to transport us into Gansey’s Camaro. Her love of horses translates to knowing exactly how Puck’s pony behaves. I read Scorpio Races years ago and one thing that still sticks in my memory is when Puck’s pony bends around to scratch its ear with a hind leg like a dog. I have seen a pony do this, and it’s adorable. It takes knowledge of horses to know that this behaviour is (1) odd but possible, and (2) embarrassing if your horse does that while you’re on his back.

Writing about what you love adds richness to the story through vibrant details.

Passion in the writer also translates to passion in the reader. I don’t give two craps about cars, but when I read the Raven Cycle series, I cared deeply about that Camaro.

2. Create Unique, Relatable Metaphors.

“A laugh like sucking the whipped cream off of hot chocolate.” “Friendly in the sort of way that an electron is friendly with a nucleus.”

I had not heard these ones before. Not only are they effective descriptions, but they’re also fun to read. Small phrases like these make the whole book stand out.

3. Focus On The Characters.

All of Maggie’s stories centre around intriguing characters with distinct personalities.

“When Gansey was polite, it made him powerful. When Adam was polite, he was giving power away.”

Characters are the most important part of a story. You can argue with me, but I will argue back. The best moments are the ones centred around interpersonal conflict. A character’s stakes, emotional journey, quirks, and unique view are what pull a reader into a book. Even rip-roarin’ action scenes can be improved with relatable emotions and internal struggles.

4. Write With Confidence.

I attended a panel in which representatives from a publishing house said one of the main things they look for in a manuscript is an “it” factor—a quality of writing that differentiates a professional novel from an amateur one.

Maggie, of course, has it. She writes with calm command. I don’t sense any fear of rejection or hesitation in her style. Instead, I sense, “Yes, I am a writer, and this is my story, and if you don’t like it, go read something else.”

You, too, can do this. Write unapologetically. Own the page.

5. Be You.

If you follow Maggie on social media, you know she injects her personality fearlessly into everything she does. Your writing and your author platform are unique. Anyone can make a story, but only you can write your story.

There’s a reason this quote is so overused: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Well, write your story. You’re the only person in the world who can bring all of your quirks, obsessions, experiences, and general weirdness together into one identity—your authorial masterpiece.

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Hey, I really need help with something in my writing that is bugging me. In my story, two high school students are slowly becoming friends and starting to like each other romantically. They are an interracial couple (Male is Caucasian and female is African American). I want to find a way to add that it there but I don't want to make it a big deal, since it's not important to the plot. It's just something I wanted to add so that the reader can visualize the characters. Do you have any tips?

It really shouldn’t be too difficult to just include different races and cultures without having to make a Statement. A pretty good example of this is Maddie from Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I read the book last summer and I haven’t watched the movie but from what I remember, I didn’t know Maddie was African/Japanese American until a few chapters in and it was never really a major plot point, which seems to be what you’re going for. I think if you don’t want to draw too much attention to race and want to make it just another aspect of who they are, you could try to add it with the description like anything else, as in fitting it in naturally and not getting too excessive (his eyes were like the brightest jade stones ever unearthed from the depths of the celestial earth, ruled by Gaia…). However, there are a couple things to look out for when it comes to skin tone and race in descriptions. There’s a blog that is all about this and they have a post with some do’s and don’t’s that you can read here

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What about an Au with no titans, no walls just them in a small village. Mikasas parents are still killed and she's taken in by the Jaegers. 17yr old Eren takes a job that will take him away from home. Mikasa is sad and upset he's going to leave her behind, she gives him the silent treatment the day before he leaves. Before he leaves heshocks Mikasa by promises to make enough money to marry her when he comes back.


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 1,469 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N: I loved this request ;-; Thank you very much for sending it to me! <3 A little side note: Grisha isn’t in the picture. For Eren to take this job, I would think it’s because he wants to be able to support Mikasa and Carla (I hope that’s okay). I’ll leave the reasons behind his absence to your imagination :) 

Nothing is, or ever was, meant to last. Not the bank she walks along, the garden her and Auntie have tended to for years, or the tears blotching her skin. She knows this, has known it. So she can’t help but feel foolish for wishing her relationship with Eren could ever defy this merciless law of nature.

