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Part two of the other side series!


Levy shifted nervously as she picked at an invisible speck of dust on her dress, glancing at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time. ’Oh come on, Levy, it’s not your first time going on a date with him,’ she thought, leaning close to inspect her make up for hopefully the last time.  

Indeed, it was far from her first date with the tall, handsome window washer, but lately she was finding it increasingly difficult to compose herself around him, flubbing sentences whenever he flashed that smile at her. The full conversations they’d have would dissolve into flustered babble and blushes as she’d tried to wave off the shyness, mumbling awkwardly as he laughed. It was his fault, really. Teasing her in the most irritable ways but soothing her with quiet words that made her heart race.  

She hadn’t known what to expect at first when he showed up on her doorstep that day, panting hard from running up all the stairs. Behind her, the little black kitty she had found on the streets just the day before squawked sheepishly (or did it sound more smug?), stretching out on her floor purring.  

“S-sorry to bother ya,” he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. She beamed at him, shaking her head and motioning for him to step inside. He hesitated, biting his lip before taking a hesitant step across the threshold. His eyes flit around before landing on the cat, and his blush turned into a scowl as he crossed his arms and huffed, glaring at the feline as he flipped onto his back, paws in the air.  

“I found him yesterday,” Levy said, cocking her head to watch him in amusement as he glanced at her, then stomped towards the cat, squatting down to poke the cat in the belly. A black paw flashed out, nearly catching the offending finger as the cat flipped right side up, rubbing against his thigh.  

“Thanks for taking him in,” he said, turning to look at her. She nearly sucked in her breath; his eyes were glistening with tears as he picked the purring cat up, cuddling him close. “The little asshole must’ve snuck out somehow, I’ve been looking for him for weeks now.” He deftly ducked a paw aimed for his face, glaring at the cat before squeezing him close. “Hope he wasn’t too much of an ass to ya. He’s a bit of a wildcat, but a cool one.”  

She giggled, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head. “Nah, he was a sweetheart when I found him. Followed me home and everything. Kinda hard to picture him as a wild cat though, he’s been a near angel.” His eyes bugged out, prompting her to burst out laughing at his shocked expression.  

“Pantherlily is anything but an angel, lady.” He harrumphed, holding the cat out at arm’s length to scrutinize the innocent look the feline was giving him.  

“It’s Levy,” she corrected, smiling shyly as he turned his gaze back to her. “And yes, he was.”  

Maybe it was the way his look of incredulity turned into a brilliant smile, or how his eyes twinkled as he introduced himself, but there was nothing that stopped the heat exploding across her cheeks when he held his hand out to shake hers. Her fingers tingled in his grip, making her heart beat loudly in her ears. Though calloused, his hand was warm and gentle, nothing like she had thought it would feel like. The moment felt like it was lasting forever, that first handshake, and she almost couldn’t stop the embarrassed giggles that threatened to escape her. C'mon girl, get a hold of yourself! She berated herself, mentally shaking her head to snap out of it.  

She almost felt disappointed when they finally did let go, her hand falling limply at her side. “I guess you need to get him home?” She asked, a bit wistfully as she knelt down next to them to rub the cat’s head. He blinked, then sighed, nodding slowly.  

“Ah, I would,” he said slowly, then turned to her with a small grin. Her heart jumped again, and she cursed the traitorous muscle as her blush returned tenfold. “But I don’t got anything to get him home in.” He smiled apologetically, scratching the back of his head as his own cheeks began to glow. “I hate to ask ya this, but uh… can you watch him for one more night? I’ll have his carrier in the morning ready to go,” he was biting his lip anxiously, and it was all she could do to keep herself from flinging her arms around the both of them. She barely knew him, yet here she was, goofily happy just because she was going to see him again. She beamed at him, nodding her head eagerly and nearly crying out her approval.  

He chuckled, his laugh low and as unique as he was. He nodded his head as well, clearing his throat as he let Pantherlily go to run through the living room and scurry under the couch.  

“There’s, ah, somethin else I wanna ask you about,” he said, his voice low and nervous sounding. She gulped gently, almost as nervous as she waited. His blush was spreading from his cheeks to his ears, she noticed vaguely, fueling her own. He cleared his throat again, looking at her straight in the eyes. “Do ya, ah wanna go out? With me? As thanks for finding him, of course,” he asked, nearly mumbling.  

Levy thought her heart would burst out of her chest right then, it was beating so much as he looked away, biting his lip as he waited for her answer. Oh, if only he knew how much she wanted to dance in joy right then. She had been slow to admit it to anybody else, even to herself, but this was something of a dream come true. She never could pluck up enough courage to talk to him while he was swinging in front of her windows, but always had a smile for him whenever he waved at her, taking his time in cleaning the panes of glass.  

But this? Him actually asking her out?  

“Of course!” She chirped, grabbing his hands happily and startling him. His surprised look gave way for probably the warmest smile she had ever seen him give, and she nearly melted under it.  

“Then… how about tomorrow?” He asked, hope lacing his voice. She giggled shyly, humming her agreement. He flashed her another blazing grin, pleased with her answer.  

After the first date, she had lost count of how many times he’d pick her up from her apartment, grinning warmly as he’d held out his arm for her to take. He wasn’t too much of a traditional date, she discovered, but his charm and humor more than made up for that. But she wasn’t picky either, and was just happy to hang out with him.  

Then he started kissing her, knocking the air out her lungs as he would hold her close, or lean over her to press his lips against hers. And the strange thing was, she was kissing him right back! She’d cling to his shirt, moaning as she’d pull him as close as she could (and he’d happily oblige her), kissing him in a near desperate manner.  