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Had a fun conversation a few weeks about about sleeping arrangements with @saisai-chan, and finally got some time to write it out. I kinda elaborated on for comedic effect.

It’s nice to know he cares. It’s better to feel his care. What’s not nice, Uraraka discovers early on, is that unconscious tenderness can be troublesome.

Her bladder reaches maximum capacity at three in the morning. They’re not on call. Their bedroom is dark and cool. 

His body knocks away the cool with its natural heat, releasing a smothering amount for the two them, but the comforter lies up to their waists as their minds lull away.

Sleep pauses when the painful stiffness down there makes itself known. Her eyes part wearily, and she blinks into the darkness with sleep’s bitter taste filling her mouth. Pushing the comforter off, she tries to move, but a weight grips around her waist. 

She tries a second time, and the result is the same. 

She cannot move.

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Worldbuilding: Race and Class

People have a way of organizing people.  Whether it’s by wealth or lack thereof, skin color, or elf, human, dwarf, and so on and so forth.  So how does each culture or world handle race and class?  Do they notice?  Is there prejudice?
In this post, I’ve compiled a list of questions pertaining to race and class.  It was a little tiring to put it together, but the list is not exhaustive.  The idea is to get you started on thinking about race and class in your world and/or culture.

Have, get detailed, and answer questions not on the list.

The questions compiled are inspired, taken, modified, or edited from three forums on the NaNoWriMo website: Respond, Answer, Ask 2016 Worldbuilding, Respond, Answer, Ask, 2016 Fantasy, and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. 

Does race mean color or human, elf, dwarf, etc.?

How many races exist?

What are the relationships between the races?
Tense?  Friendly?  Simply cordial?  Hostile blowouts?

How does each race view each other?
Does one claim to be the victim of the other?  Does one think they’re the superior race?

Do races live with each other or do they separate?

How are interracial marriages viewed?

How are children of interracial marriages viewed?

What social classes exist?
Is it sorted by jobs?  Finances?  Amount of kids?  Prestigious marriage?  Birth?

Does a caste system exist?

What are the typical living conditions for social classes?

How do the social classes view each other?

What is the number one desire of each class?
Is it to survive?  To own a bigger house?  To raise an adequate family?  To appease their parents? Something on a larger scale?

How are romantic relationships between classes viewed?
Are they frowned upon but nothing more?  Are they ignored?  Are they actively discouraged?

Are there any groups that are treated more poorly than others?

Are there any groups that are treated with more importance?

What groups tends to be the scapegoat when something goes wrong?
They might not necessarily have anything to do with whatever wrong, but it makes people feel good to blame them, whether it’s for a group they like better, because that group is hated, or both.

Is it possible to move up the social ladder?

What makes someone an instant outcast?

How are foreigners viewed?

How is rich defined in society?

What is an appropriate way to display wealth? 

What are the relationships between different cultures like?

How different cultures viewed?

Passion for winning #ShuttaMission

Let’s face it, competition makes the world go ‘round and this mission is of no exception. So today, we challenge you to get out there and capture all those spirited moments of fierce competition! No matter how long your path to victory, we encourage all participants to fight their way to the top by submitting their most passionate photo!

This is the perfect chance for sports fanatics to score some extra points with the Shutta community! Get up-close and personal as you show the world how impassioned you are about winning! From that last second, game-winning goal to your tear-filled celebration, we want to see what you’re made of!

It’s time to put on your rally hat and get off the bench! Make a mad dash for the goal line. Pump your fist upon reaching the mountain’s summit. Grit your teeth in competitive fury. Raise your trophy in glory. It’s time to let it all out. This is what competition is all about!

We love our sports immensely, and a healthy tournament is good for the mind, body and soul. No matter where you are from, sports have the uncanny ability to bring people together from all walks of life. And it is in this mindset of friendly competition that we set out to unite the Shutta world together!

Follow our 3 special tips below to crush your opponents and take home this mission’s gold medal; a shiny new Polaroid Cube+!

1. Passion = Prizes: Don’t forget that the point of this mission is the passion. Therefore, don’t be shy with the camera. Fans can be just as animated as those participating, and are often highly adrenalized during play. If you see blood, sweat and tears, get in there and film it. Where there is spirit there is victory!

2. Get closer and closer: Intense facial expressions are often cues to how feverous one might be. Both on the field and off, this is evident. In order to capture this energy, there is a good chance you need to get closer and personal!

3. Add a Filter to Your Image: Editing your photos before you upload is a good way to score yourself some extra points. Everyone loves a high-resolution image, or a sharp photo with beautiful colours. Take the time to see if one of our filters will give your photo more personality. You never know if you don’t try!

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Hey! I'm a novice coxswain and my first race is this weekend and I am super super nervous because I don't feel prepared because I've had to miss quite a bit of practice from the start of the season. I don't want to let my team down. So can I have any tips with like race commands, especially advice for head races????? Thank you!!!

Lemme give you the breakdown of coxing: 10% are calls, 20% is motivation, 20% is reminding rowers of technique, and the other 50% is FLUFF. Puuuure fluff. Fluff is what coxswains do (mostly during a head race, sprint season is too fast for fluff) that keeps the rowers distracted enough from the pain but is not overwhelmingly annoying. 

Fluff helps fix repetition. Everyone knows that one annoying coxswain who says the same shit over and over again. It gets boring. Fluff can help with rhythm most of the time. So phrases/sounds like, “Catch!” “Aaaaand send.” “Pushhhh” “Awaaayyyy” “Shoop!” “Cahhhh” “On it” “Down” “Eeeeasssyyyy now” “Drrrive” etc… 
All these help with rhythm and keep the boat out of that awkward silence.

Because let’s get real. Coxswains really don’t have much to say during a head race. And as all coxswains know, it gets REAL awkward when the boat goes silent. 

The only good silence is when you have a silent ten, which could mean a power ten but said silently (good to use when you’re rubber-banding between placing with another boat and they do that ANNOYING ASS THING where as soon as you start to call a power ten, they do too and it becomes redundant because you’re just tiring our your rowers) or a silent ten is ten strokes where you specifically instruct your rowers to listen to their rowing within silence. 

As for actual planning for the head race, that’s pretty uniform. I have a little thing you can personalize when it comes to head races. Most head races are 5000m, right? So break it up into four parts. 

First 1250m - Mostly technique. Don’t worry about motivation so much. (1 power 10 @ 1000m) 
1250-2500 - Still central attention around technique, adding in a little incentive. (1 power 10 @ 2000m)
2500-3750 - Tables have turned. Halfway point has been reached, time to bring out the big guns. Motivation to technique = 70:30 (1 power ten @ 3000)
3750-5000 - Lots of motivation, but still having little peaks of technique calls now. 90:10. (Power 10@ 4000, power 10 @ 4500, power 10 @5000)

Now you can personalize that to your heart’s desire. Remind yourself of what the boat needs to work on: rush, squaring, etc. And put little notes beside each one.

Remember that information is motivation. Constantly let your rowers know where they are in a race, what rate they’re at, where other boats are in relation to you, how much energy it’s going to take for you to beat them. 

Ultimately, it is your decision whether your rowers catch up to a boat or not. You think they can tackle a boat 50m in front of them, by all means do. But if you know they’ll just get tired and they’ll fly n die, just don’t. 

Knowing your race course/rules is ALWAYS an advantage. 

Knowing how/when to steer is very important. 

Knowing your boat is of utmost importance.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I hope I covered it all. It’s a lot, I know. :D

GOOD LUCK! I’m so excited for you! I’ll be sending you positive vibes this weekend! Win win win!!

– Ask away, and you shall be heard! – 


As always, apologies for the delay. This one was a little tough to approach.

WARNING: Mild Violence
-Admin Plum

Originally posted by mountean

Heavy footsteps thunder across the apartment as the door crashes open. You sit up from your bed, panicked, until you hear your boyfriend’s voice mumbling incoherent sentences.

Throwing the covers off your body, you readjust your sweater while walking towards the living room.

“Hi Y/N,” Wonwoo greets you, grimacing as he heaves Mingyu’s body and drops him on the couch.

“Hey, be gentle with me you dolt, I’m priceless! Not even your liver could afford my face. Heck, you could sell all your organs and still be able to only afford one of my ears. Maybe. If you’re lucky,” Mingyu slurs, body swaying with every word.