It was the night after their last date when she realized something very important about herself; she was in love with him. And not a little bit either. She tossed and turned, her thoughts entirely consumed by her epiphany. She sighed, slightly annoyed that it had to strike this late at night, but couldn’t contain the bubble of happiness threatening to burst every time his smile flashed through her brain.  

The buzz from her phone spooked her, jolting her upright and launching herself at the nightstand where it sat. She panted as she unlocked the screen, recovering slightly as the backlight glowed in the darkness. She nearly shrieked again as the text icon popped up, showing his name.  

Hey, I got something I wanna tell ya, but in person,’ read the text, and she giggled, rolling her eyes as she flopped back onto her pillows. Her phone buzzed again.  

Tomorrow I’m taking you somewhere fancy, so dress up!’

She blinked, surprised. They never did anything too fancy, at least by their standards. What on earth was he up to?  

It appeared that she’d have to wait to discover that, she found. He’d only replied with a “goodnight” and a winky face, leaving her to even more restlessness as her imagination went haywire. ‘Hmph,’ she thought, half grumpily as she hugged her pillow close. 'Two can play at that game!’  

The idea to confess didn’t hit her till the sun was beginning to peek through her curtains, making her too nervous to try sleeping anymore. But she couldn’t help the excitement as the day crawled on, making her antsy for the time when he’d drop by to pick her up. And she did dress nice; she was planning to knock him off his toes with her new look.  

A tap on the door made her heart jump, and her palms were becoming clammy from nervous excitement. He was a bit early, she mused as she reached for the door. She bit her lip gently, forgetting the lipstick as she peeked out, nearly forgetting to breath when she saw him.  

He was holding flowers.  

He was wearing a suit, and a nice one at that.  

He was staring at her as well, but recovered faster than she could right then, clearing his throat as he blushed.  

“Ya ready?” He asked, smiling warmly. She nodded dumbly, taking the flowers as he held them out for her. Roses, they were red roses, her brain dimly told her. Roses meant one thing, and it was taking her an unimaginable amount of time to process that he was giving her roses of all things. She almost wanted to cry, it didn’t seem real.  

“Lev, you ok?” He asked, and she blushed profusely, embarrassed that he’d noticed her shock. She nodded, turning to him and hugging the bouquet softly. 

“Yeah,” she breathed, returning his smile with her own. “I’m perfect.”  

  • <p> <b>Jack:</b> So... who broke coffee machine? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.<p/><b>Davey:</b> I did. I broke it<p/><b>Jack:</b> No. No, you didn't. Race?<p/><b>Race:</b> Don't look at me! Look at Specs.<p/><b>Specs:</b> What?? I didn't break it!<p/><b>Race:</b> Oh that's weird, how'd you even know it was broken?<p/><b>Specs:</b> Because it's sitting in front of us and it's broken.<p/><b>Race:</b> Suspicious....<p/><b>Specs:</b> No!! It's not!<p/><b>Ablert:</b> If it matters, probably not, but Crutchie was the last one to use it.<p/><b>Crutchie:</b> Liar! I don't even drink that crap!Albert:Oh really? Then what were you doing by the cart earlier?<p/><b>Crutchie:</b> I used the wooden stirrers to stick things to my crutch. Everyone knows that, Albert!<p/><b>Davey:</b> Okay, let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Jack.<p/><b>Jack:</b> No! Who broke it!<p/><b>Race:</b> Jack.... Spot has been awfully quiet.<p/><b>Spot:</b> REALLY?!<p/><b></b> (Everyone starts arguing)<p/><b>Jack:</b> (later) I broke it. I burned my hand on it, so I punched it. I predict that 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good, it was getting a little too chummy around here..<p/></p>

ilovelocust  asked:

My two cents on racist Allura. I actually really liked her reaction, before that arc she'd come off as rather bland to me without any flaws. Her reaction to discovering Keith's heritage felt very human. She was hurt badly and she lashed out against someone who didn't deserve it. Her coming to terms with her feelings not justifying her actions on her own felt like growth as a character and in her fight against Zarkon. She came to realize she wasn't fighting the Galra but the empire.

It still isn’t acceptable though that’s the thing. Regardless of the situation descriminating against someone because of their race shouldn’t be brushed off as no big deal or be seen as acceptable because it is simply racism. Yes she realised in the end what she did was wrong but it still doesn’t change that it was wrong and wasn’t an acceptable way to behave.

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I remember unfollowing the sushi roll person so long ago after they made some gross comments about how black pride is dividing the LGBTQ+ community and honestly it feels like I'm taking crazy pills as everyone jerks off to them. Like, am I going crazy?

They also said Charlie Hides from Drag Race season 9 wasn’t a big deal and everyone needed to take a joke like yikes sit down queen you’re not that cute

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Uhhh, only cuz it's happening to me right now and I guess making Lance also suffer is a good idea? I don't know I'm so high strung right now. But... College AU (so original I know) Lance is trying to study for finals and drinks one too many Monsters/Redbulls and is teetering on the edge of a full blown panic attack because his heart won't stop racing and oh my god he feels like he's about to die. Comforting Hunk or Keith, I don't mind. Hunk seems more suited for this story though -DeathBlossomlp

Will respond to part two!

Looking at the boots

So at this point a few people in our party have gone ahead to confront a guy and the rest of us are staying behind. After a while, our cleric named Thwack (I forget his race but it’s one of the rarer ones it’s some sort of bird race and it can’t speak it can only mimic sounds or words it has heard) wants to join the confrontation/discussion.
Cleric: I go over and stare at his boots.

Me: I check to see if his boots match the footprints we’ve seen.
DM: Okay… wait a minute. Thwack, you’ve been staring at his boots this whole time, roll me a perception check.
Thwack: 6.
DM: They are very nice boots.

*later, with another character*
Thwack: I look at his boots. *rolls perception* 4.
DM: Those are boots.