You frown and Wonwoo rolls his eyes, “I have to go back and get his bag from the car. It was too heavy for me to carry,” he says as he closes the door and leaves you to deal with your drunk partner.

You eye Mingyu cautiously. You know he lets himself get drunk when he gets extremely upset or angry and seeing his narcissistic sass towards Wonwoo earlier, you realise it’s the latter. Which means you had to be extra careful.
He was an unstoppable force when his emotions got the best of him. He was like a mine; anything could set him and when that happens the only thing he sees is red. He destroys everything in his path, screaming and thrashing about until all of his anger is depleted. Unfortunately it usually ends up with you having to clean up after his mess or having to call a repairman to patch up a hole in your wall, again.

It wasn’t too often that Mingyu got drunk. But it was a vicious cycle you could live without.

You’d never been able to calm him down or get anywhere near him during this state. None of the members would let you. “Mingyu can get pretty physical when he’s drunk. We just don’t want you getting hurt,” You remember Seungcheol telling you the first time you had witnessed his drunken stupor. This is the first time you’ve been left alone with him and you ignore all of the precautions they had filled in your head.

“Hi Mingyu,” you mutter softly as you sit yourself beside him, attempting to avoid his arm that’s draped over the back of the couch. You try to keep your distance and to not look frightened but your heart races when the tips of his finger brush against your shoulder, “I-is everything ok?”

“No. Does it look like everything’s ok?” he replies. You don’t miss the abrasiveness of his tone but you shrug it off.

“Well then, would you like to talk about it? Talking always makes you feel better.”

Mingyu scoffs, “No I would not like to talk about it, ok Y/N? Just leave it alone alright? You’re so fucking annoying,” He mumbles as he gets up from the couch. His massages the temples on his head, trying to soothe the throbbing ache to no avail.

You clicked your tongue and rise to your feet. You were determined to get him to rest.

“Well, sorry I’m just trying to help Mingyu,” your tone was stern, almost scolding. It probably shouldn’t have bothered you as much, him calling you annoying, but it was a peeve that struck a nerve. Unfortunately, Mingyu could sense the hint of irritation in your voice.

“Can you just not? I don’t want your help, ok? You’re so fucking nosy. Just leave me alone.” His insult riled you up, cutting through the little patience you had left.

“No, Mingyu! Not until you tell me why you’re drunk. What’s been happening to you lately? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’ve been really checked out lately. I’m really worried about you but you won’t tell me anything anymore,” you retaliated.  You were trying to keep a level head but your own emotions were getting the best of you. He had been coming home later than usual and his current state wasn’t doing anything ease your conscience.

You couldn’t help but think of the worse. Mingyu was a handsome guy and had women throwing themselves at him left, right and centre. Was he getting detached from you because he had found someone else?

“Because you don’t have to know everything happening in my life, ok? Why are you so controlling?” His voice rises, “Can’t you just let me be? My head hurts like shit right now and I really don’t need you breathing down my neck.”

“I’m just trying to take care of you Mingyu,” you yell back as your approach him. “Is this really what I get for being worried about you? I can’t believe how ungrateful-“

The loud slap echoes in the room and your shouts dialled down to nothing as you staggered backwards. You watch as Mingyu’s gaze turned from fuming to surprised. His eyes were wide and his mouth agape in shock.

“Babe I-“

“Here’s his bag!” Wonwoo exclaims as he enters the room. “This thing weighs a tonne and- Y/N? Mingyu? What’s going on…”

Your hand rises to clutch the stinging red welt the open-handed smack had left on your cheek and it catches Wonwoo’s attention. He drops Mingyu’s dufflebag on the floor, not bothering to take off his shoes as he clutches both of your shoulders and stands in front of you, hiding you from Mingyu’s view.

“Y/N! What is that?” He asks but it doesn’t take him long to piece the puzzles together and before long you’re hanging on to his arm, desperately pulling him away from Mingyu.

“What did you do Mingyu?” Wonwoo shouts in rage.

“I’m-I…” Mingyu stutters.

“Wonwoo please, don’t,” you struggle keeping Wonwoo away from Mingyu, “It was my fault so don’t-“

“I don’t give a rats ass who started it, he never should have laid a hand on you,” he growls. He grabs your hand and pulls you out the door, “C’mon, you’re sleeping at the dorm tonight.”

You didn’t dare look back when Wonwoo led you away. A part of you wanted to stay with Mingyu but a large part of you was also frightened. Never have you thought about the possibility of Mingyu laying a hand on you like he had. The stinging sensation on your cheeks slowly grew numb but the unsettling feeling in your stomach grew worse.

The drive back to the dorm was silent. You were thankful that most of the members were asleep and that Vernon was awake to help pry you away from his nosy hyungs.

“Noona’s tired Seungcheol hyung, let her get some rest.”

The leader reluctantly nodded,  allowing Vernon to lead you to his room.
“Thank you, Vernon.”

“It’s the least I can do. I’m sorry you have to go through this. This is exactly why we don’t let you hang around Mingyu hyung when he gets too drunk.”

You sat yourself on the bed, eyes glued to the floor.

“Does he-has he hurt you guys like that before?”

“No,” he frowns, “Usually it’s just playful jabs but hyung’s pretty strong. We can take it but you…”

You nod, “I must have set him off.”


“I kept prying. He told me to stop and I should’ve listened. It was my fault too,” you breathe.

You felt a hand grasp your chin and tilt it upwards. Your mouth quivered staring into Vernon’s large compassionate eyes. You couldn’t deny how mesmerising Vernon was up close. His eyes had always held a sparkle that drew you in and made you feel at ease. They held a childlike curiosity that never seemed to dim but right now it didn’t feel like you were staring at Vernon. It felt like you were looking into the eyes of a man with wisdom beyond his years.

“Don’t blame yourself for this. You were a victim of circumstance. Mingyu hyung loves you and in a sober state he would never, ever lay a hand on you.”

Vernon sat beside you, enveloping you in a warm embrace. His arm wraps around your shoulder but it doesn’t stop it from shaking. 

“But he did and now I’m scared,” you utter between sobs “and I don’t know if I can look at him the same way.”


The next morning was a struggle.

There was no way you could avoid Mingyu. Wonwoo had to pick him up for a schedule and you had to go home to get ready for work.

You spent all night without a wink of sleep, preparing yourself for when you saw him again but as Wonwoo escorts you up to your apartment the nerves kick in and you feel your brain shutting down.

“I don’t think I can do this,” you spin on your heels but Wonwoo catches you, tugging you by the waist. His grip is firm around your shoulders and you try to put all of your focus on him, to distract you from the looming aura of the door behind you, but it’s no use.

“You’ll be fine,” the dark discolouration underneath his eyes alert you that you may not have been the only one worried about the upcoming situation, “I spoke to him last night. He’s really worried about you and I know you’re scared, you have every right to be.”

His thumb gently caresses your cheek where a red shade lingers from Mingyu’s slap, “But he’s hurting too.”

You nodded meekly, stepping aside to allow Wonwoo to push the door open. You thought a lot about what state you would find Mingyu in when you see him. From the countless texts and voice messages he sent you expressing his guilt, you pictured a dishevelled looking Mingyu with tissues and junk food all around him.

But you found the opposite. The living room was immaculate and so was Mingyu. You didn’t mask your disappointment. He didn’t seem like he was hurting.


“Hello,” your voice was soft and the only indication that he’s heard you is the small smile that gracedshis lips. For a while nobody moves and despite the temptation to run up to his tall frame and hug him, you don’t.

“I’ll give you two some privacy. I’ll be back in 15,” Wonwoo says. He flashes you an encouraging smile that does little to nothing to ease your nerves.

“Ok, thanks hyung.”

For a while the sound of Wonwoo closing the door was the only thing you kept replaying in your mind.

Mingyu notices your eyes travelling the room and speaks up, “I was really restless last night so I ended up cleaning the whole house…”

“Ah, ok.”

You’ve never felt so out of place in your own home. You couldn’t even bring yourself to move from the spot you were standing on or set your bag down. Looking around, nothing had changed but at the same time something had. You could feel it in the air.

Letting curiosity get the best of you, you sneaking a glance at Mingyu. He looked unaffected by last night. His eyes hadn’t left your figure since you walked in the door but you didn’t want to look at him. And now you really wish you hadn’t.

“How can you smile like that?” You scoff, taking a deep breath, eyes blinking several times after feeling a familiar sting.

Mingyu’s small grin falters, “I’m sorry I-I don’t um…I didn’t mean to.”

“Didn’t mean to? How about last night Mingyu, did you not mean that as well?”

“Of course not! Babe I wouldn’t dare hurt you like that on purpose!” He moves forward.

“But you did!”

Mingyu stops, startled by your outburst. You breathe in and wipe away the stray tears on your cheeks before giving him another glance, “But you did Mingyu and it hurt.”

You grip the handle on your bag, your eyes growing mistier.

You were only a few more paces away. All Mingyu had to do was get to you so he could envelop you in his arms but the closer he got the further you’d inch back. And every step you took away from him was like a knife to his heart.

“I don’t know how we can move past this,” you confessed.

Mingyu takes a hesitant step forward, “We can do it Y/N. I know it’ll be hard but we can-“

“Yes but how?” You question, the grip on your bag tightening.

Mingyu doesn’t answer. He’d like to know that too. He doesn’t want to let you go and everything was his fault, he was fine to admit that. He just wishes he knew how to fix his mistake.

“How do we move past this?” Your voice grew shakier as you continued. “I don’t feel safe around you anymore. I know what happened was an accident but it hurt so much. The pain after you hit me? That was nothing. My face felt numb and I couldn’t feel it after a while but when I thought of you the only thing that replayed in my mind was your hand colliding with my face and it frightened me.”

You dig the heels of your palms over your eyes, “I don’t want to be scared of you but I can’t help it…”

“Y/N…” Mingyu licked his lips, fighting back his own tears. He tries to reach for you but you flinch at his touch and drop your bag in surprise. You clutch the wrist he attempted to grab as if you’ve been burned.

Mingyu is hurt by your reaction. His hand hovers in the air before falling limp to his side.

“Aish!” He ruffles his gelled hair.

“How could I have screwed up so bad?” He cries, sinking to the ground.
“I’m really, really, really really, really, really, really sorry about what I did. I don’t want you to be scared of me. I never wanted you to see that side of me and now I’ve hurt you.” His voice is muffled as he buries his face in his hands.
Mingyu teeters on his feet causing him to fall on his bottom. He spreads his long legs in front of him and you can’t help but think of a pouty child. A gigantic pouty child.


“I spent hours in the bathroom scrubbing my hands because I felt so dirty. How could I have let myself slap you like that?” He stares at his hands with discontent. Then he turns his eyes to you. His shoulders are shaking, his hair is a mess and his eyes are unmistakably red.

“Why are you crying?!”

“Because I’m disgusting! I slapped you and I’m sorry Y/N. I don’t think I can say that enough.” He gulps, using the back of his hands to wipe his eyes. “For as long as I live I won’t ever be able to forgive myself for letting my stress get the best of me and hurting you.”

“You’re so dramatic,” you sob, swiping at your own tears.

“But I’m being honest. I’ve tainted myself and as much as I don’t want you to leave me I won’t force you to stay,” he mumbles.

You avert your eyes from the hanging frame of the two of you back to his slumped figure.

“Ow!” He says when his back collides with the carpeted floor. He struggles to sit up with your arms latched around his neck but he eventually succeeds.

“I hate you.”

“I hate me too.”

“I hate that I can’t hate you,” you cry into his shoulder.


“I hate how you can make me forget how scared I am of you in a split second. I hate how much I want to rip your head off for being so adorable.”
Mingyu cranes his head away from you, frightened by your words, “That’s a little extreme.”

“Shut up and listen.”


You let out a long sigh and lean back on the back of your knees, “I really, really, really want to punch you in the face. I should still hate you for what you did but how can I when you’re such a child?”

“Does that mean you’re willing to give me another chance?”

Mingyu’s face lights up at your smile.

“Once chance,” you mumble, heaving yourself off the ground.

Mingyu stands up after you, giving you a quick hug. He shoots you a guilty grin after seeing your uncomfortable reaction from his sudden touch.

“One chance,” he repeats. “Thank you. I won’t let you down.”

“I really hope not.